My Husband Prayed For A Single Mother, So I Invited Him To The UK, Part 3

From my last post about how another man ‘Elder Rawchaa’ almost stole my heart from ‘Nino’, who had prayed for a single mother to come into his life, my friends went back to their houses, and I was left alone wondering what was about to happen next in my life. Suddenly there were these two men who had just fell into my life from nowhere, one was the black American GOCC Church Founder Elder Rawchaa, the other was the first Opera singer of Ghana Kofi Nino.  I couldn’t believe that a few days before I had been on my knees begging God to bring me back my ex- husband, now he was yesterday’s news.

Well, that Sunday when my friends Melinda and Charl (their names by the way) came to see me to talk about how lucky I was that Elder Rawchaa had fallen in love with me, one of my friends, Melinda sadly got very jealous of me because she loved Elder Rawchaa. She was also a single mother.  So thinking that Elder Rawchaa was going to marry me or something, she then decided to do something very drastic. On her way home from my place that Sunday, Melinda hooked up with a random brother from church and had sex with him at her house.

She just had to steal my thunder, and managed to divert all attention from me and Elder Rawchaa. Suddenly everything became about Melinda.

So the next day on Monday, Melinda called me to tell me that she had had the most mind blowing sex with the brother. As she was telling me about the amazing sex she had just had, she added,

“The brother said it was lovely that you drew Elder Rawchaa by the way, but said he felt sorry for you because you are a single mother and there was a lot of pain on your face. Honestly people saw that you were hurting Jean.”

My friend said people could see the pain in my eyes when I stood next to Elder Rawchaa

“But you know what Jean,” Melinda continued, “I am grateful that at least one of us is no longer a single mother. I have a man now. And I am happy to be his second wife.”

Yes, the brother already had a wife and she had been so desperate to have a man that she told him she was ready to be his second.

She then went on to say, she was struggling to walk, because the brother had been in her all night and the sex had got very rough.

This was so out of character for Melinda, because like me she had been praying that her ex-husband comes back to her, so when me and Charl told her that it didn’t seem right what had just happened, she suddenly changed her story. She said she had actually been taken advantage of and the brother had defiled her as she had been saving her body for her ex-husband.

Melinda said she had been raped! 

She was wailing on the phone, “What will become of me my sisters, I feel like he just raped me over and over all night. I am hurting, I cant even walk…”

It got to a point where she was crying so bad it was difficult to console her over the phone, so I thought this was a very nasty situation and something had to be done about this brother who had defiled my dear friend.

So me being a woman who feels strongly about rape and sexual assault of women, I emailed Elder Rawchaa with immediate effect, and told him that Sister Melinda in the church had been raped by  a brother that weekend. Elder Rawchaa had not even flown back to the USA, he was still in the UK.

This became a big scandal. In fact at this stage, the GOCC church found itself in such a mess, it was as though the whole church was gonna be shut down. Everything about the Church just started to go wrong.

The whole “Elder Rawchaa loves me fantasy” just vanished with the rape and other scandals which began to unfold. There were bigger things to concentrate on. Me presenting the portrait to Elder Rawchaa and him singing to me just a few days before became a distant memory, like something which had happened months or even years before. Yes, everything was happening that fast.

Elder Rawchaa called me and my friend, and we told him that sister Melinda had been raped. He and the other elders called Melinda.

I found myself at the center of everything suddenly going wrong in this Church founded by Elder Rawchaa.

For some strange reason, Melinda denied ever being raped, and said she had had consented sex with the brother, though she felt taken advantage of.

I felt so humiliated. I was so angry with Melinda. Both Charl and I were angry with her. She made us look very bad. I couldn’t even bring myself to speak to her.

Why did she tell us that she got raped, then I reported the rape to Elder Rawchaa, and she denies the rape, making me look like a liar and trouble maker?

She tried to call me but I denied picking her calls.

She then texted me and told me straight up that…

“Firstly Sister Jean, as much as you are angry with me, I never actually said to you that I got raped, you assumed. You had no right to tell Elder Rawchaa that I was raped. If anything, what I had with the brother was a beautiful moment and I shared with you. Secondly, maybe there is something wrong with you Jean. You are like a Jonah, there is a spirit on you that causes every church you go to to fall apart. It happened in Agape, now its happening again in GOCC. You need to go away and leave us alone before you bring GOCC down.”

I felt like GOCC was about to shut down because of me

Well rewind back to months before I had joined GOCC, a friend, the only friend I had, her name was Grace, had introduced me to the church. She had asked me to watch the you Tube Vidoes of Elder Rawchaa, and I got hooked.  But before I physically joined the Church, Grace had cut all communication with me because she said, there was something seriously wrong with me mentally and spiritually. She said I attracted hatred. She said I was a Psychopath who was hated by all people who came into my life. Before, this she was my best friend whom I had confided in everything. She knew I was lonely and suffering. She knew everything that Walter Masocha and my ex-husband were doing. I was speaking to her everyday. She knew that my mother and family had been so unkind to me.

But, one day out of the blue, as I was chatting to Grace as usual, she suddenly flipped when I said I wanted to make it in life, and achieve my dreams, she said I had stolen her ideas and made them mine. She wrote…

“Oh my, you are actually a psychopath. You are the one with a problem, not your family. Why does everyone hate you Jean? Have you ever thought about that? According to you,  your mother is wrong. Masocha is wrong. Your ex-husband is wrong. You even fell out with Women Rights Activist Betty Makoni. Why does everyone do you wrong Jean? Why can’t you get on with anybody? You have a spirit on you. Go and seek help you psycho…”

That day, I went into shock, because Grace was all I had.  I was heavily pregnant with Fadzi, and my mother and brother were treating me like I was not their blood. That night, I took in all the words  from Grace and I  went into my toilet, I looked up and I said…

“No I wont cry Lord. I am strong. Today I am not going to cry. But God please tell me, is Grace right. Am I a psychopath? Why does no one love me? Why do I only have my children in this world? Now the only person I thought I had, my only friend Grace is cursing me too. If there is any sin in me, please forgive me Father, and make me a better person who people can love.  If I have wronged anyone who hates me, please forgive me Father.”

Part of me was accepting that there was something wrong with me, that I was a cursed human being and everyone hated me, but part of me was fighting, refusing to believe it, and I tried to go on, for the sake of my children whom I was fighting for in court. I had to be strong.

My ex-husband was also telling the court and the world through his blogs that I was hated by everyone, including my own mother and family. He said I was one person whom everyone found impossible to love, and he feared that I was going to kill his children. My own children.

For some reason, the court started listening to my ex-husband, he seemed to be winning the case. They demanded I show evidence from my GP that I was a normal human being and not a psychopath.

The words of Grace were ringing in my head, and my ex-husband suddenly seemed to have won over the Judge. If there was a time I would have committed suicide, it was this time. I would walk, heavily pregnant, with three young children to look after, and all I saw in this world was darkness. But the pregnancy and my three children gave me strength to live.

It was during this time I was told I am a psychopath, I had no reason to live, but my children gave me strength and hope

I was scared that when I gave birth, I would be alone and there would be no one to help me.

So I decided to go psychically to GOCC Church. Watching You Tube videos of Elder Rawchaa was not enough. I needed people in  my life. Anyone. So I went  to GOCC seeking refuge and companion.

And God gave me two friends in GOCC, Melinda and Charl. It was a church of only black people, with only 2 white women. In fact, in Black Israelite churches, white people are treated as servants. Ironically, the two white women were the only members of this church I connected with. Both of them understood me more than any black woman had ever done.

But suddenly, after the Elder Rawchaa ‘romantic moment’ I had encountered, Melinda had changed. Her jealousy had changed everything. And she was now telling me that I needed to leave GOCC because I had a spirit on me that caused churches and men of God  to fall. I think in her head, she was doing everything to make me leave GOCC so I would never be with Elder Rawchaa.

Well, part of me felt she was right, I knew I had to leave GOCC for my own sanity.  I also felt guilty that Melinda had been raped, or had chose to have sex with a brother because she felt jealous of me and Elder Rawchaa. Somehow I blamed myself for what had happened to Melinda. Something was not right in this church and I became so distraught and confused.

The last email I received from Elder Rawchaa he was thanking me for the portrait, and he said he was looking for the perfect place to hang it in his house.

In the midst of all the confusion and doubting myself, I received a text from Nino saying he  arrived safely in Ghana and was thinking of me.

His text was a breath of fresh air from all the drama which was kicking off in GOCC.

Nino and I started to chat a lot on whats-app, in fact every day for hours.


Back in Ghana, Nino was texting me everyday though he was busy promoting his album. With Ghana British High Commissioner John Benjamin
Nino back in Ghana promoting his album

Nino told me that liked Enya, and sent me some songs. I listened and almost cried. He told me people like Enya are misunderstood, and people say she is weird.

I told him I was weird too, and nobody understood me.

He replied and said, “No you are not weird, you are just you, original. You are real. And people don’t understand real.”

When he said that, I knew this man was my other half. My soulmate. The one who understood my heartbeat. No man or woman had ever said that to me before.

From that moment, I thanked Melinda for making me leave GOCC. I thanked her for making the Elder Rawchaa fantasy vanish with her plots and jealousy. Elder Rawchaa’s charm was nothing compared to this mysterious opera singer. Nino had something Elder Rawchaa did not have. Nino understood me.

He went straight for it, and told me that he liked me. He told me that he had been busy reading my blog and story, though he was not a reader, somehow my blog had kept him glued and he had read every blog post and every comment. He said he liked me so much.

I told him no way, I was a single mother of 4, and he was only young with no children.

He said, “So what, I love children. God has blessed you with fertility. From now on wards, whats yours is mine, and whats mine is yours, even your shower gel in your bathroom in  now mine.”

This is how he got me…from that moment I became completely his. That was the moment my Boaz redeemed me. I also told Nino about everything which was happening in GOCC Church, and he told me that it was best for me to never go back there again.

I told him I wanted to write about him on my blog and go public with our relationship. He did not hesitate. He told me to write whatever I wanted as he was now mine. And off course I did write about him.

When I wrote about Nino on my blog, it was crazy because he had not even met me in person yet. I lost all the friends I had because they said I was “crazy.”

I was in love with Nino

Well, they were partly right. I was crazy in love. Nino was all I had, even though he had never seen me.

I was now desperate for Nino to come back to the UK from Ghana and meet my children and live with me so we could be a proper family. I wanted him at the Walter Masocha sex trial. I needed his support, because I had no one else.

For some reason, Nino’s promoters and managers were failing to get him back to the UK. The Masocha trail was fast approaching.

I needed to be bold. I needed to be more crazier than I had ever been in my life. I knew this man was my Boaz. I had to be like Ruth, and be a go getter. Boaz was never going to just magically appear on my doorstep. I had to go get him, literally.

I took the Masocha Court Letter and wrote Nino an invitation to come to the Masocha Trail. I wrote a heartfelt letter for his visa application, telling them that they needed to give Nino a visa because I had no one else.

Even though, Nino had never met me in person, the proof he took for his visa application that we were a couple was my blog posts about us. All he had was the Masocha Trial letter and my invitation.

Miraculously, this worked. Just like that, the British Home Office granted Nino the Visa to come and be by my side during the High Profile Walter Masocha Sex Trial. So in other words, it was Walter Masocha who made Nino come back to the UK.

Well Nino had prayed for a single mother specifically, so this was God’s way of rewarding Him.

As I was celebrating Nino getting his Visa, and preparing for the Trial as it was only weeks away.  I decided to fast for three days and three nights.

As I was fasting something really strange happened.

Grace, my friend who had cut all communication with me telling me that I was a psychopath who needed to see a doctor suddenly started calling me and texting me.

She told me she had a message from God for me…by the way, Grace calls herself a Prophetess.

“I’m so sorry I said all those things to you Jean, I was wrong I don’t know what got to me. I think at that time I got possessed, you were so vulnerable and pregnant too Jean, you didn’t deserve that. I’m sorry I also introduced you to GOCC, its such a messed up church too. When I saw your picture with Elder Rawchaa, I blamed myself and thought Oh God what have I done to this girl. I hope you can forgive me Jean. I really want to be there for you during the Masocha court case, ” Grace said.

As I was fasting and praying, I chose to forgive.

“I forgive you Grace. I left GOCC anyway, I am with Nino now and he makes me so happy. I am in a good place now.”

“I know, I read your blog,” she replied.

“Nino is amazing,” I told her. Because I had no friends or family to talk to, I let Grace back into my life and felt happy that she was back. Though she had hurt me so much, I felt blessed to have her back. I  had a very high opinion of her, and genuinely believed she was a Prophetess.

“Yes I know you are happy with Nino. But God has told me something about him. Something is not right. Nino is either the devil or he is highly anointed, there is no in-between. From what I am receiving from God, this man is demonic Jean. Do not ever let him into your house.  Please be careful with this man Jean. God is showing me so much about him.”

Grace had always been powerful like that, it was her voice too, her words always carried so much power.

At that moment, something happened, and I felt that maybe Grace was right. Confusion came over me. I had not met Nino and he didn’t know me in person. I had just seen him once as he performed on stage and fell in love with him and sent him a visa invitation. I now started to doubt everything. Maybe I was crazy, I thought. I didn’t even know this man…

I did something drastic, on all my social media platforms, Nino got blocked…


To be continued…


3 thoughts on “My Husband Prayed For A Single Mother, So I Invited Him To The UK, Part 3

  1. This is so hilarious!
    Pain, no. You don’t look like you were in pain. But you look uncomfortable. Because you explained, you probably look overwhelmed.

    Iwe, le wena you like things reporting to your future husband a rape without consent from the victim you knew was not a victim. Haibo, she used you, you used her. Womxn!

    Uh OK, serves you right for her to admit her fault and that you were equally at fault. Love this tale (laughing). I’m living vicariously through you and Melinda. What a boring life I lead. No scandals at all.

    I’m laughing like a slut in a shebeen. A psychopath who attracted hatred. I admire your honesty in describing the demons you show your friends.

    A message from G_d, you ladies are something else. Who are you!!? It doesn’t matter, I love it.

    Hehe, this got me. “I genuinely believed she was a prophetess”

    Oh gosh, you blocked. You really are crazy


  2. It seems at thise point in time, you actually did have a problem Jean, and hope you’ve outgrown it. Seems you put to much substance on what people say or Don’t say about you. Why but why??? Have of the world is pretty sick, the other half Don’t care or, just Don’t know what they are about. Never put substance to what people say about you, or try to derive you’r sense of self worth from any mortal man, else you will ever leave in misery. I would’t think twice about it, if the whole world thought me mad or bad. These sons and daughters of Adam, are the same human beings who crucified jesus Christ and assinated Martin Luther king, Marcus gurvey and a board of other good human brings. Makes makes you think your different?? Given a chance right now , they would do to you what they did to Jesus Christ. I am not telling you to hate them, but for God’s sake learn to do without their approval or acceptance, the man or woman who can stand alone in the stormy whirlpools of life is the strongest human being on earth .People will most often hurt you not because they want to, but bbecause they are hurting and Jean, the human lot as it ever was, always hurt for one reason or the other. That’s why Jesus forgave them. Love is a must, but friendship is a choice. We have a right to chose who our friends will be, though we are mandated to love all. Never let a friendly Fox into your happen. Pray for wisdom, for it’s only God who can give you discernment , as the heart of man is desperately corrupt, who can understand it but God??????


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