Black People Are Justified To Show Off Gold And Wealth On Social Media, Says My King.

One of my husband’s cousins called him last week and said, “You need to slow down a bit Nana, and be very careful. Don’t show off too much, this year is the year of Covid 19, people have lost their jobs and their lives, and for you this is the year you have taken off, and I am happy for you, but do not bring too much attention to yourself please Nana, slow down on the things you are posting on social media…. “

This came after my King had posted my picture wearing the yellow ring, on his Whatsapp status and he also posted a video of gold and the safe along with the ring. He had also posted me on his social media…

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The thing is, I also left out a few things the King gifted me with, he bought me a tiara to wear for the official engagement shoot, and he gave me 9 ounces of gold, representing my 7 children and the two of us.

He said because of Covid, the housing market is falling, the dollar and sterling is falling, the only thing worth investing in right now is gold, it will never depreciate value, but it can only go higher. Even a house can lose its value, but gold will never lose its value.

He said to me, “I could have bought you a house, but my engagement gift to you is gold, which will never depreciate value, like you.”

Anyway I can not wait to wear the tiara for my engagement photo-shoot….it is out of this world…

I also read Lipstick Alley people saying I am now wearing Gucci, yet I wrote about Hushpuppi and black people’s obsession with Gucci and showing off being their downfall. They were saying doesn’t the King read Jean’s blog.

The King gifted me with a Gucci Scaff and bag as part of my birthday gifts.

There is no contradiction in what I write and how I live my life. The thing is Nino and I are not one person. We differ in views here and there, sometimes our views clash and we have our debates. 90% of the times he agrees with my thinking, but sometimes he doesn’t though he understands where I will be coming from.

He is very supportive of me as an independent thinker, he will read my essays and say, “Well written, love it” or he will say, “I agree but I think…” Then he will give a totally different view…

Now when it comes to black people showing off and wearing Gucci, when I wrote about the Hushpuppi blog, he was like, “Babe, you know I love my gucci, your article is the brutal truth but did you really have to write this?”

I told him that, “It doesn’t matter that you love Gucci or expensive brands or whatever, but the truth is just the truth babe.”

We laughed about it, and he blessed my Hushpuppi article, which actually went quite viral.

The thing is I don’t normally share my Boaz’s views when they clash with mine, but sometimes they do. But I have so much respect for his views, because he is such an intelligent and wise man.

Today I will share what my King thinks about black people bragging and boasting on social media, showing off the little wealth they have to each other.

My Boaz says this behavior is very essential and very much justified. He says to me, “Babe, we are not white people, so we can’t behave like white people. Black people have a need to boast and brag. That is our salvation and redemption actually, showing off.”

If I had my way, I would never wear these worldly expensive brands, but my King adorns me, from now he says he will be the one dressing me, I can only but submit to the desires of my husband. Though I hate bragging and showing off, but when I think about what my King is saying, I also agree with him.

He says, “black people are the only people who wish each other ill, who bewitch each other and go to fetish priests so that their neighbor doesn’t prosper. They are the only people who get hurt and jealous when they see their fellow black brother making it in life. Asians, Arabs, Chinese and all them people lift each other up. White people lift each other up, but black people pull each other down.”

So when a black person makes it, even just a little bit, he can’t help but show off to his fellow black people, because they are the ones who tried so hard to bring him down.”

I remember years ago, when we hosted our first BBE Awards, my King went to see a Nigerian UK based millionaire, Richard Obahor, a Luxury Lifestyle Consultant and CEO of Purple Premium Real Estates who sponsored the BBE Awards. Before Mr Obahor could agree to be the main sponsor of BBE, he asked my husband to tell him anything he had achieved in life…and my husband trying to be humble and modest he said, “I don’t mean to boast but when I went on BBC…:

Then Mr Obahor stopped my husband right there and said, “Young man, you have to boast! Never stop yourself from boasting, go on and boast about your achievements…boast son…”

My King with Millionaire Richard Obahor

It was a social, moral and spiritual lesson my husband took from this hard working self made black millionaire. That when a black man does well for himself, he has the right to boast…because a black man is not only fought by the white system, he is fought by his own people, who are sometimes bigger enemies than white people, half the time his own family members will curse him. So why shouldn’t he boast when he has prevailed…

It is okay to boast...

In the last few weeks, I had my own estranged “brother”, Kudzai Gasho, who is today one of my greatest enemies on this earth, come to my Facebook wall publicly and say I am poor and blogging doesn’t pay. He then posted some cheap filthy looking apartments he is apparently building in Zimbabwe, bragging to me that he has the money to take me on holiday.

No offence, I would rather sleep in the streets than spend even an hour in such filthy looking so called “cosy Apartments”…

5 years ago, when I had a letter of eviction because my housing benefit had stopped due to me moving my Boaz into my house, my Uncle who was my guarantor, also received the eviction notice letter, and forwarded it to my “mother” and “brother” whom he knew hated me. He did this to shame me and spite me. My mother, upon seeing the eviction notice letter, could not hide her joy, she said, “Jean haana kana mari, arikushupika muUK, manje 2000 pounds is a lot of money in the UK, where will she get it from.” Meaning, Jean is poor and is suffering in the UK, she is owing 2k in rent arrears and that’s a lot of money in the UK, where will she get it from?”

My own so called mother celebrated that I was about to get evicted. She started wishing my children be taken from me and given to my ex-husband.

So how can I not boast to her…

My own so called “brother” Kudzai, when he chose to marry a very older UK based woman so he could come to the UK, he accused me of being “jealous” of his wedding. A wedding he never paid a penny for. Everything from the bride price to the wedding, the woman actually married herself just to have the title of MRS. And that is what I was accused of being jealous of, with everything being rubbed in my face. My Dad would say to me, they are saying Jean will never have a wedding, she is so jealous.

I was accused of being jealous of this!
And this!
And this!
And this!

At least I wont marry myself, everything my King provides…

Today, my “brother’s” so called marriage is no more, soon after his wedding, everything about his marriage was an embarrassment and disaster. He even forced the woman to drink blood and eat raw meat in some “soul tie ritual”, but still everything around him has collapsed.

My other “brother” in the UK, chose to do a wedding when I was at my lowest in life, fighting for custody of my children and going through a divorce. Not once did he ever grieve with me or sympathize with me, but during that season he threw me in a Women’s refugee, actually the night before he threw me out of his house, he came to me with his very evil wife gloating at my pain and said, “Tara! We are having a wedding!”

I also have a so called blood sister, who prays that I die. She came on my blog a few years ago to literally wish me ill and death.

She then wrote to Nino , my King threatening a WAR and wishing me dead. She wants me to die, that’s her greatest wish on earth.

These are the types of vultures who have surrounded me all my life. They have prayed all their lives that Jean should never be happy or experience just any level of successes, moreover, they just want me to die already. I don’t know what fetish priest lied to them that I will never wed. Fetish priests are their daily bread, its sad these fetish priests also lie.

So on this one, I have to agree with my King also, “How can I not but boast.”

God is the one preparing a table for me, in the presence of my enemies, literally.

Only David, a BLACK MAN by the way, could understand what it means to be surrounded by your own people who want to see you fall. A black man wrote Psalm 23, there is no way David was any other race but black.

For King David to say, “He prepares a table before me, in the presence of my enemies,” is actually enough proof that he was black.

Have you ever seen a white or Asian person talking like this….

White people and other races do not have these types of problems. They have no need to boast. One of my white British friends, Charl used to say to me each time we spoke about my so called family, “Oh Jean, why do black people love to curse each other? Black people just love to bewitch each other it’s ridiculous. How can you prosper when your own people are casting spells on you?”

I knew she was right…and she would also say, “The whole bible screams of black behavior, these people were black how can anyone not see that?”

And she also used to laugh that black people love to wear expensive brands and show off…

Once I bought a vacuum cleaner, and I was so excited because I had gone through a year without a vacuum cleaner trying to buy furniture for my house after I had to start afresh when my ex-husband left me with nothing. So when she came to see me, I was like “Sis I finally bought a vacuum cleaner”

She rolled her eyes and said, “The things black people celebrate though.”

Oh Lord I miss her so much, Charl was ever so right about us…

But she never understood one thing. She can laugh at us that we show off, because she has never walked the road of a black man. She never needed to show off anything because she never had anyone cursing her or going to a fetish priest so she dies. She never had to work hard for anything she had in life, she was born in wealth, with a silver spoon. She could never celebrate or boast about a vacuum cleaner, but I could because it was a milestone for me buying it.

So Dear Black people, if you want to boast, go on and boast, like what Millionaire Richard Obahor said to my husband. Boast! When my Nino tried to be too humble…he was told to boast.

There is a season for everything under the sun, my favorite King of all times, besides my husband of course Solomon said it, there is a time for everything. If its your time to arise and shine, ARISE! No one knows your walk, were you have been , so BOAST.

No one knows your journey.

Fake humility is for our oppressors. When the time comes for Jacob to claim back his pride, he will have no choice but to boast!

Today the King of the North says “BOAST!” With the little you have, oh black man do boast! Just remember to be as wise as a serpent, and invest, but by all means do boast if you have to!

You are black, that’s your excuse, your birthright, flex and boast!

Even King Solomon, a black man, the most beloved of God, the son of David was known worldwide for flexing his wealth and glory….Christ even testified that Solomon was indeed a flexer. He wore designers of his time, so Christ said, “Even Solomon in all his splendor was not arrayed like the lilies of the field” Is that not the behavior of black men?

Even Mansa Musa, the richest black king ever in history, with a staggering wealth of over 400 billion dollars, his greatest legacy was his gold…and flexing it in style…

Does Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg flex any wealth? Rather, Mark is known for wearing plain t-shirts and driving a vauxhall corsa is it? Flexing is not in their genes for a reason…

But for black people, when you get to a certain level in your life, you would have prevailed. Chains will have been broken…so flex and boast…I say…and let those who cry cry, and those who celebrate with you tap into the anointing and celebrate…

My daughter recently passed her GCSE’s, despite the fact that due to Covid 19 she didn’t get to sit her exams, so her Daddy, the King blessed her with a $1,500 Gucci sweater. Everyday she has been going like, “mum when can we go out so I can wear my designer sweater. I am like, “Never mind going out, you will be going to sixth form in style baby girl. Everyone at College will see you.”

Boast like King David boasted, and spread out your table before your fellow black enemies…

It is our very culture, our very black culture, to boast when we make it, we might as well claim it. That is our salvation and redemption, especially that of Jacob!

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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