My Husband Prayed For A Single Mother, But Another Man Almost Stole My Heart, Part 2

From Part One of this story, after missing Nino at the Airport, I drove home trying so hard to be positive. In fact I wanted to forget about him, because I didn’t know when I was going to see him again. I had only seen him once on stage. I had not at any point thought that Nino and I would ever be together, my mind was still fixed on getting back together with my ex husband.

I decided to stop thinking about Nino and focus on my goal of praying for my ex-husband to come back. I had a big weekend ahead of me. It was Friday and the next day was the Sabbath. It was not just an ordinary Sabbath.

I had joined a Black Hebrew Israelite Church called GOCC led by a black American called Elder Rawchaa. His church is one of the fastest growing Churches among the Black Hebrew Communities.  It was in GOCC that God gave me friends to help me during the darkest time of my life.

So Elder Rawchaa, the founder was coming to the UK for this special Sabbath, and everyone was so excited as it was such a big deal. He is seen as the Prophet who is leading the Black Israelites to freedom. The single women of GOCC are in love with him. This is a community where some of the women psych themselves that it is okay to be in polygamy. In the Black Hebrew Communities, some men have multiple wives.

I would hear women saying, “I wouldn’t mind being Elder Rawchaa’s second or third wife. I would have him any day. He’s so dark and fit”

Throughout my separation from my ex-husband and the abuse from Agape, I had found strength in listening to Elder Rawchaa’s sermons on You Tube. He had had that radical impact on me on my spiritual journey.

So the week I had drawn Nino, after he had touched me with his version of Nessun Dorma at Beffta Awards, ironically I also drew Elder Rawchaa, because he had touched me with his sermons. Something was telling me that I had to use my gift to get my breakthrough from the curse of being rejected by my ex-husband. I felt so strongly that I had to minister to a man of God. Or rather, in this instance it was two men of God. One was the first Opera Singer of Ghana, the other was the founder of one of the fastest growing movements within Black Americans. Both men had meant so much to me, both men had helped me.

When I drew these two men, there was nothing in me desiring them or ever thinking I could be with any of them. If I can be honest, judging by the type of husband my ex-husband was, a rural Zimbabwean man with no special gift or calling, so I thought both these men were out of my league as I had such a low opinion of myself. I could never imagine being with a man who had a calling. I was actually drawing these two powerful men thinking my faith of drawing them would cause God to break the curse and my ex husband would love me again.

maxresdefault (1)
Founder Of GOCC Elder Rawchaa during a Live Debate with Jesse Lee Patterson
Kofi Nino on BBC talking about changing perceptions with his Opera Music

I didn’t want anything to go wrong with Elder Rawchaa. I wanted to get to actually give him the portrait I had drawn, not like what had happened with Nino.

The big Sabbath Day came, and Elder Rawchaa preached as the congregation listened in anticipation. Over two thousand people from all over UK came to hear him preach. His message to the church was about women, that women in the Church never get to use their God given gifts. His message was that God was about to raise and use women, even more than he uses men and that men need to start realizing that sometimes God calls women to do bigger roles than men, especially when using their gifts.

After he finished preaching during lunch, my friend took the portrait and pulled me over to Elder Rawchaa. I was so shy if she had not dragged me to him, I might never have given him the portrait. The moment he saw the portrait of himself, he was so shocked and amazed. He thanked me and said no one had ever done such a thing for him. He said the portrait was a powerful confirmation of what he had just preached about and what God had been saying to him about women.

I presented the portrait to Elder Rawchaa

I went to eat my lunch, just grateful that I got a chance to give him the portrait and he loved it. But as I was eating, I heard him calling me.

“Where is Jean? Jean my girl come here,” was his exact words as he called me. Everyone heard him, and they froze.  People didn’t know me at all in this church, I was new, so all attention was suddenly drawn to me.

Who was this Jean who had caught the attention of the founder of the Church who had just flown in all the way from the USA? I could see that question written on everyone’s faces. Everyone stopped eating as Elder Rawchaa summoned the whole church into the Hallway.

One of the Elders was holding the Portrait and Elder Rawcha stood at the center holding a microphone as everyone gathered around him.

As I walked in, Elder Rawchaa introduced me to the Church.

“This is Jean, sister Jean.” He said with so much pride,”She just confirmed my message today about women and their God given gifts. She gifted me with this portrait that she drew.”

Everyone gasped as the other elder lifted the portrait. I could hear everyone clapping in awe. I didn’t know where to look. I walked and stood next to Elder Rawchaa.

“Jean, where is your husband?” He asked very loudly on the microphone.

I felt so overwhelmed and embarrassed, everyone was looking at me. I couldn’t possibly answer that question. Where was my husband? 

That moment I had a flashback. I almost wanted to cry, because I was in such a dark place at that time in my life. My ex-husband had cut all communication with me very cruelly. On top of that, he had sided with the man who had abused me so bad. He was posting very painful things about me online, laughing at me that no man would ever want me as I was now a single mother with many children. To add to the pain, he had taken me court, saying I was a mental nutcase not fit to be a mother.He would report me to authorities saying I was suicidal and I would eventually kill myself and the children. But the saddest thing was even though my ex-husband was so cruel to me, I was praying to God to bring him back, because being a single mother was a burden way too heavy for me.

For a moment I was lost. I didn’t know what to say to Elder Rawchaa. He didn’t know anything about me or my story. I was shaking. He came closer to me and asked again, putting the microphone on my mouth.

“Jean, I said where is thy husband?”

“I don’t have a husband, he left me.” my voice was almost like a wail, in the form of a shaking whisper. But as I looked up, I could see everyone had heard me loud and clear.  I almost cried…I had to hold back the tears.

“He what! He left you? No no no no no! Now he is a mad man!” Elder Rawchaa had a look of utter shock on his face. Everyone laughed at his words that my ex-husband was mad to walk away from me.

His expression of shock made me smile, and I nodded. Yes, actually I agreed with him, my ex-husband was MAD.

“Listen sister Jean. I want you to listen to me real good. You don’t need to worry about nothing.” He spoke in that cool american accent. He had so much conviction and intensity.  His words were like medicine, soothing my pain.

In fact at his words I could feel the burden being lifted up.

“Did you hear me Jean, I said from today, you don’t need to worry about nothing! Brothers of GOCC,” he continued, ” I want us to pray for our sister. Lets all pray for Jean okay.”

He then looked at me, this time very seriously. He prophesied, “Jean, you are going to be just fine.”

As the brothers were all nodding, saying amens and hallelujahs as I stood there in front of over two thousand people, I couldn’t believe what was happening.

Elder Rawchaa turned to me, I thought he was about to dismiss me, but no things were about to get even more interesting. Elder Rawchaa was buzzing with joy and excitement.

He then said  he was going to sing for me. He started to sing, dedicating his song To Zion to me. He sang the song, looking into my eyes the whole time. Some women were looking at me with that, “Who are you?” look. Some where looking at me with the look of “What the heck is just going on here?” Some looked so happy for me. It was awkward but beautiful at the same time.

It was a moment. No one had ever sang for me like that before, whilst a large crowd was watching, so I was amazed. I felt special.

After that moment, that was it. What had happened between me and Elder Rawchaa was the highlight of the entire conference.

As I went to sit down, the eyes of all women were on me. Men too, they couldn’t help it.

Some came to tell me how gifted I was, and what an honorable thing I had done to draw the founder of the church. Others could only look. The jealousy and envy from some of the women couldn’t be louder. It was as if Elder Rawchaa had proposed to me.

One of my friends was bold enough to say, “I am so jealous, you really had a moment with him didn’t you?”

And she was right, I had just had an incredible moment. I could feel it. The words of Elder Rawchaa had done something to my soul. For the first time in my life, the burden of wanting to get back with my useless deadbeat evil ex-husband was gone.

I went home that night with so much joy and excitement. I took down all the pictures of my ex-husband which were on my walls. The desire for this man was gone, suddenly I felt disgusted that I even wanted to get back with him. I felt like a new woman who had now come to her senses, something was telling me that I deserved a lot better.

What a weekend it had been.

The next day on Sunday, two of my friends came over to my house. I had become the talk of the entire Church, not just in the UK, but in America too. I had not thought anything more of it until my friends came over and could not stop. Both my friends were white women who were drawn to the Black Hebrew Movement hence they were in GOCC.

“He loves you Jean, the way he was looking into your eyes. He called you his girl.

“He was behaving like a lovesick teenager around you, my gosh Jean you are such a beautiful Black Queen!” My other friend said.

“Really? You think?” I couldn’t believe it really, yet I could.

“No man looks into a woman’s eyes like that unless he’s in love. I was showing my mother your pictures with Elder Rawchaa last night and she also said you look like a perfect couple. You guys are so suited.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“Well the biggest thing for me is I feel transformed. I am suddenly over my ex-husband. I dont want him anymore. That’s the impact Elder Rawchaa’s words had on me.” I had to be calm and modest about it all.

“Well its going to be more than that girl, you are so gonna end up with him. Imagine that!” One of my friends jumped with excitement. It was almost getting out of hand.

“Oh Jean, out of all the women Elder Rawchaa could have, he is besotted with you. I always knew you were chosen Jean. I always knew you were special. You are a black Queen, and you need a man as powerful as Elder Rawchaa. Your ex-husband is not even a match to that, he just didn’t deserve you.”

“You are going to be the Queen of a race, an entire nation Jean. The black Hebrews. You are like a black Kate Middleton”. My other friend said.

Well my friends didn’t know nothing about the Opera Singer Kofi Nino whom I had also drawn. He was also a powerful man in his own right, known in Ghana as the first Opera Singer. They didn’t know that on Friday I had secretly driven to Heathrow Airport to give Nino the portrait. They didn’t know I had missed him, and the portrait was hidden in my house.

I was just sitting there listening to my friends telling me that the founder of the biggest Black Hebrew Church in the world was in love with me. They were fantasizing on my behalf. They were saying things like God had been preparing me for this role, for such a time as this.

As I sat there, thinking of how Elder Rawchaa had sung to me, I had no idea, that drawing him would lead to GOCC women ushering me in their imaginations as the next Queen of the Black Hebrew Israelites.

But for some reason, their words of fantasy had so much power. Something in me was telling me that my life was about to change. My Boaz had come.  It then dawned on me that God had answered my prayers. I had been drawing portraits of people since I was a child. Some people I drew never appreciated my artwork. But these two portraits of these two spiritually powerful men I had just drawn had done something in the atmosphere, and my destiny was about to change.

My thoughts went back to the Opera Singer Nino. He had gone back to Ghana. I didn’t even have his number. It had been two days.

At this moment I didn’t know that it was the Opera Singer Nino who had actually prayed for me. It was the Opera singer who had asked God for a single mother to come into his life…

Was it going to be Elder Rawchaa, or was the mysterious Opera Singer with the voice like thunder going to remember me, I wondered.

My sketch Of The Opera Singer

To be continued…












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