Jean, Show Us Shulamite’s Picture Now Or We Won’t Believe She Exist! Zimbabweans.

So Shulamite is up getting the children ready for school, I am in bed on my laptop and I woke up this morning to my Facebook being flooded by Zimbabweans threatening to “unbelieve” me unless I bring pictures of Shulamite out to them. These aggressive demands are a response to the pictures I posted on my Facebook last night before I went to bed. I posted pictures of one of our serviced apartments on Facebook and mentioned that Shulamite is the one who cleans and makes our apartment five star with her delicate hands. It’s amazing what jealousy does to people, especially Zimbabweans. Upon seeing these pictures of one of our properties, they started scoffing that Shulamite is not real.

Now let me make this absolutely clear Zimbabweans, yes my husband and I own serviced apartments, not one but several, that’s my table before you. As for my journey of polygamy, and my writings of it, it is for my own edification first, and that of the Shemites. I do not write about my life so Zimbabweans can be happy and satisfied.

Yes, for some strange reason beyond my understanding, Zimbabweans flood my Facebook wall, and 99% of them are not on my wall because they like what I write.  They are on my Facebook wall to troll. I have even prayed to God to just make them disappear, and my ever so wise husband said to me, “Zimbabweans are your enemies sweetheart, they hate you, they hate your spirit, and anything you write disturbs them deeply because of where they are coming from. Do not pray for them to disappear, they have to watch you be blessed, you can never enjoy your table without your enemies watching you.”

So I grew to accept that on my Facebook wall, I have Zimbabweans who live there, not because they like me, but because they hate me so much.

I can literally count from an entire nation a handful of Zimbabweans who like me. My husband says like Sodom and Gomorah, it would be hard to find even 10 people from that country who read your articles like normal people. I used to think there was no woman like me out there in this world, a woman who has an entire nation absolutely despise her, until Meghan Markle.

I have endured being mocked and ridiculed because I was born in Zimbabwe.

When I wrote about sex pervert Walter Masocha, Zimbabweans trolled me and abused me.

When I wrote about my abusive ex-husband, I was ridiculed by Zimbabweans.

When I wrote about my abusive “mother” even Zimbabwe Facebook Celebrities took over the case, and led in gathering mobs on Facebook to literally abuse me, defending my abusive “mother”.

I was born a writer, and I can not stop telling my story because Zimbabweans flood my Facebook Wall and scoff, they utter vulgar, profane language and all sorts of abuse on Zimbabwe News Sites who take my articles and publish them.

When I first fell in love with my Boaz, and I posted his pictures, I received the most shocking comments from Zimbabweans, they mocked his dark skin, and went as far as to say the most derogatory things about his skin. Some of the evil comments from Zimbabweans are so shocking, it’s hard to believe they are written by human beings.

It was so bad I did a video about it.

Now, my husband has been so understanding, he understands that I come from a barbaric nation which is cursed. He understands that I was raised in a dysfunctional country. He took me as a little flower which happened to have budded among thorns and didn’t belong there. So he took me out of Zimbabwe and presented me to his people, and from that day, I forgot my people and my father’s house.

Hear, O daughter, and consider, and incline your ear:
    forget your people and your father’s house,
   and the king will desire your beauty.
Since he is your lord, bow to him.
   The people of Tyre will seek your favor with gifts,
    the richest of the people, Psalm 45

And today, I see the people of Tyre literally seek my favor, and present me with gifts.

My King, who greatly desires my beauty allows me to be this writer I am, even though I have a pack of hyenas on my Facebook Wall, from my former people, he still blesses everything I write and says, “Baby I love this article. It’s a masterpiece.”  His friends and people call him and say, “Your wife is so amazing, her writings are so deep she is teaching us about polygamy, how can she be so happy with you taking another wife? Wish all women were like her. She is our Queen.” I get the praise from my King, and his people and that’s all that matters to me.

Now its funny that when I started writing about my husband taking a second wife, Zimbabweans claimed that “That’s what West Africans do anyway, it was just a matter of time. He doesn’t love Jean, she had 4 children before him so he only wanted her for “papers”. Now that he has his papers, he is taking his true Ashanti Queen.” Zimbabweans were so convinced that Shulamite has been my Boaz’s wife all along. In fact they were so happy that I was “used.” They celebrated Shulamite because of their hatred for me. One Zimbabwean even claimed, “Because you disowned your country, God is punishing you by bringing another woman into your home.”

They laughed at me, and mocked, and said my Boaz doesn’t love me anymore.

But its amazing really, that the same people who laughed at me saying Boaz has now taken his original wife because he doesn’t love me anymore, are now the same people demanding to see pictures of Shulamite and threatening me with “unbelief” and saying Shulamite is a made up fictional character. Now its now “fiction” because  they see me so happy. Now it’s now fiction because they see that my Boaz loves me so much.  I am more loved than most of them, I have a husband who buys me a house as a gift, whilst they are out there working their butts off, and their husbands will be busy doing nothing and “going to Uni”, like we saw in Chanel Five’s Rich House Poor House.

They can clearly see, that I am my husband’s Queen. His most beloved wife and I have a man who just adores me so much.

I am my husband’s Queen 

Lol, so their heads are cracking so bad, and now they are entangled in their own confusion.

This is how God deals with enemies, he confuses them so much that they start contradicting themselves. That’s what you call confusion in the camp of the enemy. Now Zimbabweans are so confused, one minute they say my husband is an abuser, he’s a polygamist who doesn’t love me, he’s a West African womanizer, then in the same breath they become so aggressive and demand I bring out Shulamite or they will stop believing! And these people have the audacity to call me mad. The irony!

They remind me and my Boaz of Sodom and Gomorrah. The reprobates almost killed Lot demanding he brings out the angels or else! Now I have Zimbabweans banging on my wall, asking for Shulamite’s pictures or else!

Oh Zimbabweans, I will be absolutely mad to give you Shulamite’s pictures. She is a dark skinned, very beautiful young maiden. Her spirit is pure, why should her beauty and purity be looked upon by vultures? Shulamite does not even want to be looked upon by you lot, she knows who you are as a people. You constantly mock her husband for being born with dark skin. You constantly mock his first wife for being Jean, or Mary Tamar. You hate both Boaz and his first wife. So why on earth should Shulamite trust a people with so much hatred to gaze upon her beauty?

The bible makes it clear that you should never feed your pearls to the swine.

I will never live with myself if I expose my handmaiden and my co-wife to pigs, so that they can devour her and destroy her spirit with evil comments.

Its not like if Zimbabweans look upon Shulamite, they will be kind to her. They will just abuse her, like they do to me. Shulamite did not grow up being abused or mocked, I am used to it, because I grew up with vultures, but she doesn’t have to go through this.

As for the threats of unbelief, oh please Zimbabweans, please do me a big favour and stop believing already.  I never once asked you to believe in Shulamite. She is my handmaiden, my sister, not yours. You are not even worthy of a glimpse of her shadow.

Polygamy is a life I am living today, and it is so sweet and beautiful. I will forever write about it, until you stop believing.  I am like Jonah, I don’t even want you Zimbabwean people to be saved, I don’t want you to believe because you are so evil.

I laughed when one Zimbabwean wrote, ” Jean, you used to write sensible articles, but it looks like you have gone mad now!” I am like WTF.

That’s so rich coming from a Zimbabwean, its not like my articles have ever been considered “sensible” at any given time by your nation. My articles are considered sensible in Ghana and other African nations.  In fact, other African nations have always called me “enlightened”.

That’s my normal audience

Now writing that I am happy in plural marriage is what Zimbabwe considers “madness”. Lol.

Shulamite is my husband’s second wife, she will never be unveiled to Zimbabweans no matter how many threats of “unbelief” I get.

My story and journey in life is mine to tell, not for Zimbabweans to “believe”. If Zimbabweans embraced me, believed in me and loved me, then I would be very concerned for my soul.

The Genesis Of The Revelation by

Mary Tamar was Jean

2 thoughts on “Jean, Show Us Shulamite’s Picture Now Or We Won’t Believe She Exist! Zimbabweans.

  1. It’s a shame that most Zimbos have this stupid sheep mentality and anything that does conform to their belief system is considered an abomination to their simple senses. My dear live your life, it’s your life continue to shine your light and build your family empire. None of these Zimbo keyboard trolls made you or will break, nor do they contribute postively to your life. Let them talk, like I said before if they are talking about you, they are either jealous or you’re doing something right.
    Instead of being united and building up a nation, they are too busy jeering and laughing praying for your downfall. Instead of saying, thank you when you shared with all how to build wealth with rental properties, the only thing they are worried about is seeing a picture of Shulamite, are yall serious?

    You inspired me to see if I can purchase a flip property out here, and I am so grateful to you. May God continue to bless you and your family.

    Sorry for ranting but typical zimbos get on my nerves with their narrow minded thinking and pettiness.

    Liked by 1 person

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