Meghan Is Not A Victim Of Racism, So She Has To Use Her Son Who Is Not Even Black.

Lol, so I am currently being accused by black people of being obsessed with Meghan Markle. As if they are not, if not more. I just happen to have a pen and platform to voice my opinion of her, and one thing I love about Meghan is that as an attention seeking manipulative woman, she is the GIFT which keeps on giving, so writers like myself do find her quite a blessing, because right now writing opinions on Meghan is paying off I ain’t gonna lie, so why should I waste the opportunity.

Now, that said, yes of course I did watch the most anticipated Oprah Bombshell interview last night. However I found nothing shocking, neither did I find anything worthy of my sympathy. I am not claiming to be an expert in body language analysis, but in my limited knowledge and probably instinct, I saw a very privileged mixed race white looking woman lie and lie and lie and lie through her teeth. I saw a rather talented actress and a calculating manipulative woman with a smirk on her face. Sitting next to her I saw a man who was forced to “Tell all” about a family he so loves and respect, but wasn’t comfortable to do so. That told me that with time, Harry will regret and resent Meghan for forcing him down this path. I tend to prophesy a lot by the way, just saying.

I saw a man who was quite nervous, scared and uncomfortable with the whole interview set up.

Now, without wasting much of my ink, I will jump straight to the elephant in the room. The racist claims about the “Concerns of Archie’s skin tone”, who was never going to be black by the way. Something tells me that Meghan was actually lying or fabricating this, no wonder her husband kept on insisting he didn’t want to talk about it and was uncomfortable. He knew his wife was LYING. After the interview had aired, Prince Harry now had to urgently call Oprah and ask her to release a statement protecting his most beloved Grandparents, the Queen and Prince Phillip, and insisting Oprah tells the world that it wasn’t them, fearing he had thrown them under the bus.

What is the point of accusing someone of racism in a tell all interview then refusing to say who the person was? Okay, even if Meghan wasn’t lying, what is the point of accusing an anonymous person? So people could guess who it was?

Well, the reason is because Meghan hasn’t actually faced any racism in the Royal Family, and this was the best she could come up with. She is literally playing mind games and ball with the world, and black people especially are her puppets.

If anyone, and that’s a big IF, in the British royal family was concerned about Archie’s skin tone, why should this even offend or shock black people? What right do black people have to be offended by the supposed questioning of Archie’s skin tone? Aren’t they the ones who are obsessed with skin tones the most, especially those of new born black babies? I find it rather telling, that black people have to come up with these memes, when this is what they do themselves to each other.

I was born in a country (Zimbabwe) where once a baby is born, the first thing people worry about, is how light or dark the baby is. If the baby is light skinned, they thank the gods, if the baby is dark skinned, there will be lamentations and gnashing of teeth. They don’t even care about the health of the baby as much as they care about the baby’s skin tone.

As a real black mother of real dark skinned black daughters, I have suffered abuse from my own family, who are black by the way, over the skin tone of my gorgeous daughters. I have had my own mother tell me over and over that my first daughter’s hands are too black. When I took my first daughter to Zimbabwe when she was only 6, I had a relative say to me, “Ah how can such a dark child be born in England?”

My first daughter was born with a lot of melanin and my own blood brother was so disgusted with my baby, he actually had a frown on his face as he looked at my precious baby and asked me, “Why on earth is the baby so black?” Unlike Meghan who wants to paint a picture of a victim of racism which she knows nothing about, some of us have actually walked the walk alright, and we actually name the names of the family members who abused us.

Then after my older brother had mocked me for having a dark baby, when his own baby was born, he would call me to brag to me that his baby was lighter than mixed race people.

When it comes to my children’s skin tones, I have suffered more “racism” from black people than I have ever done from white people. I won’t use the word “colourism”, because the word actually downplays how hateful black people are towards dark babies. When I gave birth to my 5th baby, a very dark skinned baby girl, I had Zimbabweans coming on my Facebook wall and telling me that my baby was way too dark and everyone wants a light skinned baby.

I had Zimbabweans getting all concerned that my dark skin baby was too dark.

So I am failing to understand black people’s so called “outrage” at Meghan’s so called “racism” allegations. If anything black people should actually relate more with the so called anonymous member of the royal family who was allegedly “concerned” about Archie’s skin tone because that’s what black people do best anyway.

In fact, within the black community at large black dark skinned women and men will go out of their way to marry lighter skinned people so they can produce babies who are lighter. Lighter skinned babies are appreciated and loved more than babies born dark. This is the reality of black people. Even Meghan herself obviously knows this, surely she must have heard her mother praised by her black relatives for having a mixed race child in the family as she grew up.

So nah, I have no ounce of sympathy for Meghan, besides I didn’t think she was telling the truth as I mentioned at the beginning, the way her husband was quick to express he will “never talk about it” says a lot. And as a real black woman with real black dark skinned babies, I do not see Meghan as a victim of racism. I see a very angry white woman who is rather shocked that the white privilege she has always used didn’t quite work with the royal family, so now she is switching to her convenient “black side” to her advantage. I see a woman who if her husband was the heir to the throne, wouldn’t be sitting doing a fake tell all “woe is me” interview with Oprah, but will be here in the UK living it up. I see a woman who is so desperate for attention that she now has to USE her own white baby as a bait, and make it out that her white baby is a victim of “Racism” from his own white family.

Honestly this woman will never seize to amaze, she really is the gift which keeps on giving…

The Genesis of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean Gasho

36 thoughts on “Meghan Is Not A Victim Of Racism, So She Has To Use Her Son Who Is Not Even Black.

  1. Jean where do you live? Maybe Mars or Jupiter? Where I was born, the chaps (pink boys) would ask which tea cup I used last time I was having a tea break. In England, the Managing Director asked our managers if they were no local people (pink ones ) around to work in his company. At work places because of the way you look you are perceived us dull. I was told to “show ” the local chaps how a hospital procedure is done and the chaps wanted to boss me around. Challenged them to “boss ” me and again they reported that I wasn’t helping them! And boss sided with the pink-ness and not the “know how”. In shops I was shocked, a pink woman was standing in “my way” and had to go round her not knowing a pink man was behind me and she apologised for blocking his “way!”.
    By the way Jean, even if you had babies with the pink chaps…your children will be “BLACK ” for eternity”….doesn’t matter who was African (father/mother). Maybe you just write and is quarantined in your home with African servants (not a social being). Have you ever wondered that the chaps would say someone had an Indian skin colour and Pakistan/Bangladesh (this was one country at one moment in time … everyone was Indian then) and in the same statement say you are Black and not Zimbabwean Coloured? Our country (UK) is RACIST all through. Don’t tell me you haven’t been asked “when are you going back? Do you like it here?”…..they don’t want you here. Even if you write that way …at the end of the day…..they want you away from “their” country…..RACISM and HATE mean just the same thing.
    You really HATE YOUR offsprings….is Megan Black, is Obama Black (father/mother)….why call Megan’s son white?..surely you have seen white paint..darker than that is not white!. Are you Jean Black skinned (like charcoal…lighter than that is grey; blue; green etc). I repeat Jean…Racism is not COLOUR…it is HATE.


    1. Fletcher you missed the whole point. Black people have high levels of “colourism” among themselves. At some point in time we just laugh it off but it hurts. Jean didn’t deny the fact that Meghan maybe suffered “racism” as she claim. Asking how dark the child will be is not “racism” come on, that’s general talk, what happened when you were in the shop that’s “racism”. Meghan Markle hasn’t yet suffered racism at the hands of whites. She knew how to play her cards very well, that if she say they talked about how dark Archie’s skin will be black people will be sympathetic towards her.

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    2. I know my opinion shouldn’t matter one bit, but, my goodness, you and your children are gorgeous. And what lucky babies to be born of a mother proud of who she is and honest about the world. Sending love and support.

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    3. that is rascism. But do you think that’s what MM went through? I think she is not thinking about people who really suffer rascism.


  2. Meghan put on quite a show. She knew what Oprah would react to and together they still have people talking about the performance. Heck, Meghan even cried on cue!! She did prove how stupid she is. How could anyone agree to go into a royal marriage and NOT look into what it would entail?

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  3. Jealous white devils! LOL I’m literally laughing at you envious white mad because he chose a black women whose MOTHER is black. And didn’t choose some Lily white DING BAT like you all thought he would. He’s so much better than you all, just like his mother. She was wonderful. Fuck the queen and all the royals. It’s funny to me that only Americans give a shit about those stupid ass Brits. Go get A DENTAL PLAN you ugly motherfuckers! LOL. You Brits pay taxes to the queen? Ha ha ha. That bitch and her racist ass country can suck an American dick. How about suck Mehgans dick, and swallow, you pale, corroded teeth, jealous CUNTS.


      1. If she sees herself as black. Then she doesn’t have to be offended about skin tone. It is a common conversation when a newborn is welcome into a family in all African household. Especially when the parents are of different skin tones. Everyone would like to know the child’s skin color or tone. There is nothing racist about that.

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  4. Wonderful blog. You have hit the nail right on the. As black woman from Ghana, l will never see nor call Meghan Markle as black. A woman who claims to like her black race so much and yet did not invite a single member of her black side to her wedding. A woman who has not had any black friends until she met Serena Williams on a show in 2015. She even claims to be Serena’s friend but did not attend her wedding in 2017. A woman who likes her black race so much but has never dated nor married a black Man in her three marriages. Meghan is only black When it’s convenient for her. To see her use her White son to create hatred against a family who went above board to welcome her into the U and the Commonwealth makes me so sad.

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    1. I agree with you 100%
      Why are people so blind?
      This woman is so dangerous… she has used everyone in her life (family,husbands,friends) until she gets what she wants and then tosses them in the trash because they are of no use to her anymore.
      Now she is using her own son!

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    1. You don’t need to be black to make a comment about someone’s skin. My family is not black but our skin colour is 6 shades dark than MM’s skin colour. Chinese are fair skin and skin colour is also part of their discussions with newborns and as adults.

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    2. The same question was considered by a Native Alaskan mother who was having a child with her Caucasian husband. From what I’ve read of the interview backlash, it’s not unusual for interracial families to wonder what the baby will look like — but, look, one day we will all evolve! And it will just be color! Any color! Every color! So, cheers! And, peace! And, Jean Gasho, keep writing!


  5. If she sees herself as black. Then she doesn’t have to be offended about skin tone. It is a common conversation when a newborn is welcome into a family in all African household. Especially when the parents are of different skin tones. Everyone would like to know the child’s skin color or tone. There is nothing racist about that.

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  6. Who gives a fuck what the color of the chid is as long as he/she is loved by both parents it really doesn’t matter what other people think ! So sad people can be so colorist! Grow tf up , because at the end of the day we r mad by one man ( our lord and savior Jesus Christ ) and his opinion is the only one that matters! THE REAL JUDGE!!!


  7. Who gives a fuck what the color of the child skin is as long as he/she is loved by both parents it really doesn’t matter what other people think ! So sad people can be so colorist! Grow tf up , because at the end of the day we r made by one man ( our lord and savior Jesus Christ ) and his opinion is the only one that matters! THE REAL JUDGE!!!


  8. Im so sorry Jean to read that, It really broke my heart to hear someone talk about babies & children like that. Just looking at your babies photo it amazes me that anyone could think that, she was an absolute cutey. Perfect. You have a beautiful family. Much love from Australia 💕


  9. I know I am white and I live in the UK but this does not make me racist! I have mixed race Nieces and Nephews, we have discussed their skin tone before they were born but in the same way we discussed what colour eyes or hair they would have…. I do understand there are prejudices in this country but this is down to individuals not a blanket on every person in the UK…. Some of the comments on here are shocking but this is not because of their skin colour, religion, gender or sexual orientation, it’s because of their personality…..
    I appreciate the authors honesty of her reality regarding her children which is just saddening but grateful for a very honest point of view….

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  10. I don’t think I have ever read so much hate as is included in the comments. My question from the very first is how much truth is in what Meghan says – it’s only sort of confirmed by milk toast Harry who doesn’t want to talk about it or about the fable as the case may be. BTW – you’re babies are beautiful!

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  11. Let’s be honest, I stared reading this for a good life to see how far I could get before you really said some bullshit. I think I got to paragraph 3 glossing over one and two. You talk about Meghan lying and lying and lying again (which I always find hilarious that people consistently claim this woman is a liar and never have any proof beyond their feelings). But then right after that you go into a huge bold face lie yourself to set Meghan up. You claim to have watched Oprah’s interview and claim that you believe Meghan made up the skin tone conversation but both Meghan and Harry proclaim that the conversation never happened with her. That the conversation happened with Harry and that Harry told Meghan about it. So the question is are you twisting yourself into a pretzel to claim that Meghan manipulated Harry to tell a bold face lie about his own immediate family for points on tv or did you just purposely decide to deceive your audience? Because it’s easier and aligns with your reader’s views more if Meghan is blamed for every little thing.


  12. She is just as racist as any other white person, since she can’t even use her afro hair, what will black girls feel when they hear that meghan considers herself to be black, but they see a light skin woman with straight hair??? They will feel that they aren’t “as gifted as her”

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  13. In most Arab countries, there is colorism, but not to that extreme. Having said that, every family wonders and speculates who the baby will look like when he or she gets older. Some Arab families favor the light skinned child over the olive complexioned child, but that can be very destructive to his or her self-esteem as they get older.

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  14. Thank you for this post and being honest. If you are obsessed with her than so am I. She has used black people to make money and I cannot believe how many people fall for her bull!!! She had nothing to say except who made who cry, and she had to throw in the racism comment to get people on her side because the simple fact is she was in touch with places tryings to get a show for her and Harry in 2019. She used British people as well. She knew the only way to be seen as famous was to have them pay millions for a wedding and immediately have a baby there and see you later, now I might get to really be the actress I never was. She is not even on the credits of that show Suits. She and Harry complained about their money being cut off well do like the rest of Americans do and stop living above your means. She also does not want anything to do with the royals yet she signs her book Meghan Duchess of Sussex. People wake up she is a narcissistic b _ _ _ h and she mentally uses idiot Harry by saying the only reason she did not commit suicide was because he lost his mother and she did not want him to lose anyone else Please……..People the way to tell if MM is lying, her mouth is moving…..

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