Baby, I Am Taking A Third Wife From Zimbabwe, Says My Ashanti King

So about three days ago, the King came and told me that as we make our journey to the North, his Empire will not be complete without a third wife, his secretary. Three is his favorite number, so since the 400 year Revelation and the journey to become King of the North, he has always wanted 3 wives.

I was like, “Umm you know what happened with Hagar, and what a disaster and bunny boiler she turned out to be…”

“Because she wasn’t a black woman that’s why, it’s not in their genes or culture to accept polygamy and a black woman as their Queen, all my wives have to be black.” he said.

So I was just sitting there, rocking Chaniya and thinking, “My Lord, please just stop…I am happy with Shulamite we make a perfect team…don’t ruin it…”

And he dropped the bombshell, “I want her to be from Zimbabwe”, looking at me with through the corner of his eyes.

“What! Are you on drugs Nino? I am not having a Zimbabwean woman in my house. It’s not happening…” Where my exact words.

God forgive me, but at times I have a moment of weakness where I snap at my Master, and I know I shouldn’t…

“Baby here me out,” he said, smiling slyly like a boy, “She will not be different from Shulamite, no one will ever be competition to you. Don’t feel threatened…”

Well, when the King first got with me, he told me that he was discussing the whole “dating Zimbabwean women” thing with his cousins and they were all saying that in life you have to sample a Zimbabwean woman because they have apparently “Soft juicy bums” you won’t find anywhere else in Africa. Apparently they were saying even if you don’t marry a Zimbabwean girl, you have to put it down your bucket list to sample one at least, and the women are ever so available to sleep with West Africans. So my mind went there, and the King was thinking what I was thinking…but that was not my major concern of him taking a Zimbabwean wife…

“I am not threatened.” I told him…”But I don’t get it. We both know these women are as pagan as it can get, I am not like them because I do not do any of the customs and rituals. They will bring their animal worship into the house of Offeh and will be calling themselves ‘Chihera, Madube’ and all those pagan names they call themselves. And the way they love their pagan lobola too, they will want you to pay that. Why do you want to be like King Solomon, he built temples for his pagan wives, and because of a pagan woman, he even left his Kingdom and followed her to Ophir to build his mines there…If you take a Zimbabwean wife she will make you serve her gods and you will lose your favour and power…”

“You think I am a fool?” He asked me. “Are you not my Queen, did I pay Zimbabwean lobola for you? Did you bring your animal totems in this house? Do I serve your gods? Are you not the one who left your people for me? That will be the same with the Zimbabwean wife I will take…”

“Why Zimbabwean though, why?”

“Because the women, if their spirit and heart is in the right place, make beautiful wives, and are submissive…I want to take one more woman from that country and make her look gold for my Empire.”

I thought the engagement had declared this King officially off the market…
But his eye is set on another of my kind.

“They are not all like that you know, that’s just me, I am one in a million…”

Oh it was a very long conversation, of debating and laughing our heads off, but to cut the long story short, the King wants a Zimbabwean woman to complete his Harem. He said I will be very happy with her, because she will be the sister from Zimbabwe I never had. He said I will be able to talk Shona with her, and she will cook me sadza and even be one of my maidens at the royal wedding, if he chooses her before my wedding.

Its funny because I don’t speak Shona anymore, I have no one to speak Shona with to be honest, my older children understand Shona but they don’t speak it, I stopped speaking the tongue when I left my ex-husband. The King said it will be good for me to have a “Zimbabwean sister” and to have a woman I share a past with in the new Kingdom…He said I will benefit from the setup more than even him…and he said I will probably include her on my blogs and social media openly as she may be more open to publicity than Shulamite.

He said she will do all the admin work of the Northern Palace, and all the paperwork and the running around he needs doing, basically she will be his secretary, the role that Hagar initially had and would get to spend a lot of time with him.

He said the woman will be very special and hard to find, because she will have to leave her Zimbabwean people and culture for the King…She has to have natural hair, no weaves, no wigs, no false eye lashes, no excess make-up, no false nails…yes the King hates a woman adorned in false beauty. If you want to put him off, put on false nails, a straight weave and false eye lashes, he will not even look upon your face…

Well, that’s the protocol for the women of the House of Offeh. Even in the British monarchy, women who marry into royalty have to do away with certain dressing. They too can’t wear false nails and even nail polish. The King of the North’s protocol is much strict than that of the British Monarchy.

I was like, “I hear you babe, but good luck in finding such a Zimbabwean woman…” I am not being funny but part of me feels like she doesn’t even exist and never will. But then again, the King in his wisdom has proven me wrong many a times…

So the King is convinced that out of Zimbabwe, God will give him another beautiful wife or concubine so to speak…and she will never look back to Zimbabwe again.

I mean when I look at it from a spiritual point of view, Zimbabwean women are literally the concubines of West African men. This sounds very offensive to the human mind, but spiritually being a concubine of Kings is actually a honor reserved for favored pagan women. I did my research and wrote about it a while ago. If that is so, maybe my King deserves another Zimbabwean woman after all, this is something I will be adding to my prayer list…

My husband always says that Zimbabwean men don’t know how to take care of their women, that’s why the women all run to West Africa.

When he first saw me on Facebook, after I had commented on his picture after seeing him perform at the Beffta Awards in 2014, he said when he saw the comment it stood out and he went through my Facebook and saw pictures of me with my very slow foolish ex-husband, he told himself that whether she is married or not to this slow dude, he was going to get me. He said even if I was married, he was going to simply take me from the guy because he looked so slow and pathetic really.

My Boaz said I looked so pure and lost and sad, and he knew I would be his wife…and funny enough the pictures he saw were the pathetic pictures of our so called shame marriage ceremony in Scotland where I couldn’t even afford a decent dress. I had to wear an old white jumpsuit…after the Zimbabwean fool convinced me that I didn’t need to buy anything “fancy” he said my old clothes would do…No wonder for his recent “engagement” him and his “wife” chose to wear ugly rugs, that’s his style…

My Boaz saw the sadness in my eyes in the hands of a fool.

Each time the King tells me that story, I always tell him that that’s adultery he was thinking, a grave sin in the eyes of God, and he laughs and says, “It’s King David’s anointing on me, that whatever woman I want, married or not, I get.”

But thankfully, at that time I wasn’t married, I was already separated from the Zimbabwean fool I just had no idea his pictures were still appearing on my Facebook.

I however like the fact that Nino claimed me even when he thought I was married, he was like, “This girl is mine”

To be fair, he is also right about how most Zimbabwean men treat women, my own ex-husband is the prime example, the fool left his own children for another man, a pedophile pastor. Who on the earth does that? Its unheard of really, but truly only a Zimbabwean man would do that I suppose.

And as for my King, he really knows how to treat a woman, and I am not even talking about material things here. I am talking about just loving a woman and making her feel special with little things in life money doesn’t buy.

Even though he spends gold and silver on me, saying he wants to change my whole wardrobe and adorn me in royal robes, its the little things he does in the palace which melts my heart…

The King is forever wooing me.

For the last 6 years I have been with the King, I have never stopped laughing and smiling. He is the funniest person I have ever met, his sense of humor is just ridiculous. In my previous marriage to the Zimbabwean fool, I never laughed, there was nothing ever funny. All I did was cry. But my Boaz, even the things which used to hurt me and put a lump of pain on my throat, he makes it so funny, I found my healing through his sense of humor.

Hes also very good with his hands, oh my…he gives the most beautiful sensual massages. I found so much healing in his hands. We have a massage table in the Northern Palace, full of all sorts of oils and candles. I am obsessed with candles, always have been, but since I met my Boaz, I can now make full use of my candles…whilst being healed by his magic hands.

When he’s in a good mood, he will ask Shulamite to set up a massage parlor , well it’s not really a parlor but basically loads of sofa cushions on the floor, with soft music and candles everywhere, and he gives us both a massage…it is the most beautiful sisterhood experience I share with Shulamite, the King’s massage parlor. I see women on Facebook going to Spa’s as a group and calling it some sort of “sisterhood”, but no offence, nothing compares to, as women, having your own husband massage you together.

House of Offeh Massage Parlor

That said, its hard for me to imagine another Zimbabwean woman in the King’s massage parlor….what I have with Shulamite is really special and I don’t want her to be jealous, but I trust the King, he is ever so wise…I have no idea if he will take applications this time, or if God will literally bring her to him…

The King however says he is in no rush, this time he wants the right spirited woman, the third wife is for the official Northern Palace…

The funny thing is Zimbabwean women have written to me before on this matter, but I really want no part in choosing a Zimbabwean wife/concubine for my King. One even left a comment on my blog last year that she was ready to leave the USA to be his third wife…but that is a choice for him not for me…

But one thing I know is the King is set on a third wife to complete his chambers…and he is convinced she has to come from the lost Kingdom of Ophir…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean 

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