Where Is Your Husband’s Second Wife, Shulamite, My Readers Ask Me, As Dr Umar Johnson Copies My King In Quest For Polygamy

Yesterday a number of my readers asked me, Mary-Tamar, where is the Shulamite, your husband’s second wife? It seems that is all my readers, especially on Facebook, wants to know, they have been asking me this question for months. They want to know what’s happening with Shulamite especially, and also Hagar.

Well today I could not help but respond, because one of my favorite black philosophers Dr Umar Johnson literally posted a video doing the exact thing my King did last year, he is advertising for a vacant for his potential second wife, and he wants women to write to him and apply. Just like my Boaz, he also stated that the applicants must be black natural haired women, with no false hair, no false nails, no false breasts and no false eyelashes.

Like my Boaz, he is doing this for the sole purpose of empire building, black empowerment. I don’t agree with all his views, but I agree with most, he is one of the most intelligent black men out there today. I am not entirely sure if he was joking about the applications for a second wife, since I didn’t watch the whole video in context, just a clip, but that is what he said. Well, he is one year later than my King, it’s almost as though he took the script from my Boaz’s book.

Well maybe Dr Johnson didn’t copy my king, but this is a clear sign of the times, the awakening of Jacob, who was the father of polygamy and through that, a nation was built. Polygamy is not for Christians, it is only for Israelites, and is specifically needed for birthing a nation.

I started writing about our polygamy/polygyny journey in July 2019, when God gave us a revelation about the end of the 400-year in bondage prophecy. That was the only purpose to start the journey, the restoration of a nation, hence the strict specifications on the type of woman my King was after. We requested that those who wanted to join my husband’s empire as a second wife send applications and a fee, and behold a lot of people thought it was a joke and mocked. A lot of people also celebrated that it was proof that “Nino didn’t love me, and had a game plan all along” as apparently most West African men have. Those who hated me were so happy that this was proof that everything was a shame and I was conned. Also, a lot of people argued that no woman in their right mind would ever apply to be my Boaz’s second wife because his skin was just too dark, lol. But lo and behold, women did, and Shulamite, my handmaiden, became.

Now almost one year later, I am being asked, “Jean, where is the Shulamite? You owe us an update and explanation.”

And what’s funny is the people who preached to me on how “sinful” polygamy is, and the women mostly, are the ones who seem so intrigued by our journey.

But let me take you back to the first blog post I wrote about this journey, I want to focus on the part where everyone ignored. I wrote about the 400-year prophecy, and how things were about to shift in the atmosphere. I wrote about how black people were the true Israelites and my King as one of the chosen ones. Well, 2020 proved me right. Whoever thought hey, that today, the mainstream media will talk about taking down the statues of the false white Jesus? Whoever thought that the Archbishop of Canterbury in the UK will be saying, “Jesus was not white.”

10 years ago if a black person went to the mainstream media and said Christ was a black man, it would cost them their job and everyone would laugh at them and call them crazy. It happened to Blair Underwood, he said Christ was black on TV and that was just about the end of his career.

But 2020 is a different year, everyone on this earth will agree to that. We are only halfway through the year, and prophecy is unfolding before our very eyes. If today, the mainstream media is now admitting that Christ wasn’t a white man, they are also admitting he wasn’t olive-skinned either, because black people populated the Middle East during Christ’s time, then what is going to happen tomorrow, is there a power shift unfolding? Even my 11 year old son weighed in on the matter.

The thing is the people from the Middle East, the so-called Jews of today, do not give a sh*t (excuse my French) about Christ. They hate him and can’t stand him. They are the ones who created the system to crucify him, the Roman Empire. They don’t even care what colour he is portrayed, because Christ was never one of them. The only people who claim Christ as their brother are black people, not all, the chosen ones. Which makes sense because like Christ, their brother, their identity was also stolen. So if Christ was a black man, those who claim him are the real Jews, the people of Christ. If Christ was black, then all his ancestors were black, from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to even King David.

And if that is the truth, a big IF, there is going to be a rebirth of Israel as prophesied throughout the Old Testament. That rebirth has not taken place yet, it is a major prophecy to be fulfilled. The rebirth of Israel is not in the afterlife as Christianity claims, but in this life. The rebirth of Isreal is not some symbolic event represented by the Christian church, the rebirth of Isreal is literal.

The Most High is not done away with His people, who are lost today, and not a NATION anymore, scattered across the four corners of this world. And please understand this, there are Israelites among Africans, but MOST Africans are not Israelites, they are Hamites, (Caananites/Ammonites etc). So in reality, a lot of black people (Africans) are actually the main enemies of the rebirth of the true Israel, they cling to Christianity, to oppose this. And now, there are some chains in Christianity which are about to be broken, but not totally, because it is through Christianity that the Anti Christ will come from.

So the funny thing is my readers ignored all this information on my blog and focused on my husband’s quest for a second wife. Yet his quest was because he knew who he was and his calling, and today the world events testify of that awakening

Now my dear readers, back to Shulamite, where is she? The one who applied and was successful to be my King’s second wife and my handmaiden. My answer is, I am the wife of a King. He is not just a King, but the King in the North. The King is building an Empire. For the sacredness of his Empire, and for my sake as his Queen, the King told me not to write about his Kingdom at this particular season. He is a man of wisdom, and he is rebuilding the WALL. One cannot rebuild and write about the Wall at the same time.

I am the wife of a King, and I obey his orders

When Nehemiah found favour with the Persian King, and he went on to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, he never told anyone about his plans, especially his enemies, for if he had, many would have stopped him from building the wall.

As the scripture says…

"Now it happened, when Sanballat, Tobiah, the Arabs, the Ammonites, and the Ashdodites heard that the walls of Jerusalem were being restored and the gaps were beginning to be closed, that they became very angry, and all of them conspired together to come and attack Jerusalem and create confusion. Nevertheless, we made our prayer to our God, and because of them we set a watch against them day and night." Nehemiah 4:7-9

Who are the people mentioned in the scriptures as the enemies of the Jews, who tried to stop Nehemiah from building the wall, it was the Arabs (the ones who claim to be Jews today), the Ammonites (Africans) and the Ashdodites (Africans).

So many may ask me what is going on in the Kingdom, but the King cannot have what is holy and sacred revealed before it’s time. As Christ said, never throw your pearls to swine.

The King in the North

If my readers mean well when they ask, if they are patient enough, it will all be revealed in the fullness of time, not just about the Shulamite, or his or not his concubines, but the Kingdom beyond the walls…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

One thought on “Where Is Your Husband’s Second Wife, Shulamite, My Readers Ask Me, As Dr Umar Johnson Copies My King In Quest For Polygamy

  1. Jesus is not black. You want everyone to be like your own skin color so you can like them. You don’t talk like a real Christian, the way you attack others in your stupid blog. Get a life!


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