My Husband Kofi Nino Makes History With London’s First Black Mayor Winston McKenzie

Her husband is known in the gates, when he sitteth among the elders of the land, Proverbs 31

Some time last year, just days before our son Chaka was born, my Boaz, Kofi Nino launched LookGold London, a PR firm based in London . LookGold London is a boutique firm specializing in providing bespoke and exclusive services to a hand-selected portfolio of corporate and private clients worldwide.


Papa Kyei 20181211_035747

I remember before Lookgold was launched, my husband had experienced a situation with a client who didn’t understand the value of his services. As a help-mate for my husband, I encouraged him to take his business higher, to a clientele who understood the value of his work as a marketing consultant.

After that conversation I had with him, LookGold London was birthed.

She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life, Proverbs 31

After the birth of LookGold London, I was truly amazed by what my husband was able to achieve.

But recently, his PR firm caught the attention of one of the most prominent black politicians in the United Kingdom, former British Boxer and Reality TV Personality Winston McKenzie.

My husband secured a client who is about to make history not only in London, but in the world.

Politician Winston McKenzie is campaigning to be the First Black Mayor of London in 2020, and all the PR and marketing of this historical campaign will be done by my husband’s company LookGold London.

Winston Mckenzie and Kofi Nino

DSC_0037 (2)

I have so much passion for the black race, and I am truly excited to have my husband be the drive behind the man to make this change possible for black people in the United Kingdom.

For our voices to be heard, for our lives to be changed, we need to have someone who can relate to us to be our representation in London.

Winston McKenzie for First Black London Mayor

With the level of black on black crime in London, especially with the out of control knife crime affecting mostly black people, London needs change, and I know that Winston McKenzie will be the change that we all need.


Congratulations to my husband, I am so excited for you, I know with your LookGold team behind Winston, (First Black Mayor) London will never be the same again.



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