4 thoughts on “Meghan Markle Won’t Be The First Black Royal, She Is Not Black.

  1. That is so true..I have mixed culture in my family but lots of my family member disregard their other side and this article made sense and I didn’t really think of the other side of thinking

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  2. In America, the definition of race has changed continually along with political, social and economic demands of the dominant culture. For example, at one time the dominate culture promoted and made legal the 1/8th rule to define race. In other words, if you had 1/8 black blood, you were considered an octoroon and “negro”. By those standards, Meghan would be classified as a “negro”, colored or black. Given today’s sensibilities, Meghan has the right to self-identify as biracial or mixed. If we are to operate on what a person looks like; there are many black families in which there are white-looking, Hispanic-looking and black-looking people sharing the same last name, mother and father. Likewise, I know of bi-racial families in which the father is white and the children inherited their mother’s richly-present melanin. My point is that “race” is a concept that was developed to promote divisiveness and support socio, politico and economic oppression by a dominant group. At the end, our focus should be on the power of love that has the audacity to transcend the negative grip of race.

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