The God Of Israel Has Never Had A Problem With Polygamy

Okay, so I have been getting comments on my blog from “Christians” who believe that polygamy is a sin. They also have their own interpretation of the scripture I used, Isaiah 4:1 – “Seven women shall take hold of one man saying we will eat our own food, we will buy own clothes, only what we want is to be called by your name and you to take our reproaches”

According to Christians, these verse is actually not a literal verse but a “spiritual” one with a deep meaning, nothing to do with polygamy apparently. Sorry to burst your christian bubble but that verse means exactly what it says, no need to spiritualize it really. It is a verse about polygamy.

I have written about this before, the bible is a stumbling block for black people, no wonder it was used to enslave them. Forget what the white man taught you for a minute, you have to understand that the creator of this Universe has never had a problem with telling mankind what is a sin and what is not a sin. He said homosexuality is perversion and a sin, He said it plainly to mankind, simple as. Now black Christians, let me tell you straight, if God had an issue with polygamy, he would have simply said it, if anything he would not have allowed his own beloved, the man after his own heart David to have 8 wives and 10 concubines. God even told David that if he wanted more wives, he would have gifted him with more wives, instead of him committing adultery with Bathsheba.

Now talking about adultery, there is only one definition of adultery, I don’t care what the oxford dictionary tells you. The only definition of adultery according to God is when a man, “married or unmarried”, has sexual intercourse with a married woman, like what King David did, that’s the definition of adultery. The white man has told you his own definition of adultery, and for some strange reason, black Christians call it gospel truth.

Jesus Christ himself never called out anyone for practicing polygamy, in fact he actually gave a parable based on polygamy, the parable of the 10 virgins. Why would he give such a parable if polygamy was a sin?

The bible is a historical and literal book, only Christians attempt to spiritualize everything and have “deep” meanings for scriptures that are hard to comprehend especially those they disagree with. They simply don’t believe the bible they claim to love so much. They bible bash anyone who doesn’t share special spiritual “interpretations” of scriptures they don’t agree with.

Most Christians would not recognize God if they saw him today.

Christians hate the God of Israel because He stands against everything they believe in.

Get this right, the God of Israel is a simple and very controversial God. The bible is a controversial book. It goes against most things that people like to do. Christians only cherry pick the “cool” verses and leave out the hard controversial ones. If they are forced to confront those controversial verses they will say “oh it’s a spiritual verse with a deep meaning.” That is how they deal with anything difficult.

Didn’t the same God who said thou shall not kill order Israelites to kill innocent babies and children and women over and over, even allowing them to take the virgins for their sexual pleasure and kill the married women when they conquered other nations? That is the HOLY God of Israel ya’ll.

So what spiritual interpretation do you have for God telling Israelites to kill women and innocent babies?

Did Moses not take a second wife? Didn’t God defend him against his own sister when she tried to oppose.

What bible do you Black Christians even read? Most of ya’ll are under a spell, a strong delusion. The people who gave you Christianity don’t even believe in that crap they gave you anymore but you are still embarrassingly holding on to their religion. White people are mostly atheists, they only needed to give you Christianity to enslave you and keep you in bondage.

Christianity is the curse of the black man, the fact that it’s the most popular religion today should tell you that something is not quite right. If it was the true path, it wouldn’t be so damn popular, especially on a cursed troubled land like Africa. Every black person I know calls themselves a Christian, I am yet to meet a black person in the real world who is not a Christian, especially Africans, their obsession with Christianity is just embarrassing.  They will be as evil as hell, but they will defend Christianity with every fiber of their breath.

I am yet to come across a single verse that denounces polygamy as a sin, not an interpretation, but a straight out verse that plainly says it is a sin for a man to have more than one wife.

There is nothing wrong with a man not wanting polygamy by the way.  Men are not forced to have multiple wives.  In fact, most Israelites only had one wife, that’s what they could afford. So yeah, most men out there are meant to only have one wife, that’s all you  guys can handle anyway, intellectually, spiritually and financially. And yes, our environment and culture today doesn’t support the polygamist lifestyle, so it works better to have one wife. But please leave the bible out of it and stop dictating to other men who who are able to practice polygamy how they should live.

It was the rich men and the Kings of Israel who took multiple wives anyway, and God did not have a problem with that. You shouldn’t have a problem with it either.

Polygamy is like driving a car, a man, especially an Israelite has to be ensured by his maker to drive such a car. He has to be qualified to drive it, not all men qualify for such a lifestyle.

DSC_0652 (3)
My husband has been called to live this lifestyle 


DSC_0667 (2)

I have 6 children, but most women today have just two or three children at the most because we live in an era where our culture and environment only supports very few children. Does it mean having 6 children is a sin? Should I have women with few children being offended that I have a lot of children? That’s how you all sound when you get upset with a family who choose to live a polygamist lifestyle. Please do leave God out of your fears and insecurities.

DSC_0266 (2)
I made a choice to have 6 children, though its uncommon in this era

When it comes to polygamy, you religious holier than thou Christians need to stop sympathizing or feeling sorry for women who are in polygamous marriages. It’s pathetic and ridiculous. They don’t need your sympathy. They are okay with sharing their husbands. They want to. Yes there are challenges in those polygamous marriages, just like they are challenges in your monogamous marriages. So stop feeling sorry for women who choose this lifestyle, do you see any of them crying? They can handle it, they are born that way. They are not being abused. Talk about crying more than the bereaved.

I bet you the same Christians who oppose polygamy calling it as a sin are the same people who go to Christian shrines on Sundays to worship, despite there not being a single scripture that supports Sun-day worship.  If anything the bible clearly states that you should remember the Sabbath and keep it holy. But no, you ignore that commandment and do your own barbaric pagan shit on Sundays, calling it worship. Then you have the audacity to call polygamy a sin, oh, the irony and hypocrisy of it all boggles the mind.

I bet you also celebrate Christmas and Easter religiously and justify your pagan worship using the stumbling block you call the bible. Christians are the biggest hypocrites on planet earth, at least the Muslims and other religions stay true to their books, be it Koran or whatever. Christians spend their lives debunking their own so called book, maybe its because the book has never been theirs to begin with, so the can never comprehend it.

Christians, you pity me because you believe I am not “saved”. I pity you because I believe you are under a curse, I’m sure only one of us can only be right. Let’s leave that for judgement day, in the meantime leave me and my Israelite King  to enjoy and live like our father David did… And lol he had 18 wives and I know according to you guys King David is in hell as we speak…

Oh well, what a time to be alive, I would rather live alone on an island than follow the millions of lost black people who call themselves “Christians” just because its the most trendy cool religion. I don’t do trendy, I don’t do cool, I just do “me.”

DSC_0348 (2)
I don’t do cool, I don’t do trendy, I just do “me”


With that, I say happy new week

The Genesis of the Revelation by

Mary-Tamar was Jean


14 thoughts on “The God Of Israel Has Never Had A Problem With Polygamy

  1. Hie Jean
    I did not get you well whether you believe the Bible as the word of God or not.

    May the Lord teach us how to read and apply the bible to our lives, for example you will never find a verse in the bible that says “Thou shalt not smoke” but reading the bible with understanding will explicitly tell that the bible condemns smoking.

    The bible does not support polygamy, we only need the Holy spirit to help us understand the Bible.From the first marriage that God instituted in Genesis 1:27,28 showed that true marriage is between one man and one female.

    Mathew 19;1 – 6 Jesus with his own words supported what God instituted in Genesis 1:27,28. Jesus said the two shall be one flesh. This is a clear explanation from Jesus who is God concerning true marriage.

    Yes the bible reveals stories of many who married more than one wife as a violation of God’s order of marriage. A sin done by many people will never turn it into truth. Just like how many people honor Sunday as the day of worship whilst the bible calls for Sabbath (Saturday) worship. The fact that many are keeping Sunday as the Sabbath will never change it to be correct.

    Check the story of Abraham when he had Ishmael as his first son with Hagar but God honored Isaac who was born by Sarah. God even instructed Abraham to release Hagar and Ishmael away from his family. In 1 Corintians 7;1-3 Paul discusses marriage as between one man and one woman.


    1. Jean is right , all great man in the Bible has many wives and God never condemn them , he actually used them more so don’t twist Bible to suit your own agenda


    2. I agree with you Steward Nyadenga. The Word of God still stands as it was in the beginning – from the garden of Eden till now. One man. One woman.
      Jesus Christ is Saviour of the world. He is Lord! He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

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      1. The bible does not condemn polygamy at all. It is not a sin to have one wife and it is not a sin to have 2 or more. Whatever suits a man is what he has to do. Jacob/Israel bore the 12 tribes of Israel through the wombs of Leah, her sister Rachel, Leah’s maid servant, and Rachel’s maid servant. Israel was a blessed one of God despite being a polygamist.David, a man after God’s own hear had many. In fact the woman through whom Jesus came was Bathsheba, Uriah’s wife, whom David took after Uriah’s death. God had a problem with David sleeping with Bathsheba while her husband was at war and that is why the child she bore from that adulterous escapade was smitten by God. The same woman Bathsheba bore Solomon….and Solomon had many wives and God had no issues with that. Christians who think polygamy is bad or is a sin are pretty much self serving and that line of reasoning is not from the bible.
        Hannah of the bible was a second wife to Penina…through Hanna’s womb came Samuel the prophet. If God had issues with polygamy, He would not have blessed kids born out of those unions. Fact God blessed them implies He was okay with that.

        Jean, I agree with you. God never said anything about polygamy being bad – just adultery is bad.


  2. Please see attached sermon from Pastor Charles Lawson and I believe he is saved. I mean born again; of the Spirit of God. He is sound.


  3. I think you should re-read the scriptures again.

    What is the picture in Genesis 2?
    How many women were in that picture and why does Christ allude to it when responding to the pharasees in Matthew 19?

    Secondly, when you look at the meta- narrative of the Bible, what were the consequences of polygamy? Were they ever good at all? Please differentiate between
    ‘descriptive’ from ‘prescriptive passages when interpreting the bible.

    Lastly, When Moses tells them the qualities of a good king in Israel, it was clearly stated that they were not too add more wives.

    ( Deutronomy 17:4-20) And he (G)shall not acquire many wives for himself, lest his heart turn away, (H)nor shall he acquire for himself excessive silver and gold.

    Please get your facts and interpretation right lest you mislead others.

    And btw, Every culture at one time has sexual norms they approve. It doesn’t mean they are right anyway.
    As Christians we should stay attuned to his way of sexuality and not that of any single culture. Culture often changes often according to people’s sinful whims.


    1. You ask how many women were in the first marriage. I have a more important question. How many people were in the world at the time of the first marriage? Only two. So by your logic God only meant for two people to be in the world. You guys need to stop making things up. You are sinning against God. It was him that commands us not to add or take away from his word. His ways are not our ways and his thoughts are not our thoughts so how can you infer what meant with such confidence? If the Bible doesn’t say it how can you?


      1. I’m sorry I haven’t responded to your text till now. Unfortunately, You are evading my questions. would you please answer them first rather than putting words in my mouth before we cab proceed?


  4. God used all great men in the bible who married many wives. If we can make it a law to everyone to have more wives i think the world will be a better place to live on.


  5. The problem here is we are calling polgny a sin when there is no where in the Bible it says its a sin. There are scriptures that even regulate polygny in Deut and Exodus. Not only that you see it practiced By Judges like Gideon, Sampson, Caleb, Abraham, Saul, David, Jacob through out the Bible. Matthew 19 Jesus was talking about Divorce. The romans practiced monogamy. And even back then that was Rome. The ancient east still practiced polygny. No African tribe only practices monogamy that is a lie. The white Europeans took the word of Yah and put what they thought was what Yah intended. They even change words in the text left out important books about our history. This is what white Europeans do. They also created days of the week that which worship many God’s and created day light savings to give them more time. I wish our people would wake up from there slumber. In Genesis it does not say one man one woman and if we went back to this days we would have to be naked because things were perfect.

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    1. If polygamy was the ideal way of marriage, why doesn’t the New Testament hold onto it?
      Secondly, in light of Matthew 19, Tre, you can explicitly ignoring the fact that Jesus asks directly, what was it like in the beginning? This is a call to the God ordained order of marriage before Adam and Eve fell into sin. His audience would have immediately picked up the Genesis scriptures, therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and CLEAVE to HIS WIFE not wives. Not only does he deal with their callous attitude toward divorce but also marriage as a whole.


  6. Also, as a word of caution, the blog is built around Isaiah 4: 1 which is grossly misinterpreted. This passage all the way from chapter 3 is describing the judgement that God was sending upon Judah for violating his covenant. He explicitly tells the rich daughters of Zion who walk in pride of their prosperity that it will all be taken away. In chapter 3 verses 1-3, the leaders would all be reduced to nothing SINCE they all will be dragged into exile which is what exactly happened to the southern Kingdom of Israel when Babylon seized Jerusalem and destroying it all together. Chapter 4 verse 1 is not a happy dilly dally situation of go marry more spouses but rather a desperate one where women will have no protection as the men will have be dragged away into exile or killed.
    Let us get the context of the scriptures right, please!


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