Every Black Person Should Sympathize With Hushpuppi: The Black Gucci Syndrome

I had never heard of Nigerian Social media sensation Hushpuppi until a few days ago when he was featured in the news for being arrested for a $350 million global cyber scam in Dubai.

For me, looking at his flamboyant luxury lifestyle before his arrest, I feel so sad for the guy, and not only him, but for the black race in general.

2020 is a special year for the black race, we are in a prophetic season, the death of George Floyd was not in vain. I strongly believe that the arrest of Hushpuppi is not in vain either. Just like we sympathized with the death of George Floyd, as black people we also need to sympathize with our fallen brother Hushpuppi. Since his arrest, it’s funny how now he’s seen as a villain by black people and all his former celebrity friends he hung out with have now distanced themselves from him.

I always say Zimbabweans are a people obsessed with diagnosing mental illness, and they truly are. When I read about Hushpuppi, I thought of Zimbabweans and had to diagnose this man. My thoughts and culture are no longer Zimbabwean, but having spent half of my adult life in mental health nursing and surrounded by mental health Zimbabwean nurses, for this article, I am going to pull out my Zimbabwean mental health experience.

We always say black people are in mental slavery, well that is mental illness.

Hushpuppi is a mirror reflection of all of us. I believe the young man is a result of 400 years of colonization, physical and mental slavery. It’s impossible to go through that amount of physical and mental torture as a people and come out sane. We all need therapy. I grew up in an abusive dysfunctional family, and for me to function normally today, I needed therapy. My therapy is writing. When I write about my life experiences, I feel like I am having counselling like I am talking to someone who cares about me and listens and doesn’t judge me. My pen is the best friend and mother and family I never had. When I write things down, I feel some sort of healing in my mind, body and soul.

What is heartbreaking about the black race is none of us as a people has ever received any form of therapy for simply being born black in a white world.

All the racism and discrimination we face in this world has serious implications on our mental health.

It should be mandatory for anyone born black, full black to receive professional therapy, not from white people, but from trained trauma specialists who are experts in the psychological effects of white supremacy on black people.

Bleaching skin is a black mental health condition.

Wearing straight weaves is a black mental health condition.

Believing that Jesus was not black is a black mental health condition.

Forgiving white people is a black mental health condition.

Marrying white people for social climbing is a black mental health condition.

Black men insulting black women and bragging about never dating them is a serious black mental health condition.

Jesus can not heal these mental problems. No amount of prayers and deliverance can heal us from these serious mental health problems inflicted on us over a 400 year period. The only answer is therapy.

So when I look at Hushpuppi, I have so much sympathy for this brother. I can not celebrate his downfall. He is just a black man who is a victim of his blackness.

If this brother had received black therapy and black education, this brother wouldn’t be locked up wherever he is today.

People as smart as Hushpuppi should be an asset to the black race, just like Bill Gates is an asset to white supremacy, so much he funds the modern genocide of the black race through his “vaccines”.

But for Hushpuppi, as intelligent and smart as he was, because he was black, he had one goal in life, to make it and show the world that he had made it through buying personalized Gucci and Versace clothing.

For black people, this is the only thing they think of in life, making it and buying expensive overpriced brands by white people.

Judging by his Instagram pictures, I believe Hushpuppi was one of the biggest clients ever of Gucci, Versace, Louis Vuitton or whatever brands he specialized in buying. I do not think even the richest white celebrities or personalities in this world ever spend the amount Hushpuppi spent on these brands. In fact, I believe it is “rich” black people who keep these white-owned brands going.

Now that is the biggest mental health illness of black people. We toil all our lives, and grow up with one ambition only, to be able to buy expensive white-owned brands.

As black people, we think the answer to the misery of being born black in a white world is retail therapy, not just retail therapy, but “gucci” therapy. I have been there before, where when I feel down, I go for shopping, and boy afterwards, I feel relieved. But this type of therapy is never the answer for whatever will be making me sad, its just a short term therapeutic solution.

As Micheal Kiwanika sang, Black Man In A White World,

I’m in love but I’m still sad
I’ve found peace but I’m not glad
All my nights and all my days
I’ve been trying the wrong way

A few years ago, one of my best friends was a white privileged woman born in a rich Illuminati English family. She only dated black guys, she sort of loved black people, hence we clicked and became best friends. We had a friendship that was so transparent, and we spoke openly about black and white people. Her honesty gave me a lot of insight into white people, and what they think of us, and how their survival is literally held up by white supremacy, with its support system actually being the backsides of black people.

She always used to laugh in my face that “Black people love expensive brands like Gucci, and when they wear these brands they feel like they have made it.” She would be laughing and rolling her eyes as she said it. But sadly she was right.

For Hushpuppi, the issue is not that he stole millions and millions of money. No that not the issue here. The issue is the reason why he was driven to steal such obscene amount of money which he didn’t even need. The reason he stole was because of Gucci. The reason he stole was because of Fendi. The reason was Versace. Judging by his Instagram and what’s posted out there about him, Hushpuppi never achieved anything else at all with the money he stole apart from buying luxury brands. He didn’t even build a maternity hospital for Nigerian women who are forced to give birth at home, he just bought Gucci. And that is the biggest psychotic mental health illness which affects 95% of us black people today. I call it the BLACK GUCCI SYNDROME.

I see black people who have made a bit of money calling themselves Gucci mama, Gucci pappa and such names on Instagram. They even call their children “Gucci baby”. We even have a rapper who called himself “Gucci Mane”. Hushpuppi’s called himself Gucci Master, declaring himself an Ambassador of Gucci. So it’s fair to say, black people are slaves of Gucci. We live to give back all the money we make to Gucci when all the other races focus on enriching their communities.

Until we receive some therapy for this severe psychosis of Black Gucci Syndrome, we are all our own Hushpuppies, one way or another, this psychosis will lead us to where our brother is today, in chains and behind bars, as a race.

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

7 thoughts on “Every Black Person Should Sympathize With Hushpuppi: The Black Gucci Syndrome

  1. Dis is really d truth dat blacks re refusing to accept. I said it looks like d whites left a curse behind wen they were made to leave d continents by reason of independent that we will neva stopped coming to look for them. We will never appreciate ourselves nor anything we produce except theirs. Our brains has so much bn enslaved dat it will take a special grace of God to deliver us frm that Blackman slavery mentality. It is a pity & such a shame dat we regard d whites & their things more than we do for ourselves as a race. What an unfortunate thing. It’s sad.

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    1. A day of death is appointed to everyone. And when we die, we’ll stand and be judged by God. God will review the choices we made and he doesn’t allow the excuse that we were “born in a white man’s world”. The commandment “Thou shalt not steal” doesn’t have fine print that says “unless you’re black”.


  2. Sister, I’m surprised to see this attitude among Africans. This is truly a form of mental illness. I’m reaching out from the American diaspora. I originally found you because I wanted to find a solution to being a concubine. I stayed to read your opinions on the issues facing black. Keep writing my sister!

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