Baby Listen To Me, Your Articles Are Deep And Spiritual, So You Can’t Be Replying To Negative Comments

So today I wrote an article about Kanye West and his wife, but when I had just posted it,  my King summoned me to go with him out and keep him company whilst he worked. He said I should leave the children with Shulamite, he just wanted me alone.


So I was supposed to be relaxed whilst my Boaz was doing his thing, but then my Facebook wall went into overdrive with angry comments because I called Kim Kardashian a whore, of which she is. I wrote that if Kanye West is truly saved, he has to divorce his whore wife first. I mean I have never seen black people so angry, I have written articles before but touching Kim was something else. I started getting all sorts of attacks and insults, by Christians, using the bible to insult me, the irony of it all.

Apparently I am not allowed to judge Kim Kardashian but they can judge me everyday.

So I started telling my husband about the comments I was getting, I was even trying to show him some, but he kept saying “Babe, please I am on a call, don’t disturb me.” Sometimes he’s not interested about my Facebook page and what people write, but sometimes he will listen and pay attention. So I thought my King is not minding me at all today, so I started replying to the comments sitting next to him, then he took the phone from me whilst I was in the middle of writing.

“Just stop replying to comments on Facebook. What were you expecting after writing an article like that? Praise? You just touched their Queen. Do you not know that Kim Kardashian is the most loved woman on earth, more than Meghan, especially by black people. They will die for her.”

So I was like, “So you were listening then, they are going berserk over Kim, I have to reply some of the comments.”


So my husband took my phone from me. And I sulked.

My husband took my phone and banned me from replying  to negative comments , I sulked.

I was like “Please let me reply,” lol I was itching, my fingers were ready for war, that moment when you have so much to say, and he knew it, and he said, “Baby, baby, baby listen to me, your article is spiritual and there is no way you can be on the same level with the people who are insulting you. Even if you reply them, they won’t even understand what you are saying, they will still insult baby. They are your audience, let them kick off, you have already written. These people will drain you, put the phone away and spend time with me.”

He stopped what he was doing, and  kissed me, and started taking selfies.


He then kissed me and made me smile and laugh

So he stopped everything he was doing, and  He explained to me that the people who are getting upset on Facebook about Kim Kardashian will never be able to comprehend anything I am writing, to them Kim is their Queen and no woman, especially a black woman can call her a whore, they will not accept it end of.  My husband said that’s black people for you.

So I said to him, ” But if I had written that Nicki Minaj is a whore, none of them would have come out with their guns fighting for Nicki like they are fighting for Kim. What’s wrong with black people baby, will they ever be free from the curse?” I asked my husband.

So my husband started explaining to me who Kim Kardashian really is to black people, and why black people love her so much. And as my King was teaching me, I got a revelation that Kim Kardashian was not only a white witch and a whore, but she was actually the spiritual symbol of the Whore Of Babylon. I was already wearing my headscarf, so I was ready to receive from God.

So I said to him, “Oh baby, isn’t Kim just the whore of Babylon though, look how the black Christians will die for her.”

“Isn’t it so sad, that no white person will ever defend a black woman who has been called a whore by white people. I remember there was a time Nicki Minaj was constantly being called a whore for dressing the way she does, and doing exactly what Kim Kardashian does. And she came out and said it, that if a black woman poses nude like Kim Kardashian, she is called a whore, but if a white woman does it, she is praised for celebrating her sexuality. ” I told my King.

And then you have black people ready to kill me because I called Kym Kardashian what she actually is, a whore.

Well, the God of Israel has revealed to me, that this woman is loved so much by black people, Christians especially because they are the most spiritually dead people on earth, and Kym Kardashian is their Queen.

So I took my husband’s laptop and had to write this revelation down.

That’s what I love the most about my husband, he may ban me from replying negative comments and tell me not to waste my precious time on negative energy, but he will support me in everything I write, he tells me to write away, and fly. He knows that writing gives me so much joy and life. And he loves to see me happy, so he blessed me, and said write away baby.

So here I am, whether Kanye West is saved or not is now another story, but his wife is definitely the symbol of the WHORE OF BABYLON, and those that serve and worship this whore are neither saved nor redeemed, even if they may use the bible to worship her.

And yes, from now I will listen to my Lord and King, no more replying to angry comments.  My king is ever so wise.

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean



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