The King Proposed, And I Said Yes To Becoming Mrs Offeh

I’m literally shaking, I shouldn’t be writing. But my hands can’t help it, I am always a ready writer. I pen my way to destiny. Since I was a little girl, I poured my heart out on paper. Today, in the last hour, something magical happened in my life. Something so beautiful I could only ever dream of it.

Today, this afternoon, I took a nap. The King came into my chamber as I slept, and he said come sleep on my chest. I was so tired, from nursing and looking after Chaniya. At some point, I felt the King leave the bed. I had just put new bedding on the bed, and as I slept, the last thing I said to myself was, ” This smells so good”. The pillows were so soft, and the pure whiteness of the sheets was calming to my spirit.

Then at 5 pm, today, on Sunday 23 August, I woke up, and as I was yawning, thinking “Whats for dinner tonight”, or tea as we call it in England, behold, I saw a ring on my finger. It was not just a ring, but a rock, with a pink diamond in it. It shimmered and sparkled on my finger, I could not believe it. The door was opened, and I sat up, going “Oh my God….oh my God…”

My daughter was passing by, and she came in to behold what had happened, and I showed her the ring. She couldn’t believe it….

“Did Nino do that?…Oh my God Mum, its a proper one, something that a celebrity would get…”

In my heart I was saying to my daughter, “But I am a celebrity darling…”

Then she was like, “Mum look!” and behold, on my bedside white little table was a little thing like a canopy, I don’t even know whats its called, but it had a letter in it, and besides it the King had put our picture together of our quarantine baby shower our daughter organised for us.

It was the most romantical thing I have ever seen, in Anne with an E’s voice. Yes, it was a magical sight to behold, I never knew Nino was this romantic…he blew my heart away today, before I even read the letter…

Then he walked in, smiling, my dark Lord, my most handsome Prince, the father of my children, my Boaz, my best friend, my lover and the King of the North, so humble he walked in my chamber, and stood there…

And I gushed before him, I smiled, as Nakai was taking as many pictures of the rock…

I opened the letter, I love letters. I am a writer, and it was the best proposal ever. Better than getting on one knee. My king always does things his own ways, and his ways are always better, artistic and sweeter.

The letter made me cry…

He started by writing “Dear Mrs Offeh…when I was a child…

And ended by saying…”Your husband”

By pen, he poured his heart to me. I hugged him and kissed him, and thanked him, and said YES….I will be Mrs Offeh…

Let me pen off, I couldn’t help but pen this historical testimony in my life…

There will be the biggest Royal Jewish Hebrew Psalm 45 Ashanti wedding ever….

My daughter celebrates with me, and said, “Mum that’s all you ever wanted, this…”

I will leave you with a quote from the proposal letter

Our journey of Eldorado has begun, keep sailing with me till we rule the world…your husband.

So yeah I have a pink diamond on my finger, a rare pink diamond, the King placed it on my finger as I slept, it was the best birthday gift ever, and this is his thank you to me for giving him 7 children…three his own seed…

The Genesis of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

PS: And to think this morning I wrote this blog and behold on the very day, the ending came to pass…

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