Into The BadLands: Why My Readers See My Husband And I In The Show

I’ve had a number of people ask me if I’ve watched a Television series called Into the Badlands, apparently when my readers watch it, they are reminded of me and my beloved, the King of the North. Apparently there is a black couple in the series who bears an uncanny resemblance to my husband and I. For a while now people have been bugging me about it, so I decided to see what the fuss is all about…

So on Sunday I decided to watch it, well couldn’t find it on Netflix or Amazon Prime, so went to You Tube to see what I could find.

I was looking for clips with a black man, and lo and behold when I saw the clip, I literally froze at not only the resemblance of the warlord to my Lord, but what he said. Everything at that moment just struck me. The WarLord called, Pilgrim, of which my husband always sees himself as a Pilgrim, arrives at this place, and what he says was crazily bizarre for my ears, he says, “The Promised Land is at hand.” I kinda got goosebumps watching that scene, because my King says things like that to me, as we move closer to our Utopia. I had to pause and rush to call my husband, who was luckily at home as it was a Sunday.

I replayed Pilgrim entering the Promised Land scene, and we just looked at each other. My Boaz and I have such strong chemistry and connection, our heart beats together. We think the same things at the same time, like I will be in the kitchen singing thinking of something, then I come in the living room and he’s sitting there and he says, “Babe I was just thinking…” and he tells me the exact thing I was thinking. That’s how much we are in sync, our hearts are intertwined. I can not physically live without him and he can not physically live without me. So at that moment, watching that scene, it was as though it was our story, our journey to the North, The Promised Land being told in the series. It was that powerful.

But alas, after quickly falling in love with Pilgrim’s character after watching just one scene, as we continued watching several clips on You Tube in anticipation, I mean the visual storytelling was beautiful, it wasn’t long before we discovered that the strongest black character of the show, Pilgrim the black man, was indeed the villain. We had anticipated Pilgrim to be the hero of the show, too good to be true I know, but we had thought maybe it was a black empowerment kinda series…After the disappointment, we just stopped right there and decided not to pursue the series. I personally have no interest in watching films which depict black men as the villains. I then knew that the series was obviously written by a white man. I took to google to read about the plot of the series, and it was indeed confirmation.

These are the storytellers of today, nothing is a coincidence, they hide the truth or rather the lies subliminally in their powers of storytelling…which is their sorcery.

So this series was just one of those many many captivating visual stories told to us by our oppressors, and boy do they tell these stories so artistically beautiful that we black people consider it an honour to even be featured in such compelling story telling, because we think we are so unworthy. So when they include us, be it mockery even, we are truly humbled. Reading through the reviews of the series, Pilgrim was such a fantastic deluded black character, that’s supposedly the beauty of it.

But as for me, in my own lenses, I found the plot of Pilgrim rather a mockery of the black man by the writers. A black man warlord with a vision to restore Azra, a utopian civilization rumoured to be beyond the Badlands. Its existence is often questioned by those from the Badlands. It was destroyed under the command of Magnus, a group which wants to cleanse the world of people with Gifts, so in the series when Pilgrim envisions Azra becoming again, and all its glory he becomes the Villain and is labelled as a crazy deluded megalomaniac. Was this storyline a coincidence really? I do not believe there is such a thing as coincidences, especially in their storytelling, even in fantasies they hide truths in it, or rather lies depending which angle you look at it. Doesn’t Pilgrim sound exactly like the Black Jew, whose identity was destroyed and stolen? Wasn’t the black man the owner of a “utopian civilisation” before he fell? Wasn’t he reprogrammed and told he has always been a servant? Is he not called the same names as Pilgrim when he speaks about the Promised Land and all its glory?

The mockery of Pilgrim’s character is so obvious in the show, so much him and his partner belong to Azra, a fantasy land which only exists in their heads, possibly. I mean, the subtle racism is almost unbelievable, well it is so good, people can’t even see it.

Azra is “rumoured” to have existed.

Well for me, with the short clips I managed to watch, I saw a man who looked kinda like my King, and I saw a woman who kinda looked like an older version of me, like how my mother should look like maybe. The couple sounded like my King and I, well almost. Pilgrim’s right hand woman, like me is also his Prophetess and the High Priestess of Azra. Their Vision sounds like a little chapter plucked out of our book, I don’t think I have ever seen anything ever so strange.

But hey, it was of course Babou Ceesay and Lorraine Toussaint, of which these actors don’t resemble my husband and I much in real life, but when dressed up for their roles in the gripping series, which is dubbed the Game Of Thrones of Martial Arts fantasy, they did resemble my husband and I in a very strange way.

Oh well, the beauty of it all is I thank God Into The Badlands is only but a fantasy. An allegory of how they want the story to be. Thank God their versions are not real, no matter how powerfully they tell the stories, otherwise the black man would be doomed indeed.

What is real is that my beloved is the King of the North, even though they mock and scoff at what God has chosen for such a time as this. What is real is that I am the Prophetess of my Lord Husband and the Priestess of his Dreams. What is real is that we see the Promised Land, no matter how much the storytellers say it doesn’t exist, and God is indeed gathering the pilgrims meant to join us on this exodus journey to the North…

But nothing is a coincidence in this world, even into the Badlands, the Universe is always speaking, and everything is all connected…there is indeed something more glorious beyond this Badlands we call The World…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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