Jean, I Want To Relocate From The USA So I Can Be Your Husband’s Third Wife

I feel so encouraged by the women who are writing to me, that I have changed their perception on plural marriage. Whatever we believe in, if we are passionate enough about it and change the world, one step at a time, that is indeed success.  When I first started writing about this journey, I had a lot of men who got angry, and a lot of women who were shocked. But the more I write, I have realized that those men have become completely silent, and the women are the ones who are actually following this, with fascination.

So I have an update on my husband’s search for a third wife. Well, this blog is kind of tricky for me to write, because the woman I am writing about will certainly read this, lol. She’s addicted. But I have to, on this journey transparency from me is a must. We are talking about an awakening here.

Well my Boaz is not actually searching for a third wife if truth be told, we just spoke about it, it’s something he want’s to do in the near future, but its not urgent or anything. We are trusting God to actually bring this woman to him. But because I wrote about it, ,funny enough a lot of his “female social media friends” read my blog. It’s embarrassing I know, sometimes I cringe. At times I have to say to my husband, can your friends just stop reading my blog like, but that’s the thrill of writing. You just have to go for it and be bold, if your writing doesn’t give you that adrenaline rush, then there is no point really.  Well, one of his friends based in the USA after reading one of my articles sent him a message and said boldly that she wants to be his third wife, and would relocate to the UK to be his PA and wife.

I never touch or read my husband’s chats. He has so many people that he chats with, so I see no point of going through his private conversations, especially when he has all these female friends. He’s like a spiritual Daddy really, don’t know why he hasn’t formed his own black church yet, he could make billions, he certainly has the charisma for it. Now and again he will show me some of his chats. The thing about my King is he has a certain aura about him, he’s the kind of guy to comfort a woman when she’s down, and give her all the uplifting words to sooth her wounds. He understands women, so because of that he has a lot of women who are his friends. And it’s not just young women, he has older women treating him like he’s their son or something. Some women even tell him about the shortcomings of their boyfriends/husbands. It’s so strange but kind of sweet. Sometimes I hate that side of him, but sometimes I love him more for it.

Anyway, he showed me the chat with this lady in the USA. He knows her from Ghana, though she’s not Ghanaian, they worked together on some music projects at University. I can not give away her identity, but she is single, never been married and has no children. She wrote to my husband that she’s open to consider the position of his third wife. Though she seemed like she was joking, well according to the chats, she added so much humor and emojies to what she was suggesting, but my husband and I could tell she was serious but needs him to be the one to say, “Okay, be my wife.”

He told her that he’s going to show me the chats and she was like, “That’s fine, she’s the one writing about it, so…”, with smiley and shy emojis.

My husband said the reason why he actually decided to show me their chats was because when she wrote to him, she started the conversation with…”My King.”

My husband said to me, ” You are the only one who ever says and writes ‘My King’. That’s why I had to show you, because she just sounded so much like you.”

That said social media is now such a powerful tool , we achieve whatever we want if we press the correct buttons. This era of social media is so exciting, connection has never been faster. News travel so fast. Sometimes I write an article and post it, and my husband will forward me the article after some of his female friends send it to him.

Anyway, back to the topic, Christians kicked off when I wrote that the time has actually come, when women will take hold of one man, and say please let us be called by your name, Isaiah 4:1. This is the year of the return, not many will understand it, but those who do are returning to the original structure of black power.

When a black woman is willing to relocate from the USA so that she can be a third wife of a black man, that just shows that there is an awakening happening within the black community, not for everyone, but for the chosen. For me, I have seen that black women are the ones warming up to polygamy, because they are realizing that it is better to share than live a life of spinsterhood or single motherhood.

As for my sister in the USA, who is willing to relocate to the UK to serve my husband, I have to say if it is the will of God, he will certainly make it happen. He will open the doors if it is meant to be. Its not something we have to go out of our way to achieve. On the other hand, having a woman who has US citizenship in the family will be totally cool. She will definitely enhance the family one way or another.

I always say things which are meant to be, always happen anyway. Boaz is not actually considering her as yet, but it really blew me and Boaz away that she referred to my husband as “Her King,” and is willing to leave everything so she can be at his feet to serve him.

The God of my King is an awesome God indeed, may He extend the tents of the King’s territory from Africa, to USA to the four corners of the world.

The Genesis Of The Revelation

By Mary-Tamar was Jean





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