Why As A Black Woman I Believe Piers Morgan Is NOT A Racist

Black people in general are very hateful, well they are towards me anyway. They are very hateful towards the truth. Personally I’ve suffered more trauma in the hands of black people, especially Zimbabweans, so much they make white people seem like ANGELS. As a writer each time I write the TRUTH for black people so that they can be delivered from their curse of SELF-HATE, I get nothing but HATE back from them. So as a black woman, I’m loyal ONLY to myself, my children, my husband and the God I serve. I owe black people no loyalty because frankly they don’t deserve it.

As William Shakespeare said, “To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.”

I was born in an African country I never want to return to, as Donald Trump simply put it, it’s an absolute SHITHOLE. Spiritually speaking, its proper cursed, but right now I won’t go there. The people of that African country (Zimbabwe) have been nothing but evil to me, I wasn’t even spared by my blood family. I have a mother who absolutely despises me, and when I told my story of how growing up in my mother’s house was so traumatic that I tried to take my life at 16, Zimbabweans laughed and literally abused me more for (speaking against my mother) which is a taboo in their culture. Unlike privileged Meghan, I have no black people to “rally” behind me when I tell my story, which is frankly speaking HELL compared to her royal paradise.

I love the United Kingdom so much, it’s my home. When I left Zimbabwe 21 years ago, that was the biggest breakthrough of my life. Upon arriving in UK, I met and married  a Zimbabwean man whose family treated me like no animal can ever be treated. If you think Meghan Markle has had it rough with the royal family, her in-laws, I look at her and think “Woman, they treated you like a GODDESS.”  

Upon my divorce from the abusive Zimbabwean man, here in the UK, as he took me to court trying to take my children from me, it was a BLACK woman judge who took his side,  and made my life a living hell whilst I was a single mother, she had no mercy at all for a fellow black woman. My lawyer who was an Asian woman said to me, “I have dealt with so many cases like yours Jean, but I can’t understand why this judge takes your ex-husband’s side when it so clear how abusive your ex husband is. This is all very weird.” She then told me I could change the judge in the custody case, a right I had no idea I had. So I told my lawyer to request a new judge for me. 

I remember praying that God would give me a WHITE MALE JUDGE specifically. I prayed that I would not get a black judge, because throughout my ordeal of abuse from the church and from my husband, for some reason, when it was a white professional men dealing with my case, be it a police officer, judge or even doctors, the white men I had dealt with understood my plight and pain better than black people. 

So God answered me and gave me a White Male Judge. And with that boom, the white male judge, saw right through my evil ex-husband and told him never to harass me again and banned him from the children and the case was closed, after almost a two year ordeal. Yes it was a white man who delivered me from the claws of my ex-husband, something a black female judge failed to do, in fact she made my life hell.  

Have I suffered racism in the UK, bloody hell of course I have, but the racism I’ve faced from white people is NOTHING compared to the HATE I’ve suffered in the hands of black people. If I am given the choice to pick the two, hatred from black people or racism from white people, I’m afraid I will gladly pick the latter.

I hear the Meghan Markle defenders saying, unless you have walked her walk, you cant judge her. So I have explained my walk, which I believe no other black woman has ever walked on this earth, so I believe no black hypocrite has the audacity to judge me.

With that, I’m going to end this essay by defending Piers Morgan because I am a fan of his. I really did enjoy watching Piers on Good Morning Britain. I always found myself agreeing with almost everything he said, EVERYTHING. I only watched GMB when he was on, when he was off the show was way too boring for me. So no wonder why since he left GMB two days ago, the show has lost over 200 000 viewers.

And in all my honesty, I enjoyed everything he said about Meghan Markle, and I understood his opinions of her and where his anger was coming from. From what I understand, when Meghan Markle was not known and she was trying to be famous in the UK, she contacted Piers Morgan so he could have her on GMB to give her exposure in the UK. They went for a drink together. However when Meghan Markle met Harry she then cut Piers off, just like that. She went on to invite A list celebrities she had never even met in her life to her wedding, but didn’t invite Piers the guy she first contacted for her UK breakthrough. If I was Piers I would be damn angry too, I hate being used and discarded, I’ve walked that walk too by the way, in the hands of black people, so race has nothing to do with the Piers versus Meghan saga , besides, Meghan is but a white woman.  

If Piers was racist towards Meghan Markle, he wouldn’t have agreed to meet her and put her on his show. I am sure there are a lot of racist white men in the UK, but Piers Morgan certainly isn’t one of them, not to Meghan Markle anyway.

The Genesis of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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  1. I so enjoy reading your essays. You are so strong and brave! I am an American w woman and I pray blessings for you and your family! And I pray you keep writing and calling out the truth!

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