Anne Boleyn Was A Black Queen: Black British History Series

First of all, I want my readers to read this essay with an honest mind, forgetting everything you have ever been taught in school. I am a historian, journalist, writer and royal commentator in my own right. I am well researched and everything I write is from in-depth research both from an academic, spiritual and divine inspiration perspective, keeping in mind I am a Prophetess. I write nothing but the truth, my pen is not just a pen, it is a force, the voice of God.

My pen is not just a pen, it is a force, the voice of God.

So read this essay as though you are reading the dead sea scrolls which has just been discovered. There is no denying that Britain as we know it today, for centuries has taught even in British schools, the supremacy of the British Empire. In Britain as taught in Schools, Black History only begins with a portrayal of Black people as slaves and servants. The National Curriculum in England: History Programmes of Study states that children should aim to learn about how peoples lives have shaped this nation and how Britain has influenced and experienced influence from the wider world. The barbaric and inhumane British History of colonisation and slavery is somehow romanticized into a picture of the British Empire being some Knight in shining armour to the world. Britain by force, legislation and manipulation has painted a white washed picture to the world that before the transatlantic slave trade, black people were uncivilised savages living in Africa. There is no proper recorded history of black people prior to slavery and colonization. This is a fact.

Before slavery and colonisation, Britain had a large population of Black people at some point, yet today this history is very vague, not openly recorded and obviously hidden and concealed. How do we know that Britain had a very large population of black people even in the 15th Century? When the “alleged” daughter of Anne Boleyn Elizabeth the First took the throne in 1558, she sought to remove Black people from Britain to solve a food crises, this is clear evidence that there was a large number of black people in Britain who were not slaves or servants during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. When they try to record this history, they paint a false picture that these black people in Britain were servants or escaped slaves. This should tell any normal honest thinking person that the true history of the black race, especially in Britain is not honestly recorded.

Even the history of African Roman Emperor Septimus Severus who shaped Britain has been literally whitewashed. A white British historian Dr Simon Elliot did admit on British National Television that the Black Roman Emperor’s images and paintings were changed to portray a white man instead of the black man that he was.

So if it is admitted even by white British historians that Britain changed key black figures to make them white to portray an all white historical Britain, then how many important black people in British History have been whitewashed?

Who were even the original people of Britain? Doesn’t even historical science say that the original Britons were black. DNA evidence has proven that the original inhabitants of Britain were black. So this narration that has been created that there was no black people in Britain before slavery and colonisation is false. The idea that Caucasians are the original people of Britain is simply outrageous. Europe went through a reconstruction period after the renaissance in an attempt to wipe away any trace of Moorish nobility in Europe to conceal the evidence of the true heirs today. It was in fact the Black Moors and Cimarrons who build the civilization of Europe that we know today.

This brings me to the purpose of my essay. I do not care how many Caucasians will get upset at what I am writing. The undeniable truth is that Queen Anne Boleyn of Britain was actually a nappy haired blue black woman, darker than me. The truth is always hidden in plain sight, last year when Channel 5 cast black actress Jodie Turner Smith to portray Anne Boleyn, they were simply hiding the truth in full view. Of course white British people were absolutely enraged. How can a black woman play a white British Queen, they cried out.

Yet, no one today knows on paper what Anne Boleyn actually looked like. After she was cruelly brutally murdered by her husband King Henry VIII, he ordered all her images to be destroyed and made it a crime to own any engraving or pictures depicting her. He made sure her image was erased completely from history. How convenient? I wonder why he did that?

King Henry made it illegal to own an image of Anne Boleyn

So all the white drawings depicting Anne Boleyn are nothing but figments of imaginations. Her images today are simply white-washed depictions of a powerful black woman who was brutally murdered. She looked nothing at all like the so called drawings of her we are given today.

Anne Boleyn looked nothing like this depiction
She looked nothing like this either, even though one can tell they tried to portray her as mixed race
Rather the real Anne Boleyn looked something like this…

How Do I Know That Anne Boleyn Was Indeed A Black Woman?

Firstly, as a black woman who has suffered, and I mean suffered in modern Britain atrocities and inhuman injustices that no eye and ear can believe, even if I was to tell my story, I know in my hearts of hearts, just by the sheer evil and injustices that this woman faced, that she was a black woman. The fact that she was sentenced to death for witchcraft on top of other made up charges, I don’t know how many times I have been accused of being a witch, even today in Ghana, I am being accused of being a witch. Anne Boleyn had a whole strong black woman vibe to her, and I can’t help but relate to her.

Secondly there is but one undisputed image of Anne Boleyn, when she was carrying her first child, as King Henry was so excited believing that she was carrying a son, he had a lead medal of her image made to commemorate the anticipated royal birth of a heir, it was more like a baby shower photoshoot. This is the only authentic image of Anne Boleyn that survived, and it depicts a black woman’s strong facial features.

Undisputed image of Anne Boleyn is that of a black woman

Thirdly Anne was from a black noble family. Her father Thomas Boleyn was an Earl. The fact of the matter is, as projected even in Bridgeton, Britain has always had black people. Not just Black people who are falsely portrayed as servants, but Noble Black people, who were royalty and held positions of power and prestige. As I said in my essay at the beginning, Europe went through a reconstruction period in an attempt to wipe away any trace of Moorish nobility to conceal the evidence of the true heirs today.

Despite the historical lies, Black Nobility has always existed in Britain, and Anne Boleyn came from such a background.

There were black people in Tudor and Stuart Britain

What About Anne’s Daughter Queen Elizabeth I, She Hated Black People And Wanted Them Removed From The British Realms

First of all, I Mary-Tamar was Jean do not believe for a second that Queen Elizabeth the first was the biological daughter of Anne Boleyn. According to my own research, evidence shows that Elizabeth did not even show any ounce of emotion or connection towards her supposed own mother Anne Boleyn. When she became Queen, Elizabeth did not even mention or associate herself with her own mother, who had died a cruel barbaric death. I do not care how Historians try to justify this strange cold behaviour, that she had to be careful not to mention or show her alliance to her own mother because she had been charged with treason. The only normal logical explanation is that the Elizabeth who became the Queen was swapped and was not the biological daughter of Anne. She was an imposter.

When Anne Boleyn gave birth to a daughter instead of a promised son, her husband King Henry VIII suddenly turned on her and became cruel to her. He hated her so much, the hatred was more than the love he had ever had for her. Her baby girl was taken from her and given to nannies/Governesses in a completely different residence. She did not live with her baby, that is how cruel Anne’s world was.

A mother is a mother. No normal child turns against their own mother even when manipulated or separated from their mother, no matter how young. I talk from experience. I have suffered such cruelty, the one Anne Boleyn endured as a mother, here on British soil.

My children were told how evil I was, yet they could never hate me. Even my 5 year old daughter Charo Destiny defended me and would never let anyone talk bad about her mother. Even my little boy Chaka no matter how his mother was ripped from him, his undying love for me and his tears for me spoke for themselves. My baby Chaniya Offeh would still call me “Mummy”. Nothing can separate a mother’s love from her child, and vice versa, not physical separation, not emotional blackmail.

All my 7 children, through fire, manipulation and pain, remained loyal to their mother
My daughters from the youngest to the eldest, no matter what any authority says about me to them, will defend me to the end
My son Kunashe will defend me to the moon and back.
Even my baby boy Chaka knows Mummy is Mummy always
My depiction of the love my son Chaka and I have for each other, simply titled the Mother of Chaka
My depiction of the spirit of a Mother, it stays with her children wherever they be.

My 7 children, no matter how old or young, could never be turned against me. Yet a whole grown woman, Queen Elizabeth I, had absolutely nothing to do with her own “mother”.

Elizabeth did not have anything to do with her mother, because she was an imposter

Elizabeth didn’t even visit Anne’s grave. She didn’t even once pay tribute to her own “mother”, in word or deed who died suffering such cruelty. As a sovereign monarch she had all the power to honour her mother’s legacy, and change the history of the narration of her mother. She could have had her mother engraved in portraits to keep her memory, ordered her remains to be brought to Westminster Abbey for a proper royal burial. Her behaviour towards her own mother was beyond shocking, she was such an emotionless cold woman, who I do not believe was the real daughter of Anne Boleyn.

Even Mary the Queen of Scots she cruelly murdered was honoured and remembered by her son James when he inherited the British Throne. Like I said, as my children portray, a true mother and child bond can never be broken, no matter how young the child is when cruelly taken from its mother. Some defenders of Elizabeth say she was only two years old when her mother was killed, so she had no bond with her mother and wasn’t allowed to talk about her. Yet James VI was only a few months old when he was cruelly separated from his mother Mary Queen of Scots, never to see her again. Yet when he became the King, he still honoured his mother. King James loved his mother, a woman he could never remember, because the mother son love between them was forever. He ordered her remains to be brought to be buried at Westminster Abbey and made an elaborate tombstone for her, and honoured her and changed the narration Elizabeth had made of his mother. Because he was now the King, he had the power to honour his mother.

James honoured his mother who had been falsely charged of treason

Elizabeth never did this, because she was not the daughter of the black Queen Anne Boleyn. If anything she was the enemy of Anne Boleyn, and sought to destroy her people, and expel them from their own land of Great Britain.

This is nothing but the truth about who Anne Boleyn truly was, she was just like me, a nappy haired blue black woman who is passionate about change and true black British womanhood, she was indeed true Black British Royalty…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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