I Am The Most Favoured Wife, The King Sealed The Promise With A Golden Ring

I felt like I had to keep this to myself because it’s too much, there is a lot going on in the camp of my enemies, like the incident yesterday were my ex-husband and his wife sent me their pictures using a ghost Facebook account to prove to me that they are also engaged and happy.

But my daughter said, “This is your moment mum, share it. Who gets two rings mum, two engagement rings. Some women don’t even get one, and you have 2!”

So this morning I did my face up and took some selfies, showing off my ring, I hadn’t taken any selfies since the engagement, so I wanted a picture of my face wearing the ring.

I even took out the letter board and arranged the words,New Beginnings Mrs Offeh”. I put my little heart wooden candles and my favourite white roses and my little things in the house which makes me feel special, and took this, just to celebrate this milestone…

Boaz loved the arranged letter board so much, he told me to put it on my little white dresser, and display it. But when I bought it a while ago, he was like, “The things you waste money on, what on earth is that for.”

“It’s for family special moments I had told him” and he shook his head…yes everything is cheesy to my King, but today he told me to display the letter board on my dressing table…

Then he said go and sit there…he was looking very suspicious, I knew something was up, I thought he had some late birthday gift for me…and I was right…

He hinted to me last night that he had got me another little something to end celebrating my birthday…

So he gave me a watch and a green sparkly jewelry thing which I did not even know what it is for, or what it is called, of which he said its an emerald brooch, and he handed me a white dress, and he said I could wear the emerald brooch on the dress, if I wanted…., then he handed me a brown scarf and a brown bag, which literally matches my bed-chamber colour scheme. And he said …“Happy birthday Mrs Offeh”

I love jewelry and I love my head coverings, I am a daughter of Zion, I never pray or prophesy without my head covered, so the scarf, which is the first my King has bought me, meant so much to me. All the gifts were beautiful, but the scarf meant more to me, because I can now pray covered by something my own Boaz gave me….

So I was just like, “oh baby but will they not…”

“They can’t be jealous. Enjoy it okay, and if anything they will be happy for you. No woman has walked your road…”

This man is treating me like I am the only woman in his world, like there is no other, like only my happiness and my heart matters. So I said to the King…

“Baby this is a bit too much, you are spoiling me with so much…my Nigerian sisters will say, you are killing me wit dey love oo…” I laughed…

“What did I tell you, when you were carrying my son, and we moving from one Air B&B to another, and you were crying. I told you when God gives me a little bit of money, just a little bit, it will be all for you, you deserve to be spoilt you have walked a road no woman has walked…”

“I feel like this is my Proverbs 31 moment my Lord, you have crowned me with a Proverbs 31 crown, where Boaz says, “Many wives have done well, but you surpass them all…”

So I was sitting there, thinking I am his most beloved, admiring all these glories of this world the King had showered me with. Well, the word says the Proverbs 31 woman wore silk and fine linen and purple. The most expensive fabrics of this world. I am not the one for expensive brands and labels, I love anything simple, and unbranded, but I felt the beauty of the finest things the world has to offer, and my King is the one blessing me with it. Yes, even the Gucci bag, it is very pretty I must say, and this season I am so loving browns and earthy colours. No wonder I named my 7th baby Chaniya, which means wealth in Swahili.

Then before I could recover from all these splendid gifts from the King ,behold he took out a yellow box from his back, and gave it to me….

I can not put it in words how glorious the moment was…I opened the yellow box and it was a gold and white royal carriage…

“It arrived yesterday, it is your other engagement ring. I had bought you two, and I planned to give you both when you birthed my daughter, but this one took longer to come…I wanted you to choose the one you wanted, or have them both, whatever you want, but they are both yours…the pink one is calm and this one is extravagant, for high fashion I suppose…”

“I love it Nino, I love it, and the golden royal carriage, oh my, it’s representing our wedding…”

“That’s the point, it’s royal…you are royal.”

“And the ring, its yellow, and a proper statement…”

“Yeah, its a statement ring…to go with your bags and dresses and scarfs.”

“Awww baby, I have always wanted a promise ring! Because yellow is your favourite colour, a colour of new beginnings and sunshine, a colour of gold and wealth, this will be my Proverbs 31 promise ring, for new beginnings as I have already written today on my board. I love how God worked it all out, you had your plans, but God’s plans are even better. I will wear this on my neck or on my right hand, and the pink one is my engagement ring, that’s why it came first and everything about it was perfect.”

“A Proverbs 31 ring it is then….It’s called a “Yellow Emerald Cut Classic Diamond” he said.

It will be 4 weeks tomorrow since my 7th baby Chaniya was born, which was my birthday, the King told me he had planned to propose to me on that day, as soon as Chaniya was born, but because of covid 19 the rings came very late and couldn’t make it for the birth. But each time I look at the birth pictures of Chaniya, seconds after she was born, I am reminded that this was the moment the King crowned me as his Queen…

But it is today, four weeks after giving birth, that he has presented me with this glorious yellow diamond…

So that’s my testimony today, I was going to conceal it all, but God wants me to share my joy with the world, because all glory belongs to the Most High. To my readers, I shared my tears and my pain with you all over the past 7 years, you saw me cry, you saw me lose my house after my ex-husband made the house repossessed to hurt me, and my children became homeless. You saw me suffer in the hands of Agape cult members. You saw them laugh at me that I will never have a man. You saw my “mother” hurt me over and over, and my “siblings” despise me in front of the world. I have walked my journey on this blog, my online diary, so how can I conceal such great a testimony…

How can I?

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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