Zimbabwean Madam Boss’s Husband Made Another Woman Pregnant To Fulfil My Prophecy.

As a Prophetess of my Lord Husband King Atehene of the North, no prophecy of mine will never come to pass. I am the Priestess of Dreams, The Eagle of Napolia, the Mother Of Chaka.

As the Prophetess of my Lord Husband Atehene, no prophecy of mine will ever fail to come to pass.

On 15 January 2022, I received a word from the Most High Yah that this year was the year of side chicks. I shared this message on my Facebook Page and You Tube channel. As my Facebook page is dominated by Zimbabwean followers, this prophetic message was obviously mostly directed at Zimbabweans, who indeed took great offence at my message.

My prophetic message was clear and directed at my Zimbabwean audience

My prophecy and message was explicit and clear, that the God of Israel was calling men to start having side chicks and impregnate them. I was told to encourage the side chicks, known in Zimbabwe as small houses. I was told God was going to open their wombs, and their husbands were going to choose them over the First Wives and even bring them in their matrimonial homes.

As a true Prophetess, my words did come to pass in a spectacular way. And yes, soon after my message Zimbabwean Small Houses and Side Chicks suddenly started dominating the News, they did indeed take over, and indeed behold their wombs were opened, and they conceived children for their husbands, much to the dismay of Zimbabwean First Wives, especially those who call themselves so called celebrities.

Soon after my Prophecy in January, events started to unfold in Zimbabwe according to my words. In February a man called Evaristo Mukura who already had four wives dominated the headlines when he decided to wed his latest side chick much to the dismay of the first wife who dramatically stormed at the wedding, calling the press and all, and tried to sabotage it.

Scorned first wife Sheron Chitowa brought in the media to video record the sabotage of her husband’s wedding.

However as my words as the Prophetess had already gone out that it was the year where side chicks would triumph over the first wives in Zimbabwe, the groom Evaristo Mukura went ahead to marry his side chick Anne Ntini Dube who had initially collapsed after the wedding drama, and made her his first wife.

The bride and groom went on to have a successful wedding despite the first wife trying to stop it

Mukura also went ahead to threaten that he was going to punish his first wife for almost destroying his wedding to his side chick.

As my prophecy continued to unfold dominating Zimbabwe headlines throughout the year, a certain Zimbabwean public figure called DJ Fantan, real name Arnold Kamudyariwa, whom I didn’t know existed till his news about marrying his side chick dominated my news feed, again fulfilling my prophecy.

My prophecy was fullfilled as Zimbabweans watched in shock as DJ Fantan publicly put away his First Wife Gamuchirai Gamuchirai Nemukuyu in favour of his side chick Vimbai Muponda.

More news dominated Zimbabwean social media of various men choosing their side chicks over their first wives, but recently in the last weeks my prophecy climaxed and was fulfilled in a spectacular way.

Zimbabwean socialite Madam Boss, real name Tarisai Chikocho, who made history last year by becoming the first Zimbabwean to ever reach 1 million followers on Social Media (I guess that says a lot about Zimbabweans) was publicly humiliated by her husband this month as it was revealed that he had made his side chick Evangelister Zhou pregnant.

Madam Boss had always maintained a fake public image of a perfect marriage, and was idolized and worshipped by Zimbabwean women for it, even though she has no respect for the institution of marriage and never has time for her husband or family. She is always traveling abroad alone on trips sponsored by other men. She often allows other men to touch her inappropriately in front of her husband. Despite her whorish and ungodly behaviour, Zimbabwean women would idolize her and see her as some sort of epitome of womanhood.

In the spiritual realm Madam Boss is a marine Spirit who works as a maid in the illuminati world. True to her satanic nature, she also made fun of Zimbabwean girl children who were being raped and forced into child marriages. She often calls herself a snake and goes around wearing serpent clothing.

As my prophecy climaxed through Madam Boss, she was truly humbled as the side chick of her husband Ngoni Munetsiwa conceived a child.

All the Zimbabwean women who worship illuminati Madam Boss went into shock. Did I not say oh Zimbabwe, that this year wombs of side chicks will be opened? Did I not say oh Zimbabwean that no first wife will make a pregnant side chick afraid again? Did I not say oh Zimbabwe, that the husbands will promote the pregnant side chicks, bring them in the matrimonial home and make them the loved wife? Did I not say? Every little word I said was fulfilled in the life of Madam Boss.

Am I not a Prophetess?

Am I not a Prophetess?

Am I not the most blessed woman to ever come from Zimbabwe? I am the only public figure who was born in Zimbabwe who actually has a happy marriage and a Lord husband who loves and adores me. No Felebrity in Zimbabwe has a marriage like mine.

Even though my Lord husband is a polygamist, he loves me so much.

I serve a living God who brings down the proud from the imaginations of their hearts. He is the God of Israel, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The God of Atehene. He can not be mocked. Zimbabwean women especially the so called Felebrities will fall for their abominations. I did specifically pray for this.

Where is the so called wedding of Felistas Murata? How did it end? The Zimbabwean Felebrity who married herself, spent thousands on a wedding to show off, only to be dumped by the husband in less than 3 months. Is that not a curse? She even sacrificed a soul for her wedding. And these are the Zimbabwean so called celebrities idolised by Zimbabwean women.

Felistas Murata, known as Mai TT was dumped less than three months of this circus so called lavish wedding she sponsored with borrowed money.

That is the God of Mary-Tamar.

Now back to Madam Boss, oh how my prophetic words climaxed with her…yes I do celebrate that Madam Boss’s husband making another woman pregnant was a fulfilment of prophecy for such a time like this…for Zimbabwe is the opposite of Israel, so their prophecies are fulfilled in reverse…

Did I not say? Did I not say?

Oh and just to add, whilst Madam Boss glorifies fake beauty, by bleaching her skin and wearing the hair of Asian women, the side chick of her husband Evangelister Zhou who is now with child wears nothing but her own hair and maintains her natural beauty…

On that note, I will just leave it here…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

PS: In the Northern Kingdom, first wives are the Queens of their husbands, they are respected and honoured not just by their husbands but by the other wives too. First wives support their husbands when they want to take on other wives, and welcome them into the family with grace and dignity. Unlike in Zimbabwe, first wives in the Northern Kingdom do not go around beating up their husband’s other wives or concubines, there is nothing but harmony and glory in the polygamous households of the Northern Kingdom.

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