Why My Husband Moved Out Of Our Matrimonial Home Into His Own Den

Ok, so when I delivered my 7th child Chaniya, about 3 weeks after the delivery, the King decided to move out of the Northern Palace to his own little den, the two bedroom house that he had initially promised Hagar which he bought at the auction last year. It needed a complete renovation, and a year after buying it, it was finally ready to move in. Instead of renting it out or using it as an air bnb, the King went back to his initial plan of using it as his base where he works and have some alone time. The King’s vision was always to have that house as his den for the day where he work, and have a third wife live there, and he comes home to me every night, as he has always promised me.

Well, since he has moved out, he still comes back every evening to eat dinner with me in my chambers, and spend time with the children, and he will put the girls to bed and will either go back to his den with our little son or spend the night in Shulamite’s chambers, yes I am still going through my after birth purification rituals according to the law of Moses.

I am loving this alone time in my chambers, its so liberating. Just me and my baby.

At night I have a long soak in the bath and read a book once Chaniya is sleeping.

Sometimes if I am lucky, the King will put Chaniya to bed for me, he is ever so good with her, then he leaves…then I will continue reading in bed until I fall asleep, that way I never get to hear any strange noises from the chambers of Shulamite…

That said, am I happy that the King has moved out of the matrimonial home? Yes and No. I absolutely love the freedom of him spending all day away, I love missing him. I love how he calls me like 5 times a day, always chatting me on whats-app, and I’m always taking pictures to send to him. It really keeps some fire burning in our relationship.

My oldest daughter has started 6th form, and my two boys are in Secondary School, I am currently homeschooling my younger daughters with the help of Shulamite, so I love the peace I get to have in the day when the girls are with Shulamite. I do take loads of selfies I must say…then I sent them to my Lord and my heart always melts when I see the pictures on his social media statuses. I really am his Queen…

The King gets to take our little boy with him to his den most of the times, they are inseparable.

The part I do not like about this set up is I miss my Boaz so much, I really miss the good old days when I used to spend all day sleeping in bed with my Nino watching Netflix. But he is not just Nino anymore, he is becoming the King Of The North, he is expanding his boarders and his territories and we are entering our Eldarado.

So the King told me that he needed to do this to focus, and be away from all the busyness and noise of the Northern Palace during the day, and be at his den and work towards building the walls so that soon, we will be in our official Northern Palace, with the King’s harem, his servants and empire.

It’s a very exciting journey to embark on. I haven’t visited the King’s den yet since he moved out, but I picked most of his furniture, as he calls me his interior designer. From the selfies he is always taking for me, I am impressed how he keeps the place so clean.

The beauty of it all is I get to see him everyday still, and yet he has his own house now. His own bedchamber. That is the grace of Yah. Recently he told me to dress up in a stunnig little black dress he bought me, and said he was taking me for our first date since I have birth, at our local pub. And he demanded I leave my phone as he wanted totally privacy and all my attention. So I really get to spend quality time with him…

On Sabbath he spends all day with us.

And I know once I am back to my normal after birth self, once Chaniya is a little bigger, I will have my Boaz all back to myself, and the handmaidens will only have the King when I say so…but I am very generous and always give the handmaid to my King, so Yah has blessed me abundantly…because I have blessed my husband…

Anyway, last week the King visited me in my chambers to bless me, and he came in with Shulamite and presented me bags of gifts in front of her. He was telling Shulamite to always respect me , because there was an incident last week where I asked Shulamite to do something and she chose not to, and I told the King. So he came with her, and we all sat down and the issue was resolved.

That said, my Boaz continues to spoil me rotten, my wardrobe is growing bigger every day, literally, and my husband says soon, I will need a bigger bedchamber with a walk in closet…hint…hint…

But designer clothes aside, the biggest gift I continue to get from my Boaz is his prayers and covering. He literally is my spiritual covering, so I asked him to bless me, and pray for my protection, as I constantly have my very sad pathetic shameless ex-husband, ex mother, and ex siblings on my Facebook page daily with multiple fake/ghost accounts. Shulamite captured the moments of prayer so beautifully…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

4 thoughts on “Why My Husband Moved Out Of Our Matrimonial Home Into His Own Den

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    1. Please be specific she should go to Ghana the rest of Africa don’t want her. She is hellbent on destroying other people’s lives without much thought yet she never disclosed her affair with the man she claims to hate so much, Masocha.


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      Get a grip.


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