My Husband’s Second Wife Shaved Off My Eyebrows, But We Made Up And She Updated Her Blog

So yesterday was really a crazy day, but it turned out to be the most productive day I have been through since my plural wife journey. I spent quality time with my King away from the children, and he told me that every week he will be having a lunch date with Hagar, then every Sabbath she will join the family for the service. This will be the plan until Spring next year, when she will move into her own house, which is being renovated, and when the house is ready, that is when my Boaz will make her his third wife. He told me that Hagar had already started administration work for him,  so he does need to see her at least once weekly. I was happy with the news, Hagar is an amazing business minded young woman and I am happy that she is coming in to help my husband expand his empire. So that was the first positive news of my plural marriage journey.

Ok, so about two weeks ago, one of my followers from Uganda contacted me and said she was looking for work as a maid in the UK and asked if we know agencies in the UK which recruit African maids like in Arab countries, she currently works in Saudi Arabia as a maid to an Arab family. I told her that my husband is starting his service apartments business where he will need housekeepers. Anyway to cut the long story short, she still has a year contract in Saudi Arabia, so she won’t be available till end of next year, so she referred a Ghanaian woman who worked as a maid in Saudi Arabia but had to go back to Ghana after being abused and mistreated by her mistress. She told me that a lot of African women are going to work as maids for Arabs, and they are abused so much and treated as dogs. So she said this Ghanaian lady would really love to come and work for me, and she told her that I have a good Ghanaian husband. So because of the problems I have been having with Shulamite, I told the lady I would consider a maid from Ghana and speak to my King.

So yesterday I spoke to the King about me getting a Ghanaian maid to replace Shulamite if she has changed her mind, and Boaz said okay lets think about it. He said we do need another maid anyway, because the work is probably becoming too much for Shulamite. Boaz said its better if Shulamite focuses on cooking for the family and being a nanny to the children, (which she is very good at) and I get a maid specifically for the housekeeping and the service apartments cleaning, and relieve Shulamite. I thought this was a very good idea, and I found myself smiling.

I think Boaz spoke to Shulamite, and in the evening she came to me for a one on one chat. She had hardly said a word to me since she came back from her date night and I had given her chores. Boaz had advised me to just leave her, he said she would come round in her own time.

So we sat down in my bedchamber, and she said firstly she was sorry for being distant. I asked her if she wanted to leave the household, and if she felt I was in any way being unkind to her. She said she doesn’t want to ever leave, and she wants to serve me always and she loves my husband too much to leave, but she felt everything was happening so fast. She said Hagar told her that she was disrespecting me and had no respect for the hierarchy of the wives. So she said she wanted to prove herself that she did not want to take my place, but wanted to serve me always as she made an oath and it was God who made her promise to serve me. She started to cry that she felt like I would not be close to her anymore because of Hagar, and I teared up.

I found myself saying “babe” to her, and she looked at me and we burst out laughing. When I went out with Hagar for our date night, I had asked Shulamite to do my make-up, she does very beautiful natural make-up and her and my eldest daughter have clicked on that. They are planning a make-up shopping trip together. Maybe I am not used to make-up so I was a little overwhelmed when she shaved off some of my eye brows. I loved the natural lipstick though. Boaz thought I looked perfect on the night but I thought my eye brows looked funny. So yesterday I asked Shulamite if her “jealousy” drove her to give me funny eyebrows on my date night with Hagar. She laughed.

Shulamite’s make-up, Boaz loved it so much and said I looked pretty, but I thought my eye brows were a little funny

The funny thing is my Boaz had not told Shulamite about the prospect of us looking at getting a maid from Ghana to work as a housekeeper and clean the service apartments whilst she did the cooking,(which she loves) and be the nanny, (she adores the children). She was a little shocked by this and asked if I was replacing her and sending her away, and I told her I would never, unless she wanted to go, but it would be a good thing if she becomes my (posh) maiden so to speak, more like my assistant, and we get a proper housekeeper so the work is not too much for her. She smiled at that, but she didn’t say anything.

I told her to update her blog, that writing was therapeutic and it helps me a lot. She said she will, but doesn’t want to post her pictures anymore, even the blurred ones, she wants her blog to be more anonymous and when she’s ready she may post her pictures. She asked me how I write so openly and not be afraid of backlash, and I told her that writing about this journey has become my pillar of comfort and strength, and I feel like I am educating so many women out there, and men too. I showed her some of the messages I get from women living in polygamy who are afraid to come out in fear of persecution from Christians.

We had a good old chat, about other things as well. And I told her that she should embrace Hagar, she will be good for the King’s empire. She said she felt like Hagar was more beautiful because she had long hair and was Asian, and we were black with short hair. It broke my heart to hear Shulamite say that, I told her that our King has always loved black natural beauty, he can’t even stand weaves or even braids, he wants a black woman in her raw beauty, that should tell you that our beauty can never be compared to that of other races. We are the most beautiful of them all. I told her that he even said to me, straight hair is too silky, he wishes Hagar’s hair was a little coarser. So I told her to embrace her hair, and know that our King finds it the most beautiful.

She asked me that if the “new maid” was to come, would she sleep with Boaz and be his concubine, and I told her that I can’t see that happening, he doesn’t want that, and sleeping with the King will not be in the job description of the new maid, if she was to come. She will just be a maid. I told her the King is a very selective man, he just doesn’t just go for anyone who wears a skirt, lol, so she shouldn’t be worried. There was a sigh of relief on Shulamite’s face.

I was like, oh my, Shulamite is more jealous than me. I should be the one reeling with jealousy here. She listened to me and updated her blog, and she showed me and I gave her a stock picture for it.  I really like this sweet sister of mine, we have our bad days, but she’s more than just my handmaiden to me, we are so due another movie night with the King, just the three of us.

But anyway, as I was about to finish writing this article this afternoon, Boaz sent me a few pictures of himself and Hagar and texted, “Don’t be jealous”  and said they are about to go for lunch and Hagar says hi.

I forwarded the pictures to Shulamite just to make her jealous…somehow it makes me feel a lot better…so I texted to her, “Don’t be jealous,” I saw the two blue ticks but she didn’t reply…and I knew how jealous she was and smiled.  I think right now Shulamite is the one feeling really Outnumbered…

The Genesis Of The Revelation by

Mary-Tamar was Jean


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