Jesus’ Colour Matters, But Only To The Lost Tribes Of Israel

A leading figure in the Black Lives Matter movement Shaun King wants the United States, and most of the western world, to take down the statues of a white Jesus Christ for the purpose of racial justice. His argument is that Christ was not a white man but a black man, so all these white Jesus images are a form of white supremacy.

This is one thing I am in total agreement with. But what I know is its not the white people who will oppose this much, but its the black AFRICAN Christians who will oppose having these white statues torn down. The issue of Christ being black is fought mainly by African Christians.

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I have had conversations with Africans especially Christians about the image of Christ, and point to them that not only was Christ black, but the people in the bible were also black, King David, Moses, Jeremiah all of them, but boy black African Christians find this so offensive.

Tell an African Christian that Christ was a black man they will look at you like you need exorcism. They see the whole notion as something eerie, like it’s some form of voodoo. They actually demonize the concept of a black Jesus. They look at you like you are possessed, and need urgent mental and spiritual help.

I have stopped trying to convince black people, especially African Christians that Christ was indeed a black man.

The funny thing is no African Christian will ever think a white man is mad or demon possessed for telling the world that a black man was white. But yet they will think a black man needs exorcism for believing that a black man’s image was changed to white. This is not just a random black celebrity, this is the son of God they lied to the whole world that he was white.

I remember about 5 years ago when I first came to knowledge that Christ was black, after research, revelations and dreams, I drew a pencil sketch of my own interpretaion of what Christ looks/looked like.

To African Christians this image of Christ looks demonic
This image of Christ is more acceptable and pure to black Christians

I decided to share the revelation with a Zimbabwean brother who was a proper bible believing Christian and evangelist, he had so much zeal. So when I told him that “Brother, Christ was a black man.” He warned me to stop what I was now doing and said I was now heading for a very dangerous path with no return. The next minute I was unfriended and blocked as his Facebook friend. All for telling a brother that Christ was black.

For black African Christians, looking at their own skin and the kinky hair and all, they find it a total abomination that that skin and hair can be the same as the holy Christ. They feel like its morally wrong for Christ to be black because black skin is not good or prestigious. To them black people are just not that important or big, Christ could have never been black. Its impossible.

Then when you put them in a corner, and point out that the bible itself describes Christ as a very dark man with woolly hair, (Revelation 1) they start to say “His color doesn’t matter actually.”

They now go all sentimental and spiritual and claim to worship a spiritual Jesus with no color, yet when Christ was painted white, blonde hair and blue eyes, his color mattered. When Christ is a blue eyed blonde man in children’s books, his color matters. When the Roman Catholic church portrays a white Jesus to the world, his color matters. When Hollywood gives you a white Jesus Christ, his color matters. When statues are put all over the world of a white Jesus, his color matters.

But lo and behold, the only time Jesus’s color doesn’t matter is when he is BLACK. That’s the only time Jesus becomes a spiritual being with no colour, yet for hundreds of years Jesus was white, and no one had a problem with his colour.

I grew up in Zimbabwe were almost every house had an image of a white Jesus in the living room. These are the very people who will fight tooth and nail not to have the image of Christ portrayed as black, and will tell you that Jesus’ colour doesn’t matter.

But when you think about it, the Africans who find the notion of Christ being black as demonic are not the chosen people of God anyway. Jesus’s color and identity means nothing to them. Christ’s colour means nothing to them because they are not his people. The descendants of Ham can not fight for the identity of Christ.

Christ’s colour and identity only matters to the ones he came on this earth to save, the lost sheep and tribes of Israel, who like Christ have had their identity stolen too…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

One thought on “Jesus’ Colour Matters, But Only To The Lost Tribes Of Israel

  1. Wow!Africans are interesting people.The demon of selfhate in us cut too deep.The Roman Catholic serapis white nonsense called Jesus they have created at the Council of Nacea has reduced Africans to brainless babies. It is painful to see a fully fleshed black man kneeling in front of a picture of a white man praying.But this stupidity lies in the fact that we don’t want to think and even open our eyes.Physical colonialism stopped many years ago but what is left is its mental aspects that runs deep.

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