So Shulamite, My Husband’s Second Wife Has Started Her Own Blog, Please Follow Her And Be Kind

It’s been about 7 weeks since my King took another wife, my handmaiden Shulamite.

It’s been quite a journey, almost like a lifetime, but most of it has been so positive, I have been shocked because I had so many fears. I have always lived a life of loneliness, and I have always longed for a sister. I have always said to my husband, I just wish I had a close family, and live that normal life of having a sister to talk to, or a mother. Just a normal life of companionship. I sometimes end up just talking and talking to my husband, about things that only women would find interesting, and my Boaz will be like, “yes babe I am listening,” and I know he won’t be,  so I have to tell myself to just stop. My life has always been void of female companionship. But as the days go by, I feel like God has blessed me with that sister I never had.

Shulamite makes the most beautiful meals, she’s a caterer and her food is proper 5 star cuisine.  I always look forward to Sabbath because she makes her best for the Sabbath. My prayer is I won’t put back on all the weight I have lost.

My house is always sparkling clean now, Shulamite is such a clean person. A few days ago we went shopping together and we had so much fun, Shulamite took my photos. She even asked my husband to buy her a camera so she can take more professional pictures of me, that’s how much we have bonded.

DSC_0098 (2)
Shulamite took these pictures of me, though they are quite blurry I absolutely love them

DSC_0134 (3)

DSC_0120 (2)


We had a movie night the other day, my husband, Shulamite and I. It was just beyond beautiful. Just tucking under the throws with ice cream and talking about life and watching a good movie, it was just that priceless moment I never thought I would enjoy.

We had a movie night and eating loads of ice cream

There is a fountain of joy and peace flowing in our household, and I never argue with my husband anymore, I can’t even remember the last time we argued. My husband has so much peace, during the day he just locks himself away doing his work, whilst Shulamite and I chat away, or I will be writing and she will be playing with the children.

Polygamy doesn’t have to be a tag of war between women, there is such a thing called sisterhood at the heart of it all.

My readers have asked if Shulamite can tell her own story, and have her own blog. I know a lot of women actually like her. So I asked my husband if she can open a blog, and he finally said yes. She always admires how I write, and says I have inspired her to write as well. So she has done it, and I am ever so proud of her. I did however tell her that some Christian women are very angry at her choice of lifestyle, I told her one of my fundamental Christian readers called her lazy and not intelligent, and she laughed her eyes off, because she is the most hardworking woman and she’s incredibly smart.

Recently we were talking about why its so hard for women to share a man, and she was like, “Because sex is such a big deal nowadays, women are so uptight, back then sex wasn’t such a big deal, women were actually happy for their husbands to have second wives or whatever, they will be the ones to say, honey please just go to her and leave me alone!” I laughed so hard at her wisdom and intelligence.

Anyway, now Shulamite has started her own blog, so you guys can get to read her story, and see what a super intelligent beautiful young woman she is.

Like Chimamanda Ngozi always says, there is a danger to a single sided story. I am a story teller indeed, but my story will be more beautiful if my co-wife gets to tell her side of the story too…

So follow her blog , but most importantly be kind and nice, she’s knew to blogging and is not a social media person…. the King has been kind enough to allow her to blog, so bear with her…I had the urge to correct her grammar, but I shouldn’t, it’s her story and her own way of telling it.

Her first blog title is How I Met My Husband…enjoy

The Genesis of the Revelation by

Mary-Tamar was Jean


2 thoughts on “So Shulamite, My Husband’s Second Wife Has Started Her Own Blog, Please Follow Her And Be Kind

  1. Jean are u not worried by the fact that your husband and Shulamite met a long time before he met you. In her story she states she met him before she met you and for a long time he has been using her money and bank accounts to finance your family. I know you like to believe he is your King etc but there is something fishy about this whole saga. Seems like these two have been carrying out a relationship of some sort behind your back for a while and if so, are you not worried they could have bigger plans that do not include you for their future? You could potentially be courting two people who could possibly break you heart. Remember you, yourself in one of your blogs have explained how the West Africans are meant to be royalty whilst Zimbabwean women to be exact are meant to be the hand maidens. Is it possible your King has found a Queen befitting of him and you are about to be humbled and reinstated to your birthright of being a concubine?

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