“England Was Built On Blood Of Black Slaves,” King Charles III Egged By Protester In York

What makes a King? The people make a King.

A true King is loved and adored by his people. A true King is a liberator of his people. Popularity is very important for any reigning monarchy because there is a fine line between being a King and Dictator.

Since Charles the third took the British throne in September 2022 after the death of his mother Elizabeth the second, it is pretty obvious that his popularity as the King is comical. We watched overnight the British monarchy turn into a complete joke, if truth be told. The man is 73 years old for crying out loud, he’s way beyond the age of retirement. Who starts their career at 73 years old? The fact that he finally became a King in his old age is a complete joke on its own. When people hear the word King, they imagine majesty and glory, not some old old man not exactly blessed with the gift of looks to begin with. Charles became the first King in history to go viral for having “sausage fingers”. That alone says a lot.

To young people Charles is basically a meme on Instagram and Ticktock, the only people who appear to have some sort of respect for Charles are old people, rather old Caucasian people in their 50’s and above. For me it was my 18 year old daughter Nakai who first told me that Charles fingers were going viral on social media back in February. She told me that in her College everyone hates the British Royal Family as they are a waste of space. This reality will not be portrayed in mainstream media, yet on the ground of British soil, Charles is nowhere near as popular as they make him out to be.

Back in February my daughter told me that Charles’ sausage fingers was a meme on Ticktock

Again who makes a King? The people make a King.

Now from being a complete joke and meme on social media, Charles added to his own unpopularity by to losing his temper and shouting at “servants” over leaking pens in the aftermath of his mother’s death. He literally shouted at a pen and told the pen that he “hated it!” Who shouts at a pen? Is that even normal behaviour? Isn’t it a little too obvious that Charles is not fit to be a King, and the more he is on the British Throne, the more he continues to make a complete joke of the “British Royal Family.”

Yes you read the headline correctly, he actually “blasted” the pen.

How do you become a King of a country and realm, if you can not even control your temper over a pen?

Well, something extraordinary happened in the North today, which was more serious than leaking pens and sausage fingers, as King Charles became the first King in history to be pelted with eggs. Yes, today it all kicked off in the heart of the North, in York were an anti slavery protester threw several eggs at Charles shouting “This country was built on the blood of black slaves, shame on you Charles!” As the story is going viral in the mainstream media, it is very interesting that the media is reporting on the story yet not mentioning what it is Charles was pelted for, the blood of black slaves.

This brave man knew that he was going to be arrested, bless him, but he couldn’t help but speak out!

Brave man arrested for speaking the truth about black slavery in Yorkshire

The Original Inhabitants Of Yorkshire, England Were Black

Why did this major incident today happen in Yorkshire? Well the truth and history can not be hidden forever. York is the original land of the Black Moors.

As Yorkshire Live reporter Dave Himelfield wrote in a 2021 piece, “It’s a myth that Black immigration to the UK and Yorkshire began with the Windrush generation in 1948.There have been Black people in Yorkshire since Roman times when priests, soldiers, merchants and other people of African descent lived and worked in Eboracum (present day York).”

In 1687, a “Moor” was given the Freedom of the city of York. Records of the time list him as “John Moore-blacke”.

And yes, as the protestor proclaimed today in York as he pelted Charles with eggs, Yorkshire does have a barbaric history of slavery. As Dave Himelfield wrote, “Yorkshire has a shameful history of slavery. For example, in the 18th century, the Lascelles family of Harewood House (built 1759-1771), near Leeds, made most of their wealth from sugar plantations in Barbados which employed African slaves.”

During the Roman Empire, a black African born man called Septimus Severus governed York. Even though mainstream history has tried to white wash this Emperor, he was indeed a black man.

Septimus was indeed a black man, a Governor of York during the Roman Empire

It is not a coincidence that Charles the third was pelted with eggs in York today, for the land itself cries out with the blood of black people. The ancestors are crying out, because the time of prophecy to be fulfilled is nigh. The true history is that black people became slaves in the land they used to rule, and that story started in Yorkshire, where the MOORS of York were stripped off their power. The 400 year prophecy is here, and nothing will be able to stop it being fulfilled, especially not Charles the joker.

The Moors of York are back, and the hidden true History of Britain can be found in our Magazine coming in January simply called Moors…

Again who makes a King? The people make a King…

Who makes a King?

It is the Genesis of the Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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  1. Jean, proudly reading about this Black history about Yorkshire. Can get me on +61451080679 if you wanna tell me more about this place’s history. Keep going Jean. Patrick


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