I Defend Princess Anne, Who Is Not A Racist, Against The LIES Of Meghan Markle

I am Mary-Tamar of the North, unknown I may be, small my voice may be, but even a tiny dot in an ocean can sparkle. I am a defender of my realm, I defend all things royal because I love all things royal. I can not sit here and allow a woman, one woman to destroy my country’s reputation. I can not sit here and allow a woman, one woman to destroy one of the Greatest Kingdoms on earth, Great Britain. No one black, white or asian can tell me that this is not my country. My country is United Kingdom, she is one of the most diverse Kingdoms in the world, so when she becomes vulnerable and comes under attack I will defend her.

My mentor, a woman I take great inspiration from, the Mayor of Luton Maria Lovell is a black woman who is my own husband’s god mother. Maria is the leader of one of UK’s largest towns, Luton which is one of the most diverse towns in the UK. There are places in Luton where you forget it’s England, you would think you are in Africa because of how diverse it is. So I will not allow my country, where phenomenal black women like Maria thrives, to be painted as the most racist country on earth because one woman, Meghan Markle did not get her way with the British Royal Family.

The first black “African” Mayor of Luton is my own husband’s god mother Maria Lovell who is of Ghanaian descent.

I stand here today, and choose to defend a woman who equally loves her country like I do. Many people in this world do not even know her, because she always makes it a point that she stays in the background as she fights for her Family and Country. She is every inch a woman of substance and character, just like my Maria. A woman I personally admire. She has strong ethical convictions, and sometimes like me, she has to choose DESTINY over CROWN.

Her name is Anne, Princess Anne or rather Anne, Princess Royal, the only daughter of the Queen.

Anne, Princess Royal

As it is revealed and somewhat confirmed that it was indeed Princess Anne who made comments about baby Archie’s skin tone, I Mary-Tamar will stand on a roof top today and declare that Princess Anne is not a racist. Today, her crime is loving her family and country, which in the eyes of Meghan Markle, has been conveniently translated as racism.

Princess Anne was one of the royal family members who were not keen on Meghan marrying into the royal family, because she could see right through Meghan. She sensed that this woman would bring shame and reproach on her family, so was she was rightfully concerned about her nephew marrying Meghan. Meghan and Harry dated for less than a year before they married. Like Prince William, she could smell danger ahead and warned her nephew to take things slow before rushing to marry an American unknown actress he hardly knew. These genuine concerns about a “rushed marriage” had nothing to do with Meghan having a black/mixed race mother.

Now Harry, being under the spell of Meghan, which he somehow mistakes for true love, would go to Meghan and tell her every little fine detail of the family meetings about his brief courtship to Meghan, including which family member was objecting to her joining the royal family. Meghan was given this ammunition by Harry himself, and as a vindictive woman, she knew that once she’s in the family, she would surely plot her revenge, and her greatest weapon was her “black” side.

Meghan’s revenge was set upon William and Kate, for a number of reasons, one being that William initially objected to her joining the family. Hence she bullied little Charlotte, calling her fat, making the little’s girl’s preparations to be her flower girl absolute hell. Tormenting Princess Charlotte was all part of Meghan’s revenge to William for telling Harry that “You hardly know that girl.” Her revenge plot was so strong she did not want Prince William’s children anywhere near being part of her bridal team.

All this upset Meghan caused to Catherine and William did not appease her anger, she wanted to be vindicated against Princess Anne as well, because the Princess Royale warned Harry not to marry Meghan.

Now, when Meghan was with child, Princess Anne, being a down to earth woman, in a family meeting, did say out loud that she wondered what colour the baby would be, if the baby would be darker like Doria, it’s maternal grandmother. In this family meeting, other things were discussed, like how Meghan and Harry’s baby would be 7th in line to the British Throne, so would not qualify for a title.

So Harry being Harry, angry that his child would not be given a title, and that the Queen was not going to make any special provisions to give Archie a title, then went straight to his wife, and told her word for word of what was said in the meeting.

Now, the scene had been set, Meghan had her ultimate ammunition against the British Royal Family. Because she had never suffered ANY actual racism in the family which bent backwards to accept her, even when other family members objected to her joining, Meghan knew she had NOTHING on the royal family when it came to race. So when Harry came with the fine details of what was said in the family meeting, Meghan rubbed her hands, because now she had it!

If anything Harry is a TRAITOR, what he has done to his family all in the name of pleasing a woman is beyond shocking. He did this because of his jealousy towards Prince William, but in time, he will live to regret selling his family to a Jezebel.

Now back to Princess Anne, as I said in the beginning of my essay, she is a woman I admire, because she is a woman of character and substance. This is a woman, who declined royal titles for her own two children because she wanted them to have a normal life. Her daughter, Zara is the first granddaughter of the Queen, born 6th in line to the throne, born qualifying for a title, yet Princess Anne chose DESTINY over CROWN for her baby girl.

When Princess Anne declined titles for her children, she was not despising the monarchy, or shunning royal life, but she wanted to give her children the chance to choose their own destinies, which would be limited had they had titles. And “Princess” Zara proved her mother’s instinct was right, she is a fun life loving hard working British citizen, who makes her country proud in the world of sports, without riding on a title, rather she rides a horse in her own right, her destiny.

The eldest granddaughter of the Queen, Zara Tindall and her husband former rugby player Mike Tindall.
Zara is a testimony of Princess Anne’s integrity and humility.
Olympian Zara has served her country without using a royal title, but hard work and dedication.

Princess Anne, probably the hardest working royal, is never given the praise and admonition she so deserves. Her children, especially Zara, are a testimony that their mother is a humble woman of admirable character.

Princess Anne’s humble living room speaks volumes on her character and humility.
Princess Anne in Zimbabwe in her capacity as President for Save the children charity.

Now if I am to choose between the testimony of Meghan Markle, a woman with a reputation of lying, bullying, manipulation and disrespecting her husband’s family or Princess Anne a woman who puts her children’s happiness first and goes around the world serving her country without cameras in her face, whose testimony will I believe? When Princess Anne goes to Africa we don’t even know she’s there, unlike Meghan who goes to Africa and invites a TV crew to make the trip all about her, of course I will choose the testimony of the woman whose own life speaks of her integrity.

Meghan in Africa complaining to a TV reporter that “no one asked if she way ok”.

So I stand here today, testifying as a black woman that when Princess Anne wondered what colour of skin Archie would have, that was her just being human. Don’t we all wonder, what our babies will look like, black or white?

I challenge any black person who has never wondered what shade of black their baby would be to be the first to throw a stone at Princess Anne. Black people are even more “racist” in their community towards babies born with darker skin. I find their outrage towards Princess Anne so hypocritical.

As a mother of dark skinned children, I have experienced inhuman cruel remarks about my baby’s dark skin from my own family. My own older brother who lives here in the UK, once looked at my dark skinned baby and frowned with disgust, asking me to explain to him why I had given birth to a very “black baby” as he put it. On social media, I have had Zimbabweans mocking my baby Charo, who is my most melanin blessed baby, that she is way too dark. I have had Zimbabweans on Facebook call my husband inhuman names, like “ape” and accuse me of “bestiality” saying how can a woman like me sleep with a man that “DARK”. They write in native shona, so I can never report these comments to Facebook. I can not explain the pain I have endured, sometimes I have cried, reading the comments from Zimbabweans, who look upon my husband and daughters with disgust because they are dark skinned.

Zimbabweans on Facebook often express their “disgust” at my husband and daughter’s dark skin.

Below are some recent Facebook comments from Zimbabweans expressing their disdain towards my husband’s dark skin, the language is extremely foul and offensive but I can never report it to Facebook as they write in Shona, Zimbabwe tongue.

So when I see these Zimbabweans, the same who torture me for having a dark skinned husband and dark babies, being outraged that “A member of the British royal family was supposedly concerned about Archie’s skin”, my blue black brown skin crawls at the sheer hypocrisy and wickedness of these people.

As a blue black nappy haired black woman, I cringe at the hypocrisy of black people over this “race” scandal created by Meghan.

Both Meghan and Harry know the reason why Archie does not have a title, he is simply not entitled to one, nothing to do with his skin colour, which is WHITE by the way. The funny thing is that when Meghan was pregnant, both her and Harry insisted that they didn’t want the title for Archie anyway, because they wanted him to have a normal life. I remember reading that somewhere. Another funny thing is, even black people wondered what skin tone Archie would have, they prayed he would come out BLACK, black like my baby Charo, so they would feel relevant that a white Prince and a mixed race white looking woman had birthed a “black” royal baby.

Black people were praying that Archie would come out looking like Charo.

So may the Lord God expose the hypocrisy of the black people who support Harry and Meghan, throwing stones at Princess Anne for being a racist when they are far worse at being “racist” to their own kind. May the Lord God vindicate Princess Anne, whose words and sincere actions have been twisted by a manipulative woman set to destroy her kingdom.

May the Lord God expose the deception of Meghan Markle…

The Genesis of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

18 thoughts on “I Defend Princess Anne, Who Is Not A Racist, Against The LIES Of Meghan Markle

  1. Not being funny but your agenda is showing, not once did Meghan say Princess Ann was racist, not once either harry or Meghan say that it was ann who said it and as it was said to HARRY not Meghan, why is your story yet again directed at her

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Meghan is the one who brought it up to Oprah and portrayed the question about how dark Archie would be as racism instead of curiosity. It has been revealed that the person who said it was Anne which Anne nor Harry or Meghan has not disputed so Meghan did say Anne was a racist and Harry backed her up. They just didn’t say her name when they accused her.

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      1. So what Meghan brought it up, we have no proof apart from a YouTube video that it was even ann in the first place, as the lady who YouTube video wasn’t there how does she know and it still doesn’t take away from the FACT that Meghan never said it was ann or that ann was racist in the first place and if she really believes this why is the story not about harry too, as it was him it was said too he could of set it straight at the time or if it wasn’t said that way said so and it would of been cut from the interview especially as he also help produce the interview

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    2. Well said, this is what I have been telling people. Sone of the black people are real hypocrites. The colour of the skin or appearance of the child is always in the midst of people’s minds when a woman falls pregnant. I wonder where Megan and all her followers get this hypocrisy from. I am fed up of this racist card. If the British were all that racist, why does it have so many immigrants from all the 4 corners of the world than any other country. And everyone is a racist in their own way. Stop making these people feeling guilty who have welcomed you in their country. You have shut them all up afraid of saying any word. As I said everyone is a racist or practice tribalism.in one way or another


      1. And all Anne brought up was about her being American that culturally she may not appreciate the British monarch. She thought she was unsuitable. Nothing at all about race.


    3. Not sure about the whole “agenda” thing – you may be right, no names were confirmed and everyone is just guessing. Still.. nice to see this article, defending someone who is being accused (even if not by H&M directly) but will never speak out to defend herself on the matter

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  2. You’ve said what many are saying this morning, that Anne is more than a match for the devious pair of brats. And quite rightly described her impeccable character. I appreciate the way you point out the racism you face from your own people and I hope they’re ashamed of themselves. Sorry you’ve dealt with that. Your little baby girl is beautiful, truly. You and your husband and all your children are beautiful inside and out.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I so enjoy reading about you and your thoughts and opinions. You are lovely and kind. Look forward to more articles in the future. Much love and respect from Ripley Mississippi 🇺🇸


    1. I really like all you have pointed out in your comments. Indeed, you are right! Thank you so much for widening people’s thinking about someone’s skin colour. I have all my friends who come from different countries (black, white, brown, Asians, etc.) and we are not bothered whether one is lighter or darker. We treat each other with respect. And that is the most important thing we care….RESPECT.


  4. Hello from a very cold Easter weekend in the NorthEast! I cannot help myself…every article you write is better than the last one of yours I’ve read! I’m happy I have found your blog&so enjoy reading it! I think your babies are just absolutely precious ❤as ALL babies are. I am so sorry people are ugly to them and to you. You do not deserve that treatment nor do innocent children. It is obvious you love your family. Your entire family are lovely–inside&out. Please ignore the idiots and know not ALL people are ignorant. Please forgive my gushing fan-girl-ing!!!!!!!😂😂
    Much l I very from you #1 (self-appointed😂) Fantasy,
    Carol Anne

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  5. You have a beautiful baby and thank you for all that you share. I’m so sorry that you receive racist comments about her. That’s very sad.

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  6. You keep posting essay after essay making accusations about events the details of which you can’t possibly know. Meghan has never said anything about Princess Anne. You have no idea of anything she may have said in private conversations with Duchess Kate or to little Princess Charlotte, or to anybody else for that matter. You are just another person shamelessly exploiting the vitriol directed at Meghan to gain attention for yourself. Gross.

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  7. I’m unsure where you received your information about Princess Anne, outside of a person (Colin), who, in her interview with an Australian news show, couldn’t really provide evidence on the contrary. The interviewer blew holes in her accusation, like having her admit on the record that she NEVER met Meghan, that she is not in touch with/spoke directly to Princess Anne or Prince Harry. So, where did she get her intel to state this?.

    Also, where are you getting this information about Princess Charlotte being called fat by Meghan?? Is your source legitimate or simply gossip? Let’s be real – if what is being said was true, it would’ve 1) made news, period. Why would ANYONE stand idly by and allow a grown adult berate a child like that?? Forget protecting anyone – you don’t berate a young child’s self esteem like that. 2) showed that Kate made a very bad choice in allowing her child to continue to be in a situation where, any other parent would’ve protected the child by pulling her out of the wedding. No questions asked.


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