My Husband Prayed For A Single Mother, But Then A White Man Happened, Part 4

So from my last article, it so happened that after I had blocked Nino on all my social media platforms after my Prophetess friend Grace had said he was somehow demonic, he was not able to make it for the Walter Masocha Sex Assault Trail.  Grace who was now back in my life suggested I take my estranged ‘mother’ to the trail. My ‘mother’ had also been given a Visa to came to the UK for the court case, but as soon as she had come, my relationship with her had completely broken down. But I needed a babysitter during the trial, so taking my ‘mother’ was the only option left.

I then took her, and things got very complicated with her presence at the trial, as she was not supportive of my case. Soon after Masocha was found guilty of sexual assault, my ‘mother’ cursed me on the phone and stopped talking to me.

Sadly, during the trial, I did not once speak to Nino, the only person I was speaking to was Grace, who with her power had turned me against Nino.  When I had needed him the most, I completely blanked Nino out.

It was shocking how things were changing so fast.

Soon after the trial, I tried to move on from Nino. It was that fast.

Well, rewind back to Beffta Awards were I had met Nino, I also met a man who invited me to come and take part as Miss Zimbabwe in Miss Commonwealth UK pageant.

I saw this as an opportunity, and decided to contest in the beauty pageant, even though it was only 5 weeks since I had given birth to Fadzi. Yes, sometimes I feel like I a superhuman. Well, after attending the Beffta Awards, and seeing Nino perform, I felt empowered and motivated, like a new woman.

So it so happened that at the Miss Commonwealth UK Pageant, I met a certain white man called Nick.  He was one of the judges. Nick had introduced himself to me and took my number. He had texted me soon after the pageant and said he had business opportunities for me.

5 weeks after giving birth to Fadzi, I took part in the Miss Commonwealth UK pageant where I met Nick

Well, Grace told me that God was telling her that I needed to be with a white man who was rich and who understood me more. According to Grace, when I told her about Nick, she said he was the one.

Nick had invited me to his birthday dinner, Grace encouraged me to go. She said this was my Cinderella moment. So I went to London for Nick’s birthday dinner. I also met Nick’s father at his birthday dinner, and he prayed for me about my situation, speaking a word of prophesy over me.

Grace and I thought the prayer and prophesy from Nick’s father was a confirmation that God was leading me to be connected to this man.

At that time I was planning of launching my charity about encouraging women who had survived abuse, and when I announced this event on my blog, it became such a big deal.

I then invited Nick to be one of the main speakers of my event.

The Zimbabwean media houses wanted to be part of my charity launch. Lance Guma from Nehanda Radio said he would come. Zimbo Live TV contacted me and said they wanted to record the event live.

When I was planning the event, Nino and I had started talking again, and he promised me that he would be able to come in time for my event and perform.

I had also listed Betty Makoni as a key note speaker of the event.

But just two days before my charity event, Betty Makoni suddenly dramatically cancelled her attendance, pulling a lot of people with her. Betty Makoni accused me of not being transparent, after I had told her that some Zimbabweans had said they would not attend my event because she would be there.

As Betty cancelled her attendance via whats-app group and not to me directly,  I was beyond heartbroken. Betty insinuated that I was not going to make it in life, without the support of someone as high profile as her, she said my event would flop without her support.

Everything about my event started to go completely wrong.  Nigerian TV Host and actress Princess Deun, who was supposed to be the MC for my event also cancelled. She said she had to be loyal to Betty Makoni, her friend.

On the day of the event, all the media houses from Zimbabwe literally switched off their phones. I tried desperately to reach them, from Nehanda Radio to Zimbo Live TV, their phones were completely switched off.

Nino was also not able to come. I had planned the whole event with him in mind, so his absence from the event was a big blow for me. I felt sad and upset that he had not been by my side.

Nick attended the event, and was very supportive over the stress I encountered during the whole event. He seemed to be the strongest support I had there.

Nick supported me during my charity launch

Only 4 of the of the people listed on the flyer of my event where able to show up, the rest chose not to come or call.

However, even though Zimbabweans tried so hard to sabotage my event, the Mayor and Mayoress of Milton Keynes  attended , and I had enough loyal people who came to support me and made the charity launch a success.

I had enough loyal people at my event but was sad that Nino did not come
With the Mayor and Mayoress of Milton Keynes


But it was no surprise that during the after party of my charity launch, everyone who attended kept telling me how much Nick liked me.

Nick had invited me to attend an ACN event at London O2 Arena the next day after my event.  Nick managed to convince me to join ACN, and told me that this was my only way to achieve all my dreams.

I told him I was very skeptical because I had just come out of a cult where I was almost led to the grave by Walter Masocha and the church/cult members, but Nick reassured me that ACN was a business not a cult or pyramid scheme.

Nick took me to meet celebrity stylist Peter Lamas, who assured me that he would endorse my Women’s charity. So at this point I was so convinced that ACN was the only road to success for me.

Nick introduced me to Hollywood celebrity stylist Peter Lamas

He told me that I would be on the campaign of Peter Lamas’ beauty products. I was over the moon and very excited.

Nick said I would be on the campaign of Peter Lamas’ beauty products

Nick also asked me to help him each time he had a photography job.

Grace told me that this was Nick’s way of dating me, as this was how “white people” dated. Grace was married to a white man, so she said I was better off with Nick than I would ever be with Nino.

I was now spending almost every weekend with Nick attending various ACN events, he would come over to my house and sleep in my spare room.  Even though we were not romantically involved with each other at all, to everyone it seemed we were the perfect bi-racial couple.

I was now spending a lot of time with Nick attending ACN meetings


As I was posting pictures of me and Nick on my social media platforms, my Zimbabwean friends were literally over the moon for me. It seemed dating a white man was something highly esteemed in the Zimbabwean community.

People were phoning me asking me if Nick was going to marry me.

I was told that Nino was too dark for me anyway, I needed a white man to boost my social profile up.

I was told white men where amazing and would adopt my four children and love them as their own.

One friend who was dating a white men told me straight that…

“Jean, lets face it, when we date white men, at least we get better opportunities in life, the reality is it is a white man’s world, and these black brothers even though they are nice, they are mostly losers and will do nothing to boost our lives. So you go girl, make sure you marry that Nick!”

One of my uncles actually sent me a whats-app and said he would approve Nick if he wanted to marry me.

My relationship with Nino was now over before it began. At one point of my life, just a few weeks back, Nino had been all I had. Even though he had not met me in person yet, our connection and chemistry had been so powerful.

But as soon as my ‘prophetess’ friend Grace had come back into my life, and told me that Nino was either demonic or anointed, everything had changed. Because of a friend whom I thought was a prophetess, I had shut Nino out just like that, yet he was the best thing that had ever happen to me since I had been born.

I had been praying for Nino to come and be with me in the UK, yet when he got the VISA to come and join me here, the relationship suddenly broke down.

I had suddenly become so confused. I was gullible. I was vulnerable. I was like a little white rabbit in the middle of the road, not knowing where to go.

My whole life had always been like that, I was like a magnet of abuse and confusion.

Now from nowhere I was spending all my time with Nick. I was now spending so much time away from my children too, always attending ACN meetings, yet I seemed to be gaining nothing from it.

Well, as Nick was now trending on my Facebook timeline, I couldn’t see how I could ever go back to Nino, even though I was not really with Nick.  I felt so torn, so confused, so empty.

I had never had a man fight for my honor before.  I had never had a man fight for me. All I had ever had was a husband who had fought for the honor of another man over his own wife.

So as Nick was taking more and more of my time, Nino called me and said to me, “Jean you have to be with me, I am the one who loves you. Please leave this ACN it’s a pyramid scheme.” 

“No I can’t Nino, I can’t come back to you, God has shut that door.”

“But we prayed so hard for me to get my visa so I would come to be with you. We were put together by God. Why do you doubt Him now?”

“No, God is the one who has shut this door Nino, He has shown me all the signs.” I told Nino.

“You are a dreamer Jean. All your dreams are true and they come to pass. Tell God to show you a dream, that I am your true love. You will dream of me Jean.” There was so much conviction and authority in his voice.

It sounded ridiculous when he said it. I almost laughed. How could I ask God to show me if Nino was the one, in a dream. I scoffed, and replied…

“Ok Nino, I will ask God to give me a dream then…” I must have rolled my eyes.

Its when I cut the phone, that Nino’s dream challenge could not leave my mind. So I knelt down and said a little prayer…

“Dear Lord, if Nino really is my Boaz, show me in a dream, I am so confused.”

I thought no more of it, and completely forgot about the dream challenge.

But in the next two days, I had a dream that my children were being devoured by lions. It was a nightmare really.  I had been starting to doubt ACN and the whole Nick thing. So somehow the dream about the Lions made me realize that I had to stop spending time with Nick and leave ACN.

I told Nick that the dream was a confirmation that I had to leave ACN. He tried so hard to persuade me to stay in ACN. He said it was the devil telling me that I had to leave ACN. As I was telling him the dream, Nick who was sitting on the floor, said to me it was the most bizarre moment of his life, as no one had ever confided such a deep dream to him before. He said he was taken back to the Ruth and Boaz biblical story, and he felt like at that very moment as I told him the dream, he had experienced something like that, only that it felt like he was the Ruth and I was the Boaz. He said it was all in reverse.

I then realized it was time to say goodbye to Nick. I had to shut that chapter and try to start all over again.

I told Grace that Nick definitely was not the one, and the ACN business was definitely not for me.

All this had happened soon after Nino had asked me to dream. I never told Grace about Nino’s dream challenge. I never told her about the conversations I had been having with Nino.

Then something strange happened on the third night after I had spoken to Nino.

I dreamed a dream…

In that dream I was being tormented by demons. They were all over my house. My children were crying too. Then Nino came into my house, he was carrying a bag and his walking stick. In the dream, Nino came into my bedroom, and as soon as he entered, the demons fled. He handed me a coin, a precious valued coin. He told me to put the coin in the drawer beside the bed and keep it safe. He then left the house, and went to sing somewhere I did not know.  I left the house to search for him. My beloved was gone. I found out where he was performing, but outside there were so many men who looked exactly like Nino, but were impostors. In my heart, I knew I would be able to tell who was the real Nino, even though I had not really met him in real life, I felt I knew him enough.  He was inside the auditorium, about to perform.

In my dream, many black women had came to watch Nino. I also wanted to watch Nino perform, so I joined the very long queue to get inside.  One of the women who was also in the queue to watch Nino perform was my ex-husband’s sister. In the dream I was looking beautiful, and the women became very envious of me, especially my ex-sister in law. My ex sister-in-law then told everyone that was a single mother of 4, and I shouldn’t be allowed to watch Nino perform because these kind of shows were not for wretched single mothers.  One of the women who was an usher then replied my ex-sister in law, “but she is actually Nino’s wife ,” The woman then took my hand and led me to the VIP area.

I then woke up breathing so heavily. The dream had been so vivid. So real.

Suddenly it hit me, Nino’s dream challenge! I had actually dreamed the dream he had dared me to! I couldn’t believe that I had actually dreamed the dream he said I would. Who was this man? He was so powerful, I had never met anyone like him.

Nino came in my dream with his stick, and handed me a precious coin.


At that time I had no idea that the dream was a conformation of Nino’s prayer to God. Nino had prayed for God to give him a single mother, and to his command I dreamed what he prayed for.

That morning, I tried desperately to reach Nino, but he wasn’t answering my calls. I called him over and over the next days, I sent him texts, but he never responded.

I wanted to tell him that I had dreamed the dream, where he was my Boaz and savior.

How I had seen Nino in the dream…

I wanted to tell him to take the next flight to the UK and come to my house so we could be together. I wanted to tell him how sorry I was, and what a fool I had been to shut him out, but it seemed he did not want to talk to me anymore. It was now impossible to reach him…

To be continued…







4 thoughts on “My Husband Prayed For A Single Mother, But Then A White Man Happened, Part 4

  1. Poor God and Demons definitely feel this way if they can feel and write, “My whole life had always been like that, I was like a magnet of abuse and confusion.”

    I’ve never read of an adult human who describes their own life as being controlled by other humans, prophets, gods and demons with such air of normalcy and confidence.

    It’s bizarre and interesting to me.


  2. Uh OK I understand now. Found your articles on the Ghana website so your tone suddenly make sense. Brilliant work! I can see why you graduated in psychiatry. It’s your talent.


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