Dear Author Busi Khumalo; Can You Be My First Ever BLACK Best Friend?

Dear Readers, can I introduce you to a phenomenal woman called Busi Khumalo, an amazing mother and author. Today she melted my heart by sending me something in my inbox, which she said was a tribute to me…and it went something like this…

Dear Jean, I just wrote a tribute to you, I hope you like it….

I once wrote a title, “The evil Gene; Is evil inherent or sexually transmitted? ”, as I prepared to launch a war of words against Jean Gasho. She had offended me and much like her, I use my pen to fight. When I searched in my heart for words to write, I could not form a sentence. Today I am relieved and glad that I have searched and found the words, in the form of a tribute to Mary-Tamar was Jean Gasho. 
Her prowess for writing is undeniable. Her content is thought provoking and attention gripping. I’m borderline obsessed! I think i have just about read every single blogpost that Jean has written. The beautiful, the bizzare, the disturbing, the powerful, the spiritual, the confusing! Jean has a way of taking her readers on an emotional rollercoaster. Her words infiltrate the fibres of our souls and evoke an assortment of emotions.

With Jean, its not just her words. There is a  mystery that surrounds her personal life which adds a different dimension to her art. Jean the writer and Jean the woman seem polarised, existing in different eras, dimensions and representing contrasting views. 

One minute, Jean will write an absolute masterpiece, written with the precision and clarity that can seperate body and soul. The next minute Jean will present herself as a helpless damsel in captivity and fully submissive to her master. 

Dear readers, I must remind you that everything we know about Jean, we have been told by Jean. Jean uniquely documents her life, her thoughts, her desires and fantasies, using her pen. And yet the readers take her words and create their own versions of her truth. Suddenly the reader knows the story more than the writer!

Jean delivers her truth unedited, unfiltered and as a whole, however it is often received in fragments. She is like a potter who handcrafts using the most beautiful, unusual and ugly clay, whatever is within her reach and staying true to her art. Each time she presents her masterpiece, it is smashed to pieces and only the beautiful fragments are exalted and the rest are labelled madness. And yet she stays true to her art. 
Before you judge Jean, i propose that you look yourself in the mirror. You may realise that in your daily life, chaos and clarity co exist. Power and weakness co exist. Madness and sanity co-exist. But unlike Jean, daily you break yourself and present only the fragments that are acceptable, praise-worthy and immaculate. 

Dear Jean, I am your top fan. Don’t be offended when I try to break you, because i also break myself daily. Dont be out of your depth trying explain what I don’t understand because I’m still trying to understand myself. Dont try to correct what I think is wrong because I’m still trying to live up to my own moral standards. Dont be afraid to breakdown in front of me, because I sometimes breakdown too. 
Continue writing your story…no evil detected.

Yours Truly Busi…

Dear Busi Khumalo…

Thank you Busi, for such a heart warming tribute. You made my day today, because not many black people, especially Zimbabweans understand me. Have I ever told you Busi that today you are my first official best friend. Well it certainly feels like it, I feel it in my fingers. After my recent split up from my Lord, you prophesied and told me that Nino is coming back. Lo and behold, he did. You seem to be the few Zimbabwean women, I reckon they are less than 20, who support me getting back with my Master Kofi Nino, yes he is my Master, a polygamist, a husband of many wives, and I love him for it! So I bow before him, for I am counted worthy to be one of his wives. I so love you Busi, because you get me. And you are so happy for me to be in madly crazily in mad love with a polygamist KING.

You understand me Busi, that I love my control freak of a husband, lol
You understand that Mary-Tamar has to bow before her Messiah…

You once told me Busi, that we look alike, and I looked at our pictures and it was so…

UK Based Zimbabwean Author Busi Khumalo
Busi Khumalo and I kinda look alike…

As you know Busi, I don’t have friends by the way, because my Lord husband Kofi Nino doesn’t normally allow me friends. He fears I will be hurt, as history always repeats itself. Friends always betray me for some strange reason, I think its because I love too much, I trust too much and I give way too much , so my husband pledged to be my only friend. But I miss girl talks, and a bit of gossip, and you seem to be the perfect candidate for that. I really want you to be my first best friend Busi. Okay, maybe best friend is pushing it, but really really, I feel a connection, I am talking Anne with an E, and Diana kind of connection. Kindred spirits. Yes, we kind of look alike, and we love to use the pen to laugh and fight. That surely is no coincidence. I told my Lord husband about you today, made him listen to some of your voice notes even, and he officially ALLOWED ME to have you as my friend.

Ironically, you wrote a book called Trapped In A Web Of Lies, your own testimony of how you were deceived by a bad man online who hid behind a keyboard and targetted you, yet today on the same Web, you met me, your kindred spirits. Maybe your next book could be about the positive side of social media, where rare women like Mary-Tamar was Jean are set free.

You understand my craziness…lol

Well since you seem to understand me so well, that I use my pen to thrive on social media, in my TRUTH, I can’t help but declare on my blog today that it is through my pen that I have come to know you. Oh, and may I just say social media loves me really. I have endless testimonies. It was on social media I fought back every person who has ever abused me, and it was through social media I got my justice. It was through social media I met my Lord Husband.

I met my Lord husband on social media, Facebook to be precise.

For me Busi, I am not Trapped in a web of lies, have never been, but rather I am Free in a Web of Truth.

I am Free in a Web of Truth.

So thank you Busi Khumalo for understanding me, I wish you every success and I hope every reader of mine buys your book. And yes, I really really believe we are kindred spirits…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean Gasho

4 thoughts on “Dear Author Busi Khumalo; Can You Be My First Ever BLACK Best Friend?

  1. Gosh! What an absolutely gripping post! I was spellbound from start to finish and the ending was what i hoped for you Jean. Youve found a wonderful friend, who not only looks (a bit) like you, but writes like you and with identical passion. How pleased i am you both. And im also very happy to hear that you have your Lord and husband back in time for christmas with your family.
    Your happiness means a lot to me Jean. You have given birth to 7 little miracles and that earns you a place on the top table as far as im concerned! Nino has his family back and you have him.
    Busi is a kind truthful person
    I hope you stay friends forever and im hoping to read her book tomorrow.
    I wish you all a very merry Christmas.
    Nino, Mary, her friend Busi and all their children. Love Wally x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You wrote this so lovely. I hope that all your wishes come true. For my wishes, I wish that you and Ms Khumalo are blessed.

    Happy festive season to you both.

    Liked by 1 person

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