Dear Black People, Sorry But Britain Is NOT A Racist Country

I am so done with political correctness. I choose to speak the TRUTH, “my truth” even when that truth is not the popular opinion among people of my kind. I am in the season of dancing to Secrets, by One Republic, so I am going to dance with my pen until my sleeves are stained red from all the TRUTH I can say.

Since the infamous Meghan Markle Oprah interview, Britain has actually been branded the MOTHER OF RACISM, and the accusations are getting bigger. A month after Meghan’s shock interview “exposing the British royal family as racist” two days ago, American Reverend Jesse Jackson declared Britain as the founder and mother of racism where apparently, “Blacks cannot be part of the CROWN”, despite there being proven historical evidence, which I have written about by the way, where black people with nappy hair and dark skin were part of the British Crown.

Below is a picture of a Black British Royal, Lady Victoria Randle, a blue black nappy haired woman like me, who was the god daughter of Queen Victoria.

As a matter of fact, there has always been Black British royalty in the British Monarchy, even Queen Charlotte, the wife of King George III was a light skinned woman of colour. So when Jesse Jackson says that “Black people cannot be part of the Crown”, I want to know where his source of information is because British history proves him wrong.

Queen Charlotte was a light skinned woman of colour.

When Meghan threw the whole royal family under the “racist” bus by refusing to name the “racist royal” who apparently denied Archie a title because he was black, (which he’s not) it was Prince William who faced the wrath of black people. Black Social media was ablaze as they branded William a racist, calling him names, laughing at his bald head and black Christians calling him the Anti Christ. The bullying he faced was downright cruel, if truth be told. It’s like black people have a pass to just be nasty and berate a white person, and not be called out for it because they are black. When you think about it, all the bullying of Prince William was actually initiated indirectly by Meghan.

Then when Prince William was asked by a reporter if the royal family was racist on his first outing after the Oprah bombshell interview, and he denied it, more mocking came from black people, saying he had activated a token black woman to walk next to him. The black woman who was pictured walking next to William and Kate was called a “PR stunt.”

Just imagine how the poor black woman felt, who was just doing her job now being a laughing stock among black people.

And as if that was not enough, a friend of Prince William, a black man he has known for years, and has spent a night with sleeping rough in the cold streets of England, felt so compelled to defend his friend, and testify that this man who is now being plastered all over social media as a picture of racist Britain was not like that, was then subjected to more bullying and mockery by black people. He was called an “emergency black friend”, sell out, uncle Tom, house nig*r, puppet among other worse derogatory names by BLACK PEOPLE who ironically never get called out for their racism and meanness towards other black people who don’t agree with them. Now imagine how William’s friend felt when he became a laughing stock to black people for sharing his truth.

What I want to ask black people who are so passionate to denounce Britain as racist because of Meghan’s version of truth, how come you do not allow other black people who do not share your views to also share their “truths”?

Dear black people, why do you insult and bully black people who do not believe that Meghan is telling the truth? Are you not the same, if not worse than the people you accuse of racism? As I have always maintained, my husband and I and our children have suffered more racism and abuse in the hands of black people than we have ever suffered in the hands of the “most racist” white people.

On my Twitter and Facebook, I am being called all sorts of racial derogatory names, like nig*r, by black people because I see Meghan as a threat to humanity, and I want her stopped.

I am so disappointed with Idris Elba, who today because of Meghan, is now ready to tarnish Britain and the royal family, yet by his own testimony, he did say in the past that it was Prince Charles who gave him a breakthrough to become one of the world’s biggest stars. Prince Charles literally made Idris Elba into a star. And not just Idris Elba, Prince Charles played a role in launching the careers of black men like David Oyelowo, Naughty Boy and many more. Oh how we quickly forget in life.

I refuse to live in a world where Meghan Markle’s delusions and lies are now the standard of TRUTH.

If the royal family were so racist the woman would have never married Harry in the first place.

In fact right now there is an outpouring of lamentations from WHITE PEOPLE on a popular You Tuber’s channel who are wishing that I, Mary Tamar was Jean, a blue black nappy haired black woman should have married into the British Royal Family instead of Meghan. They now wish that it was better for Harry to marry an African royal like myself, because my love for United kingdom would have brought honour to the country instead of Meghan who has brought shame and reproach on the country that gave her everything any woman can desire.

So if Britain was so racist, why are the white people of Britain now wishing that Harry should have married a full black woman who loves the United Kingdom? Why does this TRUTH not matter today?

When I boldly declare that Britain is not racist, I am speaking my truth. I remember when I was a single mother in the UK, and my ex-husband was stalking me. One day I went to a hair salon, and as I left, I took a selfie of my new hairstyle and posted on my Facebook. My ex-husband then started sending me anonymous comments and messages, saying he had seen me coming out of the salon, he mentioned the salon. That day, at night as I was sitting alone in my living room, he started sending me more messages, saying he could see me, and saying things that only my ex-husband used to say to me. I felt like he was parked outside and I was terrified unto death. So I called the police, who came the next morning.

When I showed the white British police officer who came to my house the messages from my ex-husband, he reassured me that he was personally going to call my ex-husband and deal with him, and I should not be scared, because I was never going to receive such messages again. And behold, that was the last time I ever received such scary anonymous messages from my ex-husband. Why am I telling you this reader, because as a black woman if I was in Zimbabwe and was having such serious threats to my life, the Zimbabwean police would have done NOTHING to protect me, but the British police did, and saved my life on more than one occasion.

When I was a single mother in danger, I turned to the British Police System for protection.

When I angered the Agape church members by exposing the pedophile pastor Walter Masocha, the church members started sending me threats of burning down my house. I did not even know that in the UK, I could get protection from such life threatening threats. During that time, I was receiving counselling for post traumatic stress, paid for by the NHS, and I had a trained female worker who was giving me support as a recovering victim of domestic, emotional and spiritual abuse. This white woman, who was so good to me, became so terrified for me and reported the arson threats to the police.

For over two weeks, I had one of the most expensive fire alarm systems in my house, which was connected directly to the fire station. I had a personal alarm where if I pressed the button, the police would know exactly were I was and respond immediately. I was so protected that one day I burnt sausages and the fire alarm security system went off and within minutes there was like 4 fire trucks and police cars outside my house. I felt so stupid and bad, that I had wasted such expensive recourses and time, that I stood there apologising, but all these firemen and policemen who were all white, were reassuring me that it was fine and I was not in trouble, the main thing was that I was safe, so the false alarm was good news for them. As a black woman, I was so protected by the system, and I know that was I in Zimbabwe faced with the exact same situation, the police would have done NOTHING for me.

When I first reported ‘prophet’ Walter Masocha to the police, as a black woman of faith I was so scared that I was “touching” the anointed prophet of God. Because of all the indoctrination and brainwashing I had received in the church, I was genuinely scared of being punished by God. I told the police this, that although I am reporting this man, I feel guilty that maybe God will strike me, because that’s what they say in the church. I remember a Christian white policeman calling me and counselling me with scriptures, telling me that God was not going to punish me, he said if anything God was going to reward me for reporting this sexual predator to the police. This white British policeman of faith gave me the strength to stand by my convictions.

The British Police was my pillar during the darkest times of my life in the UK, a support system that does not exist in Africa, Zimbabwe, especially for women. When I had no husband, no family, or friends to stand with me, the police gave me security and protected my life. My BLACK LIFE MATTERED to the British Police. So I can not stand here, and falsely testify that Britain is a Racist Monster when that has not been the case in my life. When it mattered the most, this so called “racist” country was there for me. That is why I love HER so.

So I can never compare the police system in the UK to that of USA, because my experiences in the UK with the police have been enormously positive.

Great Britain was there for me, when I needed her the most.

There has to be a balance in everything. We can’t just push a narrative because it suits an agenda at a certain time in history ignoring all the good and progress that has been made. Yes, I get it, right now racism is trending, but should we all jump on the bandwagon? We all can’t be Dr Shola Mos-shogbamimu, a British born Nigerian woman who makes a living by branding Britain as RACIST.

Unlike Dr Shola, I wasn’t even born in the UK, I was born in Zimbabwe, but I love this country as though I breathed my first breath on British soil, and I would rather make my living from defending the country that saved me and allowed me to fly like an Eagle than spit on her when it’s convenient for me.

Are there racist white people in the UK? Of course they are, many, just like there are murderers, thieves, rapists and pedophiles on British soil as we speak. Does that mean Britain is a scary unsafe country to live in? No, Britain is a perfectly safe country to live in despite the bad people who live in it. Show me a country that is perfect. Dr Shola wants a perfect Britain, when she herself is far from perfect. Britain has it’s shortcomings when it comes to racial issues, but the society at large is very tolerant and progressive, and any black person who wants to can thrive in the UK, despite the challenges, that’s why many black people across the world risks their lives daily to come and live here. We can not tell a one sided racial story because it is trending today. And, no I do not deserve to be bullied and abused by black people for saying “my truth”. Even Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie speaks of the danger of telling a one sided narrative as the ultimate truth.

Why can’t my truth also matter?

So is my life not a living testimony that Britain is NOT the Racist Monster the world is trying to paint? Is my story not a testimony enough that Britain is a beautiful place for a black woman to live in, thrive and be protected especially one who comes from an abusive background in Africa? Why should only Meghan’s version matter? Is it because she is mixed race and I am fully black?

Meghan says Britain and the Royal Family are racist, I stand as a black woman and say, no that’s not true, Britain protects the abused African girl child. Two of King Mswati’s ex wives fled the Royal Enswatini Palace to the United Kingdom to seek refuge and protection, something they could never get on African soil.

May God judge between Meghan’s truth and my truth, and let’s watch history be made, and see which version of the truth will stand the test of time.

The Genesis of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

10 thoughts on “Dear Black People, Sorry But Britain Is NOT A Racist Country

  1. Mary-Tamar, So sorry for the abuse you are going through. Well said, if they are too much of a rascit country why do everyone from the four corners of the world want to come here? Why are black people so blind that they cannnot see what Megahan is up to- Divide and rule!!!!!!! As you say, God will judge and he is the judge. Stay strong , am with you. Also am a black woman who agrees with every word you say. Poor Prince william!!!!! So is Harry now happy of what is happening to William? Being abused for no reason. Meghans day will come. Diana’s boys were happy, look at them now. Can any of those black women tell me that they are so happy for what has happened to those boys? what if they were your children? Anyway, lets watch and see.


  2. I enjoy reading your posts and your story is sad and fascinating.

    I agree with your sentiments about Meghan. As a black woman who moved to the UK nearly 30 years ago from West Africa, I do believe racism exists in Britain like tribalism exists in my country. It’s so bad that if you are not from the President’s tribe, forget about about working in Government so even with racism in the UK, I would rather stay here because I have rights that my country would not give me. If I can prove over here that I was passed over for a promotion, I can use and will get paid. If I tried that in my country, I’ll probably be killed or will never work again.

    You mentioned the Nigerian Professor who freely goes on TV and decries the UK. Would she have that priviledge to do that in Nigeria, speak against the country/Government openly?

    So what I say to black people who complain about racism in ANY country, I ask them if the country they willingly left is any better? Britain isn’t perfect but has made progress.

    Re: Meghan and her accusations of racism, I have one question. Why did they initially still want to be part of the BRF after they had questioned the colour of your unborn baby’s skin, refused to help you after suicidal thoughts. Why?

    Unfortunately, a lot of black folks lack basic critical thinking skills, they jump without thinking at the word racism because they are aware of it’s Power and are always happy to be victims. To see black people rejoicing at the breakdown of a family is nothing but shameful. African Americans have a high rate of broken families, they should know better.

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    1. I also want to add a story about my mum’s experience of Britain in the 50’s and 60’s for your readers.

      My mum worked at the ministry of Agriculture, I think in Whitehall back in late 1950-60’s. She says back in those days, as a black person, you dare not set foot in East London as it was known to be very racist.

      A brief description of my mum, she is a much loved woman, everyone that meets her and gets to know her love her.

      She told us that there were certain areas like East London which were a no go but yet at her work place, all white, she was so loved that when our country gained independence from Britain and she decided to go home, they tried to talk her out of it. She decided to go home anyway and she was told that whenever she came back to the UK, she has a job at the ministry. She indeed came back to the UK and walked right into the job again.

      My point is while some ignorant white people in East London might have judged her because she was black, back in those days, she got love from white people who actually knew her and saw the light others see.

      Racism and Tribalism will never end in this world because unfortunately the world will always have stupid and ignorant people but never paint everyone with the same brush.

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  3. You are honourable, dignified, classy and intelligent. You must thank your lucky stars that you didn’t marry Harry. He has no intelligence, morals, loyalty, or honour. You deserve so much more than a man child, who despite many girlfriends, couldn’t find one who would marry him, until the equally despicable Markle washed up on these shores. Great post. Thank you.

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  4. 1. Get your history straight, Sara Forbes was a “gift” to Queen Victoria who had a deep white savior complex and basically treated Sara like a doll she can control. She constantly announced her surprise at her intelligence and grace,, meanwhile Sara was an ACTUAL WEST AFRICAN PRINCESS who was kidnapped and sold into slavery and never allowed to be with her family again.
    2. You can have Black friends, you can be nice to Black people, you can date, sleep with, marry, and have children with Black people and STILL BE RACIST.
    3. Systemic racism is bigger than your kind experiences with white people. Congrats you had positive experiences with police. That doesn’t erase or invalidate the thousands of negative experiences others had nor the actual racist history of England AND the police.
    4. Just bc your country is shitty to its citizens, doesn’t mean that England can’t also be shitty…Also you are incorrectly placing the blunt legal non-racist mistreatment of one country on the same plane as the covert racism & mistreatment of another country.
    You cannot accurately compare the two.
    5. Just bc people want to move to the UK doesn’t mean it’s not racist or problematic…
    It just means that the opportunities or safety measures within the country of racism and mistreatment is a little better than the opportunities, safety, racial issues, etc than their home country.
    Which honestly, is that much better? Is that what you want for your country? To be better just bc people can easily flee there? Or do you want to be better bc ALL its citizens can attest that it has acknowledged and handle its racism?
    6. WHY DOES IT BOTHER YOU TO ADMIT THE UK IS RACIST? what do you lose? What do you gain from denial?


  5. They don’t want to be racist. And they don’t believe they are. I always assumed the UK was less racist than the US. I listen to one channel with an older lady who thinks she is not at all racist but she says some of the most racist things I have ever heard. I thought of her as like my grandmother who thought she treated everyone fairly yet said awful things. But she was my grandma and I loved her. And you can’t do much changing of a person who is 89. Then to my surprise the lady on YouTube mentioned her age and I realized she is younger than me. My grandma is long passed away and I’m the old one now, always wondering if I’m saying something offensive without intent. It made me laugh. I don’t think most people want to be racist. They’re not sure of what they are doing wrong. But I’ve seen black people be racist to other black people based on who has lighter skin. Lighter skinned blacks are treated better than their darker skinned cousins. And right now I’m wondering if using the word black is considered racist. But I remember how hard people struggled to stop being called colored and called black instead. And whites had a difficult time changing to black because somehow it sounded harsh and insulting. Now we are using people of color which to me sounds like we’ve gone back to colored. I keep thinking if we just didn’t mention color anymore we could raise a generation of people who didn’t have any knowledge of racism and they would raise the next generation the same and eventually the older generations will have died out and racism is no more. And yes, I hear the word naive vibrating in the air. Maybe, but it wouldn’t hurt. And if you aren’t as old as I am you can’t see how much change there has been. Not enough, of course. And it is slipping back in the United States. The way the police are gunning down black men in the streets is horrific. And nothing is done about it. It is so bad if you are thinking of calling the police for a disturbance you have to give it more thought if there is a variety of people. Is there anyone there likely to be murdered by the cops? I’ve actually gone up to a couple of guys arguing very loudly with threats and I told them they were so loud someone was bound to call the cops. And if the cops came someone could end up dead. They quit fighting. We don’t have the luxury of trying to teach a new generation with silence. It’s hunting season on black men and we have to shout about it to stop it. Our corporate news no longer tells the truth about what is going on and only a few of the independent news channels on YouTube, Rokfin, Twitch, Odysee, PanQuake, and any others telling the real news. That old stuff we used to call truth. We aren’t getting any of that anymore. We are stuck here where 89% of the population wants $15 minimum wage but can’t get it because all of our congress is owned by corporations and they don’t care about the rest of us. They think we are unnecessary. That is what the corporate capture of your country does. We, the real lefties, keep trying to get people to see the truth and to understand that we don’t only want things to be better for us we want it to be better for everybody. The Demopublican party, which is what we have now, only wants more money and power for themselves, no one else. This is a totally uphill fight and I’m not sure we are going to win.


  6. So how do you measure racism? Perceptions differ. MM’s perception is a narcicist’s perception. Good riddance to her. She’s better of with the woke crowd in US.
    Time for everybody to stop preacing racism and get on with the business of living.


    1. Black American here entering the convo. For the record neither me nor anybody in my circle nor any black person I work with or any of their family or so on and so forth ever said or think that your country is racist or the mother of racism or any other crap. You hear Jesse Jackson and arrogantly and ignorantly assume that we(blacks in the US) all think like that? A good portion of said people mentioned really don’t give a rat’s ass about what goes on in your country. I started tuning Meghan out after the wedding to be honest. And so did alot of my friends who are royal watchers. Yep thats right your royal family is a guilty pleasure of ours. Waay before Meghan entered the fray. Obviously whatever’s going on don’t bother you guys(Black British) cause you chose to move there and continue to choose to stay there . Me personally I have nothing against Britain. I like clotted cream, fish and chips, enjoy British comedy and Downton Abbey and thought H.R.H Prince Phillip was a standup guy although I never met him. So instead of posting in your high and mighty snobbery, why don’t any of you talk to an average black American and ask us what we really think instead of basing it off a minority of our demographic who just happen to be screaming the loudest at the moment? You would be shocked


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