Black People, Stop Obsessing Over University Degrees, Education Will Never End Your Poverty (Channel 5’s Rich House Poor House)

Last night’s Channel 5 Episode of Rich House Poor House was a painful watch indeed. A Zimbabwean UK based poor family was featured on the show, they swapped houses with a millionaire white business tycoon . This morning, the main tabloids are talking about the show, because the Rich white guy branded the poor Zimbabwean guy ‘lazy’ which in all fairness is right. His name is Sacha Robinson, he’s unemployed, lives in a council house with his family, he’s in debt but he is a doing a degree in business and coming up with his inventions to make his life better. He actually came across as a fool on the program, he stays at home (being a student) whilst his wife works long hours to sustain the family.

Viewers of the Channel 5 reality show have branded the Zimbabwean Dad Sacha as lazy

The truth is, this “lazy” Zimbabwean guy represents millions of black people in the  world of today. I don’t understand black people’s obsession with  Higher education. They graduate with Masters in everything but becomes Masters of nothing in the end. I see it a lot in the UK and Africa where black people always go to University to do Masters degrees as if it is a culture. They pile on these degrees, yet they remain the poorest people in the world. The degrees never change their lives in any shape or form, yet they keep on going back to University year after year. When you think about it, the main reason why you go to University is so that you can work for someone else. The educational system remain the biggest yoke of slavery for black people, it is what keeps them at the bottom of all the other races.

One thing I have learnt in life is that education is way overrated. All you need in life is to know how to write and communicate. Those are the basic skills you need to succeed. Most Billionaires and Multi Millionaires of this world do not have University degrees. I remember watching the story of the man who owns The Range furniture stores, he’s a billionaire and doesn’t even know how to read and spell properly, yet black people will curse you if you get an English spelling wrong.

In last night’s show, the white millionaire didn’t even have a college degree, yet he earns his millions through his entrepreneurial skills and strategic investments.

Never mind white people, look at Asians, they have no time to pile on useless degrees, they are a united people, they are clever and they dominate the property and corner shop industry in the UK. They will also be the ones to sell black women their wigs so they can look fake good in their graduation caps. The shame of it all.

Sometimes I feel like black people just love the idea of wearing that graduation gown and cap and having pictures taken. To them that is the highest form of achievement passed on from generations to generations. Graduating. After graduating I see most of them going back to their jobs as care assistants or security guards or whatever.

They will be renting a house from an Asian who didn’t go to University, whilst they will be  busy studying for a Masters degree.

My 15 year old daughter said to me, “Mum I never want to work for anyone else.” That’s her ambition in life, to have her own business. To create her own wealth. I have no desire for her to graduate, neither do I teach her that for her to make it in life she has to go to University. If she goes to University, it has to be just a hobby, or for life experience, or maybe to even meet her future husband or something, but my daughter is not going to University so she can make it in life.

I am not raising my children to be of this slavery system of going to University. Since my husband has got into properties, he has been working with my daughter on property development. My daughter will be the one to help with managing the Air Bnb’s. She is very business minded, and has no desire to have a boss in her life ever.

I graduated as a Mental Health Nurse, but I left that career because it was not my portion in life. I have a lot of respect for doctors, midwives and nurses, but I do not see my graduation as my best life achievement moment, I do not understand why black people think graduating is the best thing that can happen in their lives. When I see those graduations pictures on Instagram, a popular culture in the black community, I honestly just roll my eyes.

As for Sacha and his family, I think they will live to regret going on the show, they have become the nation’s laughing stock overnight. If you are black and poor, there is no need to go on these shows, but I guess that the reality of many black people out there, graduates but living in poverty.

Channel 5 wrote to us a few weeks ago and wanted to feature us on the show, we told them we were not sure, and would need a little more time to consider the opportunity. They did say the show would boost my husband’s business, as a PR Consultant and his Property business, so we were considering it from that perspective. That said, after watching last night’s show, we are more on the fence than ever, I feel like rich or poor, these shows are not the best for black people, one way or another it may still work against you. The poor Zimbabwean guy never thought he would have this level of bad publicity after the show, the headlines and the comments on the mainstream papers about him this morning are just brutal.

Anyway, if you are black, not everything revolves  around going to University, use your brains and take proactive steps of breaking the mental slavery of higher education. I do not teach my children that going to University is the key to success but rather a compliment to what they will achieve with their creative minds.

I look back at the people who were way brighter than me in school, who used to study their brains out, I don’t see them as better off.

I want to ask my Black readers what happened to the Elective Maths, chemistry, social studies, Area of a circumference, and Algebra in your lives today apart from using all that education in care homes?

The Genesis Of The Revelation

By Mary-Tamar was Jean

2 thoughts on “Black People, Stop Obsessing Over University Degrees, Education Will Never End Your Poverty (Channel 5’s Rich House Poor House)

  1. If you want a great paying job, then it’s best to have as much education as possible. Black people have become doctors, lawyers, pilot’s, astronauts, even President of the United States.
    Without an education your choice of employment (where you not only get a great salary, but benefits, money to invest in your retirement, etc) is limited.
    Most low paying jobs, are usually in a sector where you are part of a union. Oftentimes that’s not the best job to have; as you’re often on strike, or risk losing your job, due to cost cutting.
    With an education you have a better chance to control your future.


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