If You Are Black, Buy Or Sell Cigarettes And Asthmatic You CAN Be Strangled To Death By Police And It Won’t Be Classed As Murder

A lot has been said about George Floyd’s recent brutal murder last week, and a lot has happened since. But no one is talking about the reason why this innocent man even had 4 policemen arresting him like that, like he had just opened fire on children or something. You would think he had done something crazy like what the caucasian terrorists do in America, yet they don’t even get arrested like that. What was the crime George committed for him to be cruelly physically restrained by 4 armed policemen?

I think this is the most shocking part of this story. The poor man tried to buy a pack of cigarettes. Yes, just a packet of cigarettes, with a supposedly fake $20 bill. So the shopkeeper called 911 for that. I remember a few years ago my black husband here in the UK had an issue with a 10 pound note in a shop or something, it was rejected because apparently it was fake. He was just told he couldnt make the purchase, no 999 call was made for that. I remember him taking the note to the bank, because it wasn’t his fault that he had this “fake” note in his hands. So if my husband was in America, he would have had 4 armed policeman kill him just like that, over a $10 note he didn’t even know was fake. These are not millions of dollars that the shopkeeper called 999 called for, it was just $20.

You see the biggest problem here is not just the police officers who killed him, this murder was intiated by the evil shopkeeper who called an emergency line because a black man tried to buy cigarettes. This happens a lot in America, just like we saw in the viral video last week of a white woman calling the cops on an innocent black man. There was no need for the 911 call in the first place. Poor George probably didn’t know that the bill was not real. If George was white, the shopkeeper would have probably given him a very nice polite, “Sorry sir, I cant sell you these cigarettes because your bill is not real.”

But because George was black, I bet his colour was mentioned in the 911 call, hence a troop of 4 armed policeman rushed to the scene. I pray that shopkeeper will be haunted till the day they die, they have the blood of George Floyd on their hands.

911 was called because George tried to buy cigarettes with a false $20 bill

Now I am going to fast forward the murder and talk about the autopsy results of George’s death. It’s obvious that Derek Chauvin will walk free because of the shocking results. Apparently, because George had asthma and an underlying heart condition, that is actually what killed him, not the strangulation by the police officer. The strangulation only contributed to his death. In other words, he was going to die of asthma and an underlying heart condition, so technically it’s impossible to murder a person with asthma, they are as good as dead anyway. Strangling them only kind of speeds up the process, so it’s not really murder.

5 years ago, the exact same thing happened to black American Eric Garner, an unarmed black man who was brutally strangled to death by a policeman for selling cigarettes. Yes, again selling cigarettes. He was strangled for that. He also cried out, “I can’t breathe” but the cop kept strangling him, whilst others pressed his head on the ground. He stopped breathing right there on the ground. And within an hour he was pronounced dead.

Eric Garner was choked to death by a police officer on an open pavement


Again for Eric Garner’s brutal murder, the officer walked free because Eric had asthma and an underlying heart condition. So technically, the asthma is what killed him, not the strangulation. The strangulation only contributed to the death, Eric was already a walking dead person anyway, so he wasn’t murdered.

It’s very painful to think that they say these things and have to the power to get away with cold-blooded daylight lynching of our black men, and tell us that they already had health problems, so they were going to die anyway. The insult to our intelligence and the power they have to insult us in such a way is beyond painful.

It’s mockery. They are literally laughing their heads off behind closed doors. They probably mimick the black men as they die, begging for air to breathe.

Just like back then, when they used to hang and burn alive black men for entertainment as their wives and children watched enjoying their picnics, smelling the burning flesh of black men. The cruel killing of black men was their main source of entertainment.

download (4)
Lynching black men was their main source of entertainment

Nothing has changed. The same spirit which was working in their ancestors is still at work in them today. The look on the faces of those cops, especially Derek Chauvin who was kneeling on Floyd’s neck was that of pure entertainment. He enjoyed every moment of taking life away from George Floyd. He had his hands in his pockets and appeared so relaxed. When helpless George was crying for air to breathe and begging to sit up, Chauvin appeared to put more pressure on his neck. He wanted him to die. But because George conveniently had asthma and an underlying heart condition as the autopsy ruled, Chauvin will not be convicted of murder.

Derek Chauvin and the other officers enjoyed every moment of murdering George Floyd

download (6)

“We made a mistake. I made a mistake,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Friday, reflecting on Eric Garner and parallels between Garner’s death and the killing of George Floyd this week at the hands of the police. And both these men were arrested for “cigarettes” and both conveniently had the exact underlying health problems.

Nothing has changed at all, if they can treat our black men like this in broad daylight,  knowing that they will be no consequences for it, even with cameras filming them, how much more when they imprison them, where there are no cameras. Just imagine the ill-treatment and dehumanizing conditions our men go through, for just trivial so-called crimes like buying and selling cigarettes.

I know there are riots, and Derek Chauvin has been charged with 3rd degree murder, but that charge is a slap in the face of all affected by George Floyd’s death. When speaking about Floyd’d death, Donald Trump appears reluctant to even talk about the murder. When asked by a reporter if Derek Chauvin should be arrested and charged with murder, he answered, “I can’t comment on that.”

Trump’s response alone tells me that orders for policemen to kill black men come from above. That is why they get away with it, because even the president of the USA cannot say that a white murderer of a black man should be arrested.

And the police officer below actually confessed this, and told a terrified white woman that she shouldn’t be afraid of him because, “You are not black. Remember we only kill black people.”

So my advice to my black brothers in the USA is, if you are asthmatic and have an underlying heart condition, please stay away from buying or selling cigarettes, it will cost you your life in the hands of the police and no one will be convicted for your murder.

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar Was Jean Gasho














2 thoughts on “If You Are Black, Buy Or Sell Cigarettes And Asthmatic You CAN Be Strangled To Death By Police And It Won’t Be Classed As Murder

  1. AutoINcorrect changed some of my words in my comment.

    The bagel shop owner said he would “buy” their bagels and coffee from now on.

    Cops are not the “pariah” of society, criminals (white, black, and the entire spectrum of melanin-affected, we are ALL different shades of the same color, humanity) are!

    By the way, it is not really the shade of our skin that makes us vulnerable to police action it’s culture! Elsewhere, talking about the “non-hero” (paraphrased from your words) Jamaine, you brought to the forefront a cultural issue among dark-shaded men, that of not respecting and taking care of their wives, baby-mamas and kids! Also, of that part of the culture where even dark-shaded peoples aren’t safe (from their own kind) BECAUSE of that same disrespectful culture (again paraphrased for brevity).

    If (misnomered) “race” SEEMS to be the problem of alleged (innocent until PROVEN guilty in a court of law which even black cops are afforded) cop brutality, could it be that the overwhelming amount of crime is among a certain demographic and cops own experience TEACHES them that and not some alleged “blue culture” training to that affect?

    Please, be fair in this!

    In Christ


    PS While in US Navy boot camp I made a friend who hailed from Chicago’s Southside. He thought the “white” company leaders were abusing his name because they were racist. In Boot, before you get assigned to a real company you are initially assigned to R&O company. My friend’s last name is Arnold! He thought they were picking on HIM every time they said the company “name”. Every time the leader said “R&O, Forward March (or Halt)” he thought they were saying his name. It was instilled in him to not trust “white” people!

    A year later I was taking him home to his Southside residence and met his momma! She was SUCH a sweetheart and gave me a big momma’s hug like I was her own! When I was leaving to go home Jerome told me to not stop at stop signs and lights because, without him in the car my life was in danger! He was dead serious!!! Because I am “white” I could not drive unescorted through my friend’s neighborhood. This was 1975/76, YANKEE North!

    I’m from a small town in middle Illinois and I never heard of such a thing before then! We NEVER had incidents of “blacks” getting brutalized or killed for going through “white” neighborhoods or vice versa! In fact, we tried to “all get along”, even though there were obvious cultural differences! I’m sure there was an undercurrent of unrest, but, that trip through Jerome’s “-hood” was scary.

    But I will NEVER forget Jerome’s momma! She was actually his grandma but she and his grandpa adopted Jerome.

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  2. Mary-Tamar

    That last video about the cop who said, “We only kill black people, don’t you watch the videos?!” was being facetious! This white cop, along with ALL other cops including cops of color, have had to endure abuse in the leftist media and social media for years for alleged singling out African American (and other colors) perpetrators (alleged) for abuse! NEVER do you see videos of cops-on-white perps BECAUSE that doesn’t get headlines or spark rage among a group of folks seemingly easily led to rage! Black Americans don’t care if white perps get killed, “murdered”, by cops, but it happens!

    This cop, like ALL cops of the entire spectrum are abused daily by media AND the public! Is it fair to THEM that this garbage gets circulated for the EXPRESS purpose to cause outrage and riots in the streets?!

    What about all the GOOD cops do for EVERYONE?! Every time I see a cop (no matter WHAT “color” God has made them) and can stop and thank them I do! As with military personnel and veterans I “thank you for your service!” When I was working and I saw police in a restaurant or bagel shop I’d buy their meals. At the bagel shop I frequented the owner one day told me HE was gonna but their bagels and coffee from now on!

    Cops are not the parish of society! I like your blogs, Mary-Tamar, but you need to do some more research on this one!



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