The 10 Women Mhondoro Spirits Of Zimbabwe Who Pose As Social Media Influencers

The cultures and religion of Zimbabwe were not destroyed when the white man colonised Zimbabwe. The destruction of the Great Zimbabwe Empire was not the end of the Shona Dynasty. Like Disney’s Lion King, Zimbabwe may not be a Dynasty anymore, for their King is no longer on the throne. But the spirits of Zimbabwe, the gods of the Kingdom continue to live in the people, and they are right here on Social Media, posing as Social Media Influencers, or some sort of Zimbabwe Celebrities, who are only famous to Zimbabweans but insignificant to the rest of the world.

As the Kingdom of Zimbabwe is now reaching the heights of its curses, the most efficient way to continue to have the people bow to the gods of Zimbabwe is through social media.

The people of Zimbabwe expect the spirit mediums, their (mhondoro) to be in caves somewhere in Zimbabwe or in some huts as n’angas or sangomas. But the spirits/svikoro’s manifest right here on social media where the masses flock to them like flies. There are quite many of them, but I am only going to mention some of the most powerful social media mhondoro’s of Zimbabwe, and there are 10 of them.

For you to be able to recognise the Zimbabwe SOCIAL MEDIA spirit mediums, here are their characteristics.

  1. They are always WOMEN. Zimbabwe is a country that is led by women. The men of the country are generally cowards and weak minded, they pretend to be in charge but they are not, which explains why their women are always taken by West African men.
  2. The social media mhondoros are normally SINGLE or SINGLE MOTHERS. They are not able to marry or stay with men because they were married off to the ancestral spirits of Zimbabwe by their parents or grandparents. The gods of Zimbabwe are their husbands,
  3. They are normally secret lesbians. Zimbabwe secretly breeds Lesbian culture though they pretend to hate homosexuality. The social media svikiro’s always have that ‘best friend’ that is with them everywhere.
  4. If they are married, the husband is normally a sissy, he has no balls at all and the woman is the one who wears the pants in the marriage. The husband will be a ‘chituta’, in other words as good as dead. They will be married women but will be as good as single. The husband is used to fool people into believing they are normal wives.
  5. They obviously have a big social media following and influence, and anyone who follows them religiously is a worshipper of their gods,(which is their main purpose) even though they may claim to be ‘Christians’.

Below is a satanic song which describes the powers of the Zimbabwe Mhondoros which they get from that great serpent, the Nyami Nyami in the Zambezi river.


Without wasting your time, I will now describe the 10 modern social media svikiros of Zimbabwe. These women are literally possessed. They work tirelessly to keep the spirits of the gods of Zimbabwe alive on Social Media. They get their powers from the Zambezi River and The Chinhoyi Caves. Those based abroad always take regular trips to Zimbabwe to meet their gods and recharge their powers. I will not name the social media svikiro’s, I will leave you, my readers to identify these women.




She is the first social media mhondoro of Zimbabwe. She used to live in the UK but went back to Zimbabwe to fulfil her ‘calling’. She is active in politics but she is also a liar and a fraudster but has the power to deceive many because she is ever so sweet. Some describe her as the darling of Zimbabwean politics. She is old enough to be a wife and mother, in fact, she is no longer a spring chicken, but she is not able to marry or live with a man because her parents married her off to a spirit medium. Her dream is to sit on the Throne of Zimbabwe one day. Her totem is Moyo Chirandu, Cow.

My Boaz thinks she tries too hard to be relevant.

Her spirit is the spirit of Mbuya Nehanda, she encourages the women of Zimbabwe to be independent and not need men.




She is single with no children even though she is no longer a spring chicken. She is not able to marry or stay with a man because she was married off to a spirit medium when she was a child.  She rose to fame as a social media influencer who sold incense to her followers on social media. Her beauty on social media is very different from her real-life beauty. When one beholds her in real life, especially without make-up, one will not be able to recognise her for she is always marinated in Egyptian make-up.  She takes regular trips to Zimbabwe to charge her powers. Her totem is Chihera.

Her spirit is the spirit of seduction. She teaches the women the art of seduction through her charm and ointments she sells.



She disguises herself as a married woman. Her husband is a ‘chituta’ sissy who has no say in the marriage. She has a lesbian lover whom she travels with around the world as she works as a harlot. She makes her living as a harlot whilst her husband is at home looking after their two children. She was taught to be a whore by her mother. Among her international clients who pay for her travel are white elite Illuminati members. She tells her social media followers that she travels around the world to just…’work’… and make money, as the breadwinner of her household.

Her spirit medium teaches married women how to be whores and adulteresses and all she ever talk about on social media is sex.



She is the one who acts as the judge of marriage disputes, social and relationship issues of the Kingdom. She has a husband who serves her and has no say or power in the marriage. The husband even sits beside her when she’s judging social media disputes but his contributions are ignored. She teaches women and men about the religion or ‘culture’ of Zimbabwe. She is responsible for leading women’s groups and the younger women of Zimbabwe learn a great deal from her. Her Totem is Chihera and she is a great believer and teacher of Zimbabwean spirituality disguised as culture.

Her spirit is the spirit of culture/Zimbabwe religion.



She is a sex symbol not only in Zimbabwe but across Africa. She is the ultimate definition of a seductress. She de-robes and sleeps with her men in full view of the world. She lures men into her chambers with her charm, and when they come out they will never be the same again. She is a single mother who is not able to marry or live with a man because she was married off to a spirit medium. Any man who has sexual relations with her on a covenant level is left broken, used and is never able to break the chains. The men become laughing stocks and fools.

Her Spirit medium is the spirit of seduction and destroying men.



She is the most subtle goddess of Zimbabwe. Ever so quiet and well behaved. But she is responsible for appeasing the gods of Zimbabwe through her traditional clothes that she sells to women. Her clothes carry the snake trademark Zimbabwe patterns. She regularly visits Zimbabwe to get more design ideas and textiles. Her role is to quietly appease the gods through worship.

Her spirit is the one which keeps the worship of the Zimbabwe dragons alive through her clothes.



She is an Egyptian goddess, of which Zimbabweans are descendants of. The spirits of Egypt give her the wisdom to make snake patterned neckpieces and earrings. All her designs are Illuminati inspired but magnificent to behold.

She is ever so quiet, and almost unknown, but somehow her jewellery speaks power, and is worn by them all.

Her spirit medium keeps the gods satisfied, the gods demand worship, and anyone who wears her jewellery begins to worship the Egyptian gods.



Daughter of a Zimbabwean Canaanite maid/servant who was impregnated by an Edomite master, she uses the power of her Edomite father to dominate Zimbabweans, treating them like her servants. She rose quickly from nowhere, and the more evil she does, the more she is called Queen and good.

She carries the spirit of deception, claiming to be the wealthiest even though she has no net worth or properties to her name. Like Cleopatra, she marries husband after husband, but all the men she marries are sacrifices.

Her spirit mediums keep the women of Zimbabwe deceived and unable to think rationally, they act like puppets around her. She is their mistress, they are her maidservants.



She is a single mother to one child. She uses the child in everything she does. She is not able to marry or stay with a man because she was married off to an ancestral spirit when she was a child. She wears Egyptian hairstyles and constantly shaves off her edges. She is not able to survive without her spiritual Daddy.

My Boaz told me that women like her will never marry, men will use them just for sex and leave them. She is also a seductress.

Her spirit teaches women how to be like men.



She is Zimbabwe’s damsel in distress. At one point she had the world at her feet, but like a fallen angel, she fell from grace and was banished from the Queen’s land where she had de-robed and lay with an Edomite in full view of everyone. She tried desperately to attach herself to the Edomite and have his baby, but he denounced her publicly and shamed her.

She has a lesbian spirit on her. She has never been married and has no child, she is not able to marry or live with a man because she was married off to a spirit medium when she was a child. They bring all sorts of diseases on her. She has tried everything to remove the curses, has gone from prophet to prophet in Africa, but until she denounces what her parents did to her, she will always be a damsel in distress.

Her spirit is the spirit of distress, and ironically damsels in distress find her rather inspiring. Once upon a time, I found her to be very inspiring too when I was a damsel distress.

These are your 10 modern day Zimbabwe spirit mediums/ svikiro. And yes they can only be women.

The Genesis of the Revelation

By Mary-Tamar













2 thoughts on “The 10 Women Mhondoro Spirits Of Zimbabwe Who Pose As Social Media Influencers

  1. I find it rather odd that Zimbabwe men can be considered cowards when they are the only ones who were able to boot out whites. This is why many African women are raped and beat. No matter what the men accomplish its never respected. West African men are notoriously white washed and marry European women more than their own not to mention every one of their countries were colonized.
    Even the writer of this article is still biblically colonised in the mind.
    These goddess have ran Zimbabwe in to the ground and are 100 responsible for the destitute poverty the children suffer including HIV. Zimbabwean men should do like most AFRICAN men outside of Africa and date out to never return to that country, it’s cursed with lesbian single mammies who’ll never accomplish anything but creating children the world will say should have been aborted. Smh
    This article has confirmed what many men have suspected that African women are docile push over for all other men but man like lesbians with black men.
    All African matriarchies are just biological slave creators for white society as all the kids of single mothers are weak and have no male energy. They can only be servants.
    BTW Wodi Maya is West Africa’s biggest representative and is Ghana born. He’s currently dating a Chinese woman. West Africans are also big skin bleachers. Smh


  2. I don’t think I have ever read anything so stupid. The writer of the article is a colonialized and ignorant fool. I suggest you 1. Stop being misogynistic 2. Stop loosely throwing the word mhondoro 3. Educate your ignorant mind. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


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