If The British Monarchy Is So Bad: Why Do Black People Seek Validation From The Queen?

If there is anything wrong the British Monarchy has ever done in this world, I refuse to hear it from Black people, because they are the biggest hypocrites who have ever walked this earth.

Firstly when it comes to the one drop rule that is used by black people to justify claiming Meghan Markle as black, if white people can boldly decide who is white and who is not, then why can’t black people also boldly decide who is black and who is not? Do you realize how inferior you are as a race when you claim Meghan based on the fact that white people do not claim her as their own. As a black woman with full black children, I have every right to feel offended by black people which such inferiority complex who believe Meghan is black because white people don’t see her as fully white. So automatically the black race should own her. Well if white people can’t call her white, I don’t see why black people should also call her black.

Oh how wretched the black race is, because they feel somewhat validated by Maghan, she gives them some sense of worth because she is mixed race, she is the sense of worth black people have to cling to in this life. The reality for most black people is that being fully black sucks, the nappy hair, the dark skin, the issues which come up with being black, especially in the society at large and also within the black community. Most black people just don’t want to be black, they wish they had finer hair, they wish they were lighter, so when black people look at Meghan Markle, she is their guilty pleasure, an epitome of their ideal racial fantasy. She’s even such a daze to black people because she married a white man, not just a white man but a white prince, a BRITISH WHITE Prince. Black people salivate at the sight of Meghan, she is everything a black woman can ever dream of, she has the perfect light skin, the perfect hair which is not kinky, yet she can still pass of as “BLACK” in their book.

Then now the icing on the cake, the perfect black Princess shares our struggle too. Oh our very own damsel in distress with a real life white Prince. This worship of Meghan by black people is actual evidence of their own self hate. They hate God for making them full black and wish; if only, if only they had been made like Meghan was made.

Deep down, most black women in this world wish they looked like Meghan.
And not like this.

The irony of it all is that the same black people who claim Meghan as black and claim she’s a victim of racism from the royal family or from the British white people will be the first people to line up for an MBA or MBE from the Queen if such an opportunity arises, and will consider it their highest achievement in life.Yet these are the very black people making so much noise on the internet that Meghan is a black woman who is a victim of racism.

I get very offended as a black woman, when I see the black people fighting for Meghan Markle trying to paint the British royal family as some sort of villains to black people, because when I look around, for as long as I can remember, black people on this planet spend their entire existence praying to be validated and recognised by the British Royal Family. There is no higher honour for any black person walking this earth today than to be honoured by the Queen of England. As a black person, once the Queen of England honours you, then you have made it in life. I always see so many testimonies of black people on social media, thanking “God” and “Jesus” when they get an OBE or MBE from the Queen. And these are the very black people today who are saying Meghan Markle is a black woman who is a victim of racism by the Monarchy. Oh Black people, you claim the British monarchy is built on white supremacy, but are you not aiding the “white supremacy” when you are so desperate to be validated by the institution.

So you want an OBE and MBE from the Queen so that you feel validated in life, yet you commend Harry and Meghan for “standing up against a racist institution.” Oh how I hate hypocrisy, even Christ when he walked this earth, he couldn’t stand HYPOCRISY. And you wonder as a race why no one ever takes black people seriously. You wonder why you are a complete joke in this world, a laughing stock.

To black people Meghan is the perfect black damsel in distress.

When all is said and done you wonder why Black Lives Matter is a complete joke and why black people are always at the very bottom of the pecking order in society. When you are black and claim Meghan as black because “White people don’t want her” as you say, you deserve every ounce of “racism” and “discrimination” that is thrown in your face, because you yourself are a complete joke to your own race, pretending to hate the very people you seek validation from.

You have a Black British woman called Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu almost giving herself a heart attack claiming Meghan Markle as a black woman and saying the Royal Family is built on “white supremacy” yet I bet you she will be the first to line up at Buckingham Palace should an OBE opportunity arises.

The thing is, whatever is going on between Meghan, Harry and the British Royal Family is actually a domestic issue which has nothing to do with Meghan’s black mother Doria. Just stop acting like puppy dogs with a bone around Meghan, its embarrassing. This prophetic drama is such that if Black people had any ounce of self-worth, dignity and integrity, they are supposed to stay out of it and just watch everything unfold.

Oh black people, how sad and pathetic can you be, to think you have way bigger issues and problems than Meghan, yet today she stands as your “perfect victim of racism”. Maybe deal privately with your “Meghan Fantasies in your head,” yes she’s the ideal black woman to you, but please please stop demonizing the British Royal Family that you so spend your entire existence seeking validation from. You want to use Meghan to fulfil your twisted fanstasies yet you fail to realize how much you incriminate yourself to the very people you desperately want to accept you. Honestly, I have never seen a people so screwed up in the head.

Make your mind up oh sad wretched people, is the royal family evil or not? Is Meghan Markle black or white?

The Genesis of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean Gasho

3 thoughts on “If The British Monarchy Is So Bad: Why Do Black People Seek Validation From The Queen?

  1. Going a bit off topic but Jean you want your kids to speak “the queen’s English” & not any other African language, how you’re no longer Zimbabwean, could that be self denial from your part too?


  2. My guess is that those black individuals received their awards on merit. Not a word that’s bandied about much these days. These people earned their awards and weren’t about ti give them up. At least, as an individual myself it’s my hope that that’s the case.
    As an individual I judge others by their actions not their skin colour or gender or religion. What’s appalling about the Harry and Megan interview is their unsubstantiated and unquestioned statements. Imagine accusing someone in that family of being racist but refusing to name names. How must they feel? How can they defend themselves? Even the besotted Harry was forced to say that it wasn’t the Queen or Prince Phillip. He knew what sort of public backlash there would be if he hadn’t. As for Archie, if Megan had taken the time to research she’d have known that under rules set down by George V, Archie cannot be a prince because he is too far removed from the line of succession.

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