Applications To Be Considered To Be My Husband’s Third Wife And PA Now Open

Since I wrote about my Boaz’s desire for a PA who will also be his third wife, a few women have written expressing interest to become my husband’s PA. In this journey we believe that it is God who is leading us, so because of the level of interest, we thought it would be better to put it out there, and not limit God. So women who are considering this position sincerely can send their CV’s and a picture  to

Applicants should have experience in Personal Assistance and Media & Public Relations. They should have excellent communication skills, both speaking and writing. On top of their PA experience,  in their role as third wife, they should be submissive in nature, and should be willing to embrace their God given natural beauty, something which is now rare for the black woman. They should dress modestly and not be given to too much wine. They should also be able to travel out of the country. Above all, they should be able to accept that they are a third wife, and because of my husband’s commitments to his children and  me, his first wife, he will not be able to spend any nights with the third wife unless they are travelling  for business together.

The third wife should be able to embrace Saturday as the day of worshiping the God of Israel, and should be willing to have every Sabbath with the rest of the wives and children, where my husband will teach and lead every Sabbath service. The third wife should be willing to say to my husband, “Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God.”

She will be given a two bedroom house, which is currently being renovated to a very high standard, and she should be able to choose her own interior of the house, though the second bedroom will be my husband’s office were he will work from every day, and his den to get away from the noise of 6 children running around the house. The third wife should also be able to help out and manage my husband’s other properties, and make beds and clean the Air BnB’s occasionally as per needed, though mostly professional cleaners will be used.

Though they are many black single mothers who would best suit this role, and my husband really has a burden for single mothers, but he is not considering a single mother as his third wife because of the nature of the work involved. About the third wife starting her own family, this is something my husband would like to consider, but after a year or two, as he does not want to rush to have children with the third wife, he needs to build his empire first.

I have included the pictures of the house, it is a two bedroom terraced house that my husband bought from the auction. When we got it it was in a very bad shape, quite daunting to be honest. But we have already cleared it, my husband got it cleared within a day, some people can work. Renovation work on the property has begun. It’s a project which will take at least 4 months, 6 months at the most. I have posted these pictures of before the clearing and after the clearing  so you can see the progress so far. I will also  post the pictures of the property once its completely renovated and decorated.   It will have a new kitchen, new floors, plastering, a new bathroom, new radiators, a new boiler, new electric fireplace, fitted wardrobes and new ceilings and lighting.

The Kitchen before and after clearance
74680718_2615286448532137_9217187747805003776_n (1)
The Living room before and after clearance
76702330_2615286485198800_1620220736754941952_n (1)
Some of the rooms of before and after clearance
77286810_2615300021864113_7276619934610751488_n (1)
A cheeky picture I took of Boaz, he was holding Chaka, I will certainly do an after picture and make him stand right there, lol

This is what the property industry in the UK is all about, you have to have a vision and be willing to transform the craziest abandoned properties into luxurious 5 star properties. The beauty of England is that even terraced houses can be 5 star inside, you just have to be creative, so this property will be one comfy cosy little den when we are done with it. In the UK, the outside is not that important because we spend 90% of our time indoors because of the horrible weather. But with this property, the street is quite lovely and quiet and the neighbors are nice, and there is a cute little back garden, so the third wife would be able to host me and Shulamite and the children  for barbecues in the summer, which I am very much looking forward to.

Shulamite and I are very envious of this little den, honestly if I had no children, I would not mind living there, lol. We see the vision.

Talking of Shulamite, she has written her third blog, about her First Night With The King .

Continue to follow her blog, though it may not last long as she is already saying blogging is not really for her, but I have a feeling it will grow on her. Blogging can be quite addictive rather, but at times even writers just don’t feel like writing.  I go through periods of time where I go for months without writing anything, I hibernate and recharge my spirit, then I go through seasons where I am literally overflowing with writing, and I can’t stop. Writing is spontaneous, one has to be in the spirit for it, so will understand if she takes a break and maybe resume again later. Her life is just changing, so writing it for the world may become too much.

As for the third wife, we are trusting in God to bring her to my husband, so women, as the Lord leads, send your applications. Do not be shy, have a go getter attitude, for me to be where I am today, I had to be a go getter, I didn’t let my situation stop me, a divorced mother of 4. I wrote my own destiny,  like Ruth, like Rahab, like Tamar, like Bathsheba, like Mary. These are the only 5 women to be mentioned in the genealogy of Christ because they had one thing in common, these 5 women who changed eternity were go getters. They didn’t wait for chance, they wrote their own destiny, whether it was right or wrong in their culture, these 5 women are mentioned in history because they did things ordinary women could never do.

If you are ordinary, do pass, to be with a man like my Boaz, you have to be a woman who lives in this world, but are not of this world. So if your heart is stirred, be bold and send your application…and do say why you should be the one to be the third wife of King Kofi. For me, the reason why I felt so attracted to my King was because of his voice first, and then his dark skin. For me his very dark skin was a sign from God, that’s how I saw that he was a King.

My husband’s very dark skin was a sign to me of his anointing, I absolutely adore this beautiful man

Well, if you feel shy to send your application directly to my Boaz’s email, please do send your applications to my email at, I will be kind enough to forward it to my King…

The Genesis Of The Revelation

By Mary-Tamar was Jean


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