My Husband Prayed For A Single Mother, And For Him I Denounced My People And Country, Part 5

So with everything that had happened, especially Prophetess Grace telling me to cut off Nino from my life, Nick coming in and almost taking over my life with ACN, and me lacking the ability to cut off toxic people from my life, Nino decided he was not going to pick up my calls anymore. I had had the dream, that Nino was the one. I was dying to tell him the dream, but he was now out of my reach.

I knew I had made a big mistake by trusting Grace and pushing Nino away. She had convinced me that Nino was somehow a demonic man, even though there was no evidence to support this. That is how vulnerable and gullible I was. I had gone as far as telling Nino that I could never possibly have him in my house as I didn’t know him.

So Nino, completely heartbroken and hurt by my actions, he had started to make other arrangements as to what he would do when he arrived in the UK.

So I called one of his  friends and asked him if Nino had already traveled to the UK, and he told me that he was still in Ghana.

His friend convinced him to pick my calls, and I told him I had dreamed the dream he had challenged me to. I told him I believed he was the one, and I wanted him to buy his ticket and fly to the UK immediately and come over to my house.

Everything had changed for Nino. He was so pleased I had the dream, but things were not the same anymore. One minute he had found the single mother he had prayed to God for. She had invited him to the UK, and he had been excited to start his new life with her. The next minute the single mother had just cut him out of his life without warning, telling him that it was over and he was not to come to her house.

So after I told him the dream, Nino was calm but glad that his word had been confirmed.

But he never told me that he had already made other plans, and would not be coming to stay with me, but he would be going to his cousins’.

He bought his ticket, and flew to the UK.

So when he arrived in London, Nino told me that he would not be coming to my house, but he would be staying with his cousin in London.

I was absolutely distraught, and told him I had already cooked and prepared for his coming. He then took a train to come over to my house.

It was almost midnight when he got to my house. I walked outside, barefoot to meet him.  I didn’t know how to walk or carry myself as I walked towards him. I was so nervous, but excited.

He was carrying his bag, and holding his walking stick.

It was a little strange because we had only got to know each other through social media and chatting online. But now we were standing there, looking into each others eyes. It had only been a few months, but we had already been through so much. Our relationship had been tested by fire.

It was his first time seeing me. I felt the strongest emotion ever. It must have been the feeling of what it means to be in love. I felt like I had known him for years. He was younger than me, but as he hugged me for the first time, it felt like I was in my father’s arms. It had been the longest walk of my life, and at that very moment I felt like I was finally home.

He held my hand as I led him into the house. He shut the door and we walked into the kitchen. I started to warm his food up, I had made roast lamb for him. I was so nervous, and there was that awkward silence. I was amazed how he made himself at home, he took off his coat and put it on the chair.

As I stood there, probably looking lost and nervous, waiting for the microwave alarm, he grabbed my hand pulling me over to him, and started kissing me.

It was our first kiss. It was passionate and beautiful. As I was getting carried away with the kiss, he pulled away and told me that the food in the microwave was ready.

The first thing I noticed about him was he liked to be in control.  He was definitely an alpha male.

He ate his food, and we went upstairs and took a shower together, and that was it. We did not do anything more. I had found myself a real man who was not after my body, but after my heart.

After the weekend, Nino went back to London to stay with his cousin. It was so hard when he had to leave.

I was sad that I was not part of his everyday life. I would come on Facebook and see pictures of what he was doing in London. I was sad watching Nino live his life, meeting people and performing without me, yet I had been the one who had invited him to the UK.

Nino in London after performing at Micheal Essein’s charity event


Nino was being endorsed by Ghana British High Commissioner Jon Benjamin



I was still speaking to Grace and she wasn’t very happy with Nino being back in my life. I had tried to tell my UK family about Nino, but they seemed very unhappy that I was happy. Online, I was getting abuse comments from Zimbabweans about being with a man who was dark skinned.

Nino was telling me that I needed to cut all toxic people out of my life, and Grace was definitely one of them. I didn’t know how I would ever move on from the people in my past. My soul was tied to them.

I wanted to start a new life with Nino, but didn’t know what I needed to do.

But one day, as I was so troubled in my spirit,  I dreamed a dream. I dreamed that I was in a large sports stadium, and Ghana was playing football. During half time, I was asked to speak about the Ghana match, and when I was given the microphone, I said that I was now a Ghanaian. Zimbabweans looked at me in utter shock, and some of them were saying, “How can you denounce your own country?” The more they scolded me for embracing Ghana, I became even more bold, and said it loudly, “I am no longer Zimbabwean, I denounce my birth country,  I am Ghanaian now.”

In the dream, Zimbabweans were not happy with me, they said the most horrible things about me.

Then the strangest thing happened when I woke up, there was a bible next to me, on my pillow.

Still thinking about the dream I had just had about denouncing Zimbabwe, I opened the bible. The pages just flipped open in front of me, and before my eyes stood out the deepest scripture I had ever read…

 Hearken, O daughter, and consider, and incline thine ear; forget also thine own people, and thy father’s house; So shall the king greatly desire thy beauty: for he is thy Lord; and worship thou him. Psalm 45…

I had never read this scripture, it was brand new to my spirit and soul. In the most powerful way, the scripture was confirming the dream I had just woken up from.

For me, Zimbabwe had always meant oppression, sadness and a place I had never felt belonging. For me Zimbabwe had been a strange place, and ever since I was born and raised there, deep inside I always refused to embrace the CULTURE and religion of this country. Yes, part of me was tied to it, and loved so many things about Zimbabwe, but a big part of me resented it.

I had always refused to embrace the animal totems, which is the main religion of Zimbabwe. I refused to embrace the ancestors of Zimbabwe, even though my Father was deeply routed in the belief of ancestral spirits. Growing up in Zimbabwe, I could never bring myself to embrace that I was a She Elephant, (Madhuve) Nzou Totem. In Zimbabwe, the animal Kingdom, every citizen of this country, young or old, male or female, they identify themselves with an animal totem before their own names.

Even though I was not religious as a child, my spirit refused the culture of Zimbabwe. Deep down I always knew that the culture was pagan.

But not only that, I had grown up with a people who never understood me. I had been abused and mistreated and had taken all the blame as I believed I was odd and strange.

But now as I woke up to this dream of me denouncing Zimbabwe, and also getting the scripture to confirm my deepest convictions, I knew that for me to find true freedom and happiness, I had to spiritually leave Zimbabwe and go to my husband’s land. I had to denounce Zimbabwe for me to truly find happiness with Nino. I knew that no one in history had ever done that, denouncing their people and gods to follow their husband, apart from Ruth in the bible of course, so I knew I had to be brave to do so.

I never wanted to be in Zimbabwe, I felt like I was born in the wrong place with the wrong people. The feelings of the people of Zimbabwe towards me was mutual too.

As a child, I used to think that maybe I had a family out there who really loved me, somewhere faraway.

Well, since I was a child, fairly tales were my bible and the only thing I believed in.  My real life was so unhappy, so the only thing which kept me going was reading about Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. I literally used to wish that one day I would go to this place that was so perfect, meet my Prince charming and live happily ever after.

People grow up reading fairy tales, but no one actually believes in them. No one believes in Prince Charming who literally saves his Princess. People don’t believe love is worth taking those life changing risks, especially in this modern age of feminism.

But I did…I did believe that one day my Prince Charming would rescue me…

I did believe that my salvation would only come through my true love’s first kiss…

So Nino and I had our marriage ceremony, in the park in front of my 4 children, who made it happen and bore witness to our true love. It was the most beautiful moment. My first son gave me away, my first daughter conducted the ceremony, and my second son captured the magic happen.

My first son gave me away
As I walked towards my King, I felt the power of what was about to happen
The words rang in my head, Forget your Father’s house, and also your people, and the King will greatly desire your beauty…
My daughter pronounced us man and wife
So we became husband and wife…
My daughter officiated our secret garden marriage ceremony, and she had picked the flowers for me
I even got to throw the bouquet of flowers

Before our secret marriage ceremony, Nino and I had not been together as husband and wife. It was after our ceremony that our marriage was consummated and we became one.

I then burnt all the pictures of my ex-husband, as Boaz told me I had to forsake my past.

I burnt my past gods and embraced the God of my husband…

After many months of pondering about my dream about denouncing Zimbabwe, I woke up one day after having faced so much online abuse from Zimbabweans for just being in love with Nino, and for being myself and happy, and I wrote…

Why I Am No Longer Zimbabwean…

My husband’s God became my God 
Happily Ever After…

And since then, I lived happily ever after…

Maybe continued…


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