Jean, Are You Not Afraid Of Being Dethroned By Shulamite And End Up Being The Concubine?

One of my lovely blog readers posted this comment, but because I have had so many readers ask the same questions, I had to make it an article. She posted this after reading Shulamite’s latest blog post.

“Jean are u not worried by the fact that your husband and Shulamite met a long time before he met you. In her story she states she met him before she met you and for a long time he has been using her money and bank accounts to finance your family. I know you like to believe he is your King etc but there is something fishy about this whole saga. Seems like these two have been carrying out a relationship of some sort behind your back for a while and if so, are you not worried they could have bigger plans that do not include you for their future? You could potentially be courting two people who could possibly break your heart. Remember you, yourself in one of your blogs have explained how the West Africans are meant to be royalty whilst Zimbabwean women to be exact are meant to be the hand maidens. Is it possible your King has found a Queen befitting of him and you are about to be humbled and reinstated to your birthright of being a concubine?”

Well, I will answer this very simply. Am I worried about being dethroned by Shulamite? The answer is NO. I am no Vashiti. I am a wife who does whatever my King wishes.

About Shulamite knowing my Boaz before I knew him, surely that can not be a reason for me to fret. My husband has known many women before me, women like being his friend, that’s who he is. He is still friends with a lot of Ghanaian women.

About Shulamite serving him and giving him money when Boaz was struggling, there is nothing new in what Shulamite did, in fact that is what confirms that my Boaz is indeed a King. I have always said that when someone is royalty, the Universe will testify one way or another. My husband was actually born to be served, especially by women, back in Ghana that was always his life. In Ghana he had a woman give him a full house to live in, where she cooked for him.  Shulamite giving him her cards and money was her way of serving the King. Her King, she could not help it.

King David was anointed King when he was only a boy, yet he was officially crowned King of all Israel when he was way over 30 years, before that he was living rough as a fugitive in the wilderness.

What you have to understand is that before David was officially crowned King, when he was a rough young man with nothing,  it was always WOMEN who served him and saw the King in him. Women used their privilege and status to serve David. Michal a royal princess served David by letting him escape her father’s claws. Abigail, a noble wife of a fool, risked her own marriage to give David food when he was destitute and hungry. Abigail even prophesied that a hungry homeless David would be the King of Israel one day. Women were the ones singing, “Saul Killed thousands, but David has slain 10 thousands.” Women crowned David as King way before he was ever officially King. That is the power of women.

Women are very spiritual, that is why they are the one’s who fill up Daddy’s churches. Women are able to see a King, and testify his Kingship, be it a demonic King from the Satanic Kingdom or a King chosen by God. It’s always women who see that anointing, be it good or bad, and , they will move heaven and earth to serve a King.

Queen Of Sheba did the same, she had to leave her country and her people and went to see King Solomon, uninvited, and gave him so much gold, gold he never even asked for.  The bible says she poured out her heart to him, and said everything that was in her heart, boy I have seen women, some married, pouring out their hearts to my King. Most of Solomon’s famous wealth actually came from a woman, Queen Of Sheba, who according to credible scholars, and my own Revelation this woman was actually a Zimbabwean Goddess. Though it wasn’t called Zimbabwe during biblical times.  Ethiopians claim she was from Ethiopia, but that is very much debatable. Even though she was a Queen, she became a concubine of King Solomon, stayed with him for over three years,  and birthed a boy child whom she took back to her country to build her empire.

The fact is, when a King is a King, women will even leave their thrones to serve him. This is why women from as far as USA are ready to leave the American Dream and come and serve the King.

That said, when it comes to my King, over 5 years ago, when I met him at Beffta awards and was mesmerized by his singing, I was the one who later wrote to him when he was back in Ghana after my heart had been stirred and said, “Please I want to invite you to  the UK, I will send you papers and everything.” To be honest he didn’t even take me seriously, I sent him 3 sets of papers to apply, and it was on the third attempt that he bothered to make the visa application. At one point I got so angry that I was posting my papers to him and he wasn’t even bothered to apply. He didn’t ask me to give him papers, I asked to give him papers because I was so in love with him, so I served him.

When Boaz told Shulamite his situation, she is the one who offered to give him her cards and everything she could to help him.

At one point we were homeless, Boaz and I have been through the fire together, but Boaz would say even though I am homeless, I will not let my family live rough. So he would book us luxury hotels and apartments, and he would get his female friends to pay for the hotels. I remember one time he had booked us a hotel for the weekend, and we had no money to pay after that, and we were supposed to check out, and I said to him, “What are we going to do? Please do something.” And I prayed to God to provide. And Boaz told me that there is this girl who loves sending him money. Looking back he called Shulamite, and asked her to send him money, and she did. And behold Boaz paid for the hotel for an entire week.

Not only that, throughout our homelessness, one Ghanaian woman, older, in her 50’s would cook us jollof rice and the most delicious meat and bring it to our apartment. She would call and say to my King, ” Your wife is pregnant, I have to cook for her. What does she want? ” She even gave us money too. My husband has always been served by women, especially at his most lowest. Is this not what happened to King David?

Wasn’t Christ followed around by women throughout his ministry, cooking for him and feeding him. It was always women who saw the King in him, before men ever did. It was Mary Magdalene who understood the anointing of Christ, more than any other. It was the woman who anointed him with expensive oil from the Alabaster jar who saw the King in him, that even his disciples could not see. So why should I feel threatened by women who follow my husband to meet his needs or to serve him? Do I not benefit from women serving my King?

Wasn’t Elijah served by a woman, when he had no place to sleep and no food, was it not a woman who saw the Prophet in him, and even told her husband, and made a upper room for him?

It is the job of women, to see and serve a King.

Right now, a number of black people are waking up from their spiritual slumber. You hear a lot about the “black awakening” these days. The third eye awakening. The Caucasians and Edomites already have this level of higher consciousness, that’s why they are enlightened a lot more than us. That’s why they have higher intelligence than us. Black people are gaining some level of spiritual consciousness, and most of them are going back to their Egyptian Roots. Yes, the original Egyptians were dark skinned, and they are scattered all over Africa today. Same with the Shemites, they are waking up to their spirituality, so there is a level of awakening within the black people in general, be it Egyptian/Cushite, Canaanite or Shemite. The fact is, Black people are awakening.

That’s why black polygamy is becoming a trend again, black people are slowly going back to their roots.

I am a black woman who understands my history. As a spiritual woman who knows who I am, I can never be threatened by Shulamite, or any woman who serves my king. I can never be humbled to a concubine, the Universe testifies that I am a Queen, even Shulamite bows before me…how can I ever bow before her.

The bible says God hates it when a maidservant succeeds her mistress…

I am who I am, unlike Queen of Sheba, a pagan woman who became a concubine to an Israelite King, I am the pagan woman who was favored and became Queen, like Ruth, like Bathsheba, like Rahab…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary Tamar was Jean




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