Why As A Black Woman My LOYALTY Lies With Prince Philip Not Rapper DMX

So this morning I received a very nasty message from a woman who has followed me for years, she was telling me that she was was no longer a follower of mine because I did not pay any tribute to American rapper DMX but instead I chose to honour Prince Philip whom she called a racist who never cared about black people. She said apparently I am licking the ‘as**s’ of white people for fame and money. I was actually hurt by this message because this woman was one of my followers I considered a true fan, she always wrote to me, she said I inspired and encouraged her, and she called me her Queen. Today I woke up to a very disrespectful message from her because I didn’t write a Tribute in honour of DMX. But my husband told me not to not fight with her but shake the dust off and journey on. My husband said instead of replying her, if I was that upset, I was better off writing it off in a blog.

The thing is, I have had to delete comments from black people, Zimbabweans especially on my Facebook page who have a serious problem with a black woman like me passing their condolences regarding the passing of the Duke. Because of the colour of my skin, somehow to many black people believe its morally wrong for me to mourn Prince Philip. It’s in times like these I believe men like Dr Martin Luther King and William Wilberforce risked their lives for black people to be free in vain, they must be turning in their graves, because right now it seems like all their hard work was all for nothing. I feel like in 400 years since the slave trade, this is a kind of a new wave of racial war history has not seen, especially during this generation, there is just way too much racial anger out there.

I blame one woman who is carrying a spirit of perdition for all this racial anger and division, yes Meghan Markle is very much at the centre of all that is happening today when it coms it race and division.

Black people who were posting condolence messages of Prince Philip to black facebook groups were met with angry messages like below, where they were told the black groups had nothing to do with the Duke as he is apparently burning in hell, and they were told to focus on DMX who apparently was the true ROYAL who is in heaven right now.

Even the honourable Ghanaian President, whom I have so much respect for because my husband is from Ghana, a man who is normally loved and respected by his people, is being viciously attacked by the people of Ghana for sending his condolences to the Queen. Its even shocking to my husband and I because Ghanaian people are normally very calm collected loving people, I consider them the cream of Africa, yet today they can not even stand with their president and they believe he is a sell out and worse for just saying, ‘Rest in peace, Prince Philip’. Honestly the damage Meghan Markle has caused on this earth is beyond unforgivable. She has single handedly managed to take away the decent sanity and humanity the world once took for granted and enjoyed, so much that today a respected president in Africa can not even send his condolences to the British Crown without being mobbed by his own people. Yet Ghana is a member of the Commonwealth.

Now as Ghanaian President is being attacked in Ghana for saying something humane in the wake of death of a British Prince, back here on British soil, British people are upset with British sports champion Lewis Hamilton because he chose to mourn the American rapper whilst saying absolutely NOTHING about the passing of the Duke of Edinburgh.

I am not a fan of Lewis Hamilton, and I truly believe that he shouldn’t have accepted the Knighthood if he feels so much disdain towards the British Royal Family, that’s hypocrisy. It sounds like he hates the monarchy so much, so why on earth did he accept the Knighthood? He is a double minded man, and ironically lacks the honour and integrity the man he is shunning, Prince Philip had. Maybe he was afraid that if he sent condolences to the Queen, black people would turn on him, since he has been quite vocal about Black Lives Matter. Oh well, at least Prince Philip was always true to himself, a better man he was than Hamilton. With Hamilton, one minute he is proudly British when it suits him, and the next minute he hates the monarchy when it suits him, or when he’s being a coward. So I can understand the anger of the British people.

Yes as a Knighted British citizen he should have sent condolences to the Queen, that’s the moral obligation he has and least he could have done, but then again it is within his “rights” to grieve whomever he wants, even when he is wrong. The British people who love the monarchy should also allow people to express their “wrongs” like Lewis is without being attacked, sadly, or rather beautifully, that’s democracy.

Now this brings me to the black people who are angry with me for not mourning American rapper DMX. It’s sad that I have to say this since the poor man is departed, but since black people want to know why I never acknowledged or paid any respects to DMX but chose to honour the life of the Duke instead, here it is. I can not pay any respect or tribute to a serial criminal, a drug dealer and addict, a deadbeat father to some of his seed, a man who tortured animals. The man fathered 15 children with 9 different women for goodness sake, and he chose not to be responsible for most of those scattered seeds he planted in multiple women. Black people may say DMX turned into the criminal he was, and became a dead beat father to some of his children because he had a troubled childhood as an underprivileged black statistic child, and never had a father figure in his life. Well Prince Philip actually had a more troubled childhood than that of DMX and he didn’t have any “white privilege” during his childhood, but he grew up to be the very opposite of what life should have turned him into. Both DMX and Prince Philip had the same troubled start, both were without a doubt GREAT MINDS, yet one became a criminal and a deadbeat father and the other became a loving husband and father and dedicated his life to service. So who then deserves the honour of my pen? Should I honour people based on colour of their skin or on their character?

As for DMX’s music, great it may have been to many black folk but it never inspired me, I don’t even know a single song of his. So I have nothing to pay tribute to. As a mother of 3 black boys, my prayer is that I will never raise any of my boys for them to turn out to be a man like DMX. He is no role model to my sons.

As a mother of black of 3 black British boys, I would rather my boys learn life lessons through the life of the Duke. My oldest son already understands the art of serving his country. By the age of 9, he was featured in the local paper in Milton Keynes, and made history by designing a flag for his then borough, Eaglestone. Today my son has a landmark of the work of his hands and the dedication to his country on British soil. Last Sabbath as I taught my children about the life of Prince Philip, my oldest son told me that what he learnt from the life of the Duke was that he has to work hard in school, like how Prince Philip worked hard and became a head-boy, and he said if he works hard, God will do the rest. How can my oldest son then learn anything from the life of DMX? Should I teach my boys to be like DMX, that it’s okay to do drugs, go around the country fathering children you don’t look after, and spend your life in and out of jail then became a great artist and somehow that makes you a HERO? No, rather, it’s their life privately, how they treat their wives and children, how they serve their communities, which will make them true heroes.

My first-born son made history in the UK by designing a flag for his borough, and was honoured by councillors, community figures, school teachers, local parents, other children, local papers and reporters.
My son, who is proudly British, last Saturday said the Duke of Edinburgh inspired him to work hard at what he’s good at, art.
It was a very emotional moment for me captured by my loving husband, as I looked up at my son’s work. The flag he drew of the Eagle reminded me of my long journey of life, and how all my hardships have allowed me to fly like an Eagle especially when the winds and the storms were most strong.

I have always served my country, even when no one was looking, even through my children, through the lessons I teach them. As black people accuse me of honouring the Duke so that I will get fame and money, I am not seeking validation from the monarchy. I just wrote the tribute, with tears in my ears, knowing that even the Queen may never see it or read it, but because I believe that in life we should never do anything seeking something in return, for only God rewards even the secrets sacrifices we make that no one notices. As King Solomon said, even the birds of the air honour our words, so when I write, the birds take my words to whoever needs to hear them. They may be 5, 10, or a 100 people, but if a little bird carries the words I write to them, and they are inspired by me, then I am achieving my purpose on earth.

It is to them who honour me for what I do, White they may be, Mixed race they may be, Asian they may be, a few Black they may be, whence my reward comes from. I may lose the few black followers I had as I journey on with my pen, but one thing I know is the story of the Iron Duke has birthed a faith in me so strong, like his story was also meant for me, because a little bird also carried his story to me. That is why as a black woman, my loyalty is with the IRON Duke of Edinburgh, not the troubled RAPPER DMX.

The Genesis of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

41 thoughts on “Why As A Black Woman My LOYALTY Lies With Prince Philip Not Rapper DMX

  1. Pay no attention to them. They complain about racism but cannot see that they are racists themselves.

    I am a great believer that you attract what you dwell on. If you dwell on racism, you will attract racism in your life. I have a friend like that. She sees race in everything and has always had problems at work with her white colleagues.

    On the other end of the scale, I have friends and family members who like me were brought up to see character and not colour. None of us has issues at work and are treated with respect and kindness because that is the genuine aura they get from us.

    I feel for some of my black brothers and sisters who want to eradicate racism by being racists themselves.

    Like you, I know of DMX but I can’t name any of his songs. His death is sad like all deaths but there is no connection there while on Saturday, I will not miss Prince Philip’s funeral because as a Black Brit I know more about him than DMX. His death resonated with me more, absolutely nothing to do with colour!


    1. Prince Phillip had no character. You obviously do not know the racist Royal Family history. Also, Prince William wants to depopulate Africa. Doesn’t matter how many degrees a black man has in his pocket, at the end of the day he is black within a white institution. Yes, it is great to view a person by their character, not their color, however, that isn’t how it works in a white narcissistic society. I acknowledge their color has a power structure behind it, and will always treat them how I want to be treated until they mess with ME or my people. White society looks at color first, unfortunately. And pretending they do not, is foolish.

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    2. How you not embarrassed? you really wrote all of that to defend sending condolences to a racist Prince and a demonic family over DMX an iconic staple? Having patriotism for a country that doesnt even really want you smh God take the chains off our minds or send the flood

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    3. in my opinion you are very wrong about dwelling on racism and attracting it unless you are trying so hard to fit in and be one of them and not being true to yourself


  2. This is why Africa is the poorest continent on earth. This is the kind of people the west puts into position of power.


    1. Exactly. She obviously does not know the racist history of the British Royal Family. She doesn’t get that the Prince will look good and virtuous on the outside, but on the inside, have sinister ways like how the British tore up Africa for its resources.

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  3. The royal family is a grift. A comparison between a deceased entertainer and a deceased Royal is silly. One has nothing to do with the other. People are free to be inspired by whatever they want, but lucky British Royals are no better then “commoners”, and rappers are a motley crew.

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  4. 🤣 You’re reaching sis….no, you’re bugging. Go get some therapy. Girl bye!

    R.I.P DMX the realest. 🙅🏿‍♂️


  5. You are not an American African so you don’t get it and that’s fine. Co condolences to both groups is fine to me. However, to praise a man who was indeed a racist and blame it all on Meghan Markle for talking about her experience with the royals is dangerously naive. They are only royal because they claim themselves to be they are NOT special.


  6. Prince Phillips was a racist that hated black people. And you want your son to look up to him. You need to get some psychology help.


  7. You’re a pathetic disgusting sellout slug and traitor. Prince William, and his ancestors’ helped to colonize and destroy Africa and your pathetic ass is capping for him. His family has the blood of your ancestors on their hands as well as yours since you identify with the oppressor. Go to hell with Prince William


  8. Purely pathetic trash. Some black people are so ignorant of history it’s sickening and pathetic. You should be ashamed of yourself for writing this disgusting , ignorant article


  9. I don’t know if this woman is a Christian but in case she is maybe she read the book of Matthew 7:7 about how the Almighty treated people like DMX opposed to Miss ” Perfection” what the scripture says about judging others. Most of the people god blessed weren’t perfect but he used them to do positive things while people like her got punished for downing people like DMX.

    Honestly, DMX did have his inner demons but I would rather for my children to look up to a person like him that that woman. If anything is that anybody can teach you valuable life lessons…even if they are flawed. My 5 grade teacher was a teen mom, a guy who has a degree and worked at a college I attended was a former gang member and one of my classmates who has a bad reputation as a ” ho” came out to be a great elementary school teacher.

    I would consider these people to be great models before her because of the lessons they teach my kids about their past, how bad it was for them and for them not to repeat their mistakes. The message that I get from this lady is to kiss up… you’re British nobody won’t look down on you and to put down Black men/ people.

    She mentioned for her boys to be like Dr.King. I wish she would leave his name out of this because he wasn’t a bootlicker. He and his friends were jailed for wanting equal rights for Black and other minorities like me. He took chances while she think that taking the easy way out by putting down Black people.

    While there were some things I struggled with with Meghan Markle, I admire get for her honesty and standing up for her self. I think about the racism she dealt with..the racist cousin who gave her a broach that symbolized racism, someone wondering about the color of kid and her not getting protection for Queen Elizabeth’s own flesh and blood. It also doesn’t help that Prince Phillip made racist comments about Asians.. wow! Now why would I want to worship a monarchy that doesn’t have my back and spit on me for the color of my skin?In spite of Princess Di being divorced/ separated from Charles,they didn’t want her to be with Dodi El Fayed because he was Arab/ Muslim. And she want us to worship that family? She may as well worship Neo Nazis.

    I feel bad for her boys. Sure they should be proud of where they came from,but she should also be honest with them: they’re Black and it doesn’t matter how many degrees,honorable titles,great jobs or great environments they’re in to White society they will always be looked at as ” N’s”. If a mixed race duchess like Meghan is disregarded as such what make her think she’s better than her?

    If I had sons like her ,the only people I would want them to look up to is his Black father,Black male relatives( if there good guys) and God. For her to say that she’ll put a racist prince before her own is sad. Sooner or later,a racist will tell them what color they are and I don’t mean in a good way.

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    1. So someone with family ties to the Nazis,have made racist comments, etc. gets your condolences but a black man doesn’t? You must be African and not a Foundational black American because so many African countries still adopt the ways of Europe from back when they colonized Africa amd tou all foolishly still show loyalty to a “royal” family that saw Africans as savages.

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      1. Racist ties to Nazis?! If you knew anything about Prince Philip’s life, while he was still a boy in boarding school in Scotland, his mother was in an asylum and his father married off his 2 sisters to German officers BEFORE WW2.

        Prince Philip is seen walking behind her coffin in Germany again before WW2 as a teenager next to his brother in law. He wasn’t old enough to be in the service yet!

        Make ZERO MISTAKE, Prince Philip is an actual war hero. Saving untold lives with quick thinking as a low rank officer in the Pacific as well as fighting against the German UBoats.

        How is a BRITISH Royal naval officer (all officers are Royal Navy) a Nazi?
        Because his sister was forced to marry one before the WAR?!

        Half this man’s family was killed by Bolsheviks!

        Check out the life history of his mother! Incredible woman, deaf, went truly nuts was forced into institution and during the war hid Jews in Greece before having to flee herself.

        She lived in Kensington Palace for a few years before it was fixed up under Margaret, it was falling apart with leaking roofs.
        Did Princess Alice complain? No. She SERVED. She only took public transport and refused any chauffeur car.
        Such is the real life of Royal service.

        Want to hear an intelligent black women who knows what is going on in the world; listen very closely to Michelle Obama.
        She has Markles number too from 100 paces away.
        Had they quit their jobs due to racism they never would have been in the White House!


  10. The Royal Family is a racist institution. Prince was part of that. Not sure how you do not know that. The Prince IS supposed to look virtuous and pure but really is the devil( I am speaking of the institution). OR a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They have destroyed Africa for its resources. So your celebrating them is like celebrating the racism they have for YOU and Africa. I get you are not American Black, so you just do not understand. There is a reason the Ghanian people had an issue with the President. Racism is not about loving or liking someone, it is about POWER and superiorty over groups deemed inferior. Why would the African people celebrate anyone in the Royal family that destroyed Africa? You seem like a lovely person but at the same time gullible. I recommend you learn about Machiavellian principles and apply that to the Royal Family.

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  11. Ma’am you missed the boat, many celebrate DMX because not many black men make it out of his situation to garner fame and wealth while still being true to where he came from but that’s neither here nor there. Loving Prince Phillip ain’t go save you or your sons when they find themselves in a situation where racial stereotypes will effect them (DMX got many relatable stories on that)

    Blaming Markle also shows you have some latent colorism issues yourself. Sheeesh ma’am just raise your sons the way you must but disrespecting DMX in favor of Phillips ain’t go save you and the fact it’s alienating your fans should tell you all you need to know…

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  12. Respectfully,

    The fact that you’re not African American can maybe explain why you don’t understand the beauty of DMX’s life (although he was globally loved). What you can teach your sons from his life is not from his mistakes but how he prevailed from all of the odds stacked against him. What seems more odd to me is that you think your sons have more in common with a white Elitist who’s proven to not have black folks best interest at heart. You cannot teach your sons white privilege, despite how intelligent or diligent they are, they are black. Maybe instead of being defensive you should understand where your fan was coming from and do some research on DMX’s life. The man you honored would have no shame in owning us a couple centuries ago, the man you dismissed touched and relates the the lives of those dismissed. Do some research hun, stop reaching. Despite the princes accolades which is what you want your sons to look up to, DMX was a better human being, which should be the end goal. Who cares how much money or power you have if you are a horrible person.

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  13. Firstly, ypu have no right posting screen shots with Facebook users full names on this ‘blog’. It is a breach of GDPR.

    DMX contributed more to more life than the Royal Family / Prince Philip ever did. I am not disrespecting Prince Philip, that’s just how I feel. There is no need for you to cry about the fact some people think differently to you. No need to write an essay on it either.

    Lastly….have they picked you yet sis?…no?! Didn’t think so!


  14. I actually feel sorry for this lady. This blogpost is a prime example as to why Africans (including the diaspora) remain behind the power curve globally. Mental colonization is something serious….

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  15. Dear Jean

    I am sending you notice that I will be making a
    legal claim against you and your article as you have copied and screenshot unauthorized publication of mine on my personal Facebook page and my private information my full name .without my permission.

    You should know that in this industry permission and agreements are important.


    I suggest you make direct contact with me within the next 24 hours or I will take legal action .


  16. Having read your blog, I know understand why that lady wrote to you with such disdain!

    I am truly saddened by your words. Your contempt for a woman that should be seen as a sister to you and I, is awful!
    You have seen how the press treated her. She was attacked from the moment it looked serious between her and Prince Harry. Instead of using your platform to try to enact change to the environment, which would benefit your brothers and sisters. You choose to attack your own people.

    These is not the actions of a queen!
    A queen has people!

    You then attack Lewis Hamilton for failing to mention Prince Philip, but you failed to mention DMX, so your actions are mirrored.
    These are not the actions of a wise queen!
    These are the actions of a hypocrite!

    You are within your rights to send sympathies regarding the Princes death (meant sincerely I realise text has no tone) Death is painful for the loved ones left behind, But do you truly admire the actions of the man that has just passed?
    You furnished him with many compliments, but he showed disdain for our people. Look up how he spoke to the President of Nigeria because he wrote traditional robes!
    Look up how he spoke to a Kenyan woman!
    Look up how he referred to wives as prostitutes!

    Now Look up how Lewis Hamilton has treated black women!

    Your words needlessly tear down your own people!

    I see you, and I pity you!
    You are lost!

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  17. You’re an attention seeker.
    Ignorance is bliss.
    People like you make my blood boil.

    You are an embarrassment and a disrespect to our ancestors.

    Classic case of Stockholm syndrome.
    I hope your sons don’t get stop and searched and continually harassed by police in this institutionally racist country like so many of our men.

    By the way, I hope you get sued by the people who you screenshoted their messages without their permission in a private Facebook group.

    Let’s see if your white saviours will help you then.

    You have an empty headed coconut brain, you obviously don’t know your history and are like a tree without roots.


  18. Your argument is simplistic and based off incomplete and inaccurate evidence. It is unfair and extremely judgmental that you point out the personal flaws of DMX but did not do the same for Prince P. Also notable, DMX became born again and turned his life to Christ. He preached redemption and the Gospel until his death and with the same grace that Jesus Christ used to cancel out his sins and not hold them against him, you should do the same because he had only just started to turn his life around. I’m sure if he was granted more years on earth he would have continued to heal his relationships with his children. In addition, the reason DMX became addicted to drugs was because someone spiked a blunt with crack without his knowledge at the age of 14 and gave it to him. Addiction is an illness and that man was sick. He tried as best as he could to overcome, notably in the last years of his life through the help of Jesus Christ. I recommend you read the below article because if your justification for not mourning DMX is his mistakes then you should also be aware of the mistakes of the one you choose to mourn which were rooted in inherent racism.

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  19. Why these folks look up to Meghan who’s claims to fame is marrying a white man is beyond me.

    I like many Americans thought that Philip was a racist myself until I researched his life and was close to people who served as his RPO overseas. (They too have passed).

    Through education all things are possible.
    People are multifaceted and no one was a greater paradox than Prince Philip. A man of a different generation but a man who supported his wife and HOST country with unfailing duty and honour!
    There’s so much we could all learn from Prince Philip.
    I sincerely hope that my fellow Americans can see sooner than later that respecting the Monarchy is like respecting the military. Indeed the Queen herself is the Commander in chief of the armed forces. Like the US President is.

    Im sure many of these same folks bashing you in very ‘American English’, who themselves likely VOTED FOR white people for President; and have respect for them but lack the empathy for you and understanding why you find role models within the BRF.
    But I get it.

    These same people are using their black experience in the US to pummel you with insults; without recognizing that the UK and its government is far more diverse than the US.
    Look at all the people of colour in the US Congress. A few only to represent 350 mil people!
    How can they compare experiences?!

    Then they axt like you have never experienced racism in the UK, which is silly but it’s not like the US.
    It’s not comparable to the US.
    As for Meghan, I’d have more empathy for her had she not been the bully.
    Staff aren’t servants but professional people with degrees and decades in service but they also supplied them with young staff and multicultural staff – including Americans!
    Do Americans know that other Americans work for the Crown?!
    Yes they do…
    There’s black and white serving their country through the BRF.
    Meghan behaving high handed and conceited was excused away by the press as American and ‘settling in’ but they have had to seek therapy for her actions.
    Many do not understand the staff is there for you to succeed. Your success is good for the resume.

    Only in time will black Americans get it that MM cannot relate to them; unless they too can get by as white passing?
    Pretty sure most cannot pass like Meghan can or choose to be black Royal but Caucasian on CV for acting?!

    If only all black women had the luxury of blending in so fluidly!


  20. We ought be familiar with the deployment of chaff – namely diversion tactics to circumvent from the true target . I grieve for this sister- for alas she is one of us by dint of her race- something we have been saddled with for ages- a veneer with a rotten core . Granted this sister would be perfectly entitled to veer in the stolid direction she has chosen to take. What is glaring is how she attacks each & every thing we prod . Hence why I cited chaff in the first place. She is the chaff of our group- almost an agent proveture . Hell bent on being the devils advocate. Here then is a classic case for sterilisation, already she has replicated three of her kind busy designing flags et al . God help us for as long as the chaff is in our midst the target will be missed. Most gains relegated as we bicker amongst ourselves. The think tanks could not have come up with a Mir stifling stratagem 🦉


  21. Some of the ones decrying Prince Philip support Meghan Markle who married a royal who made racist remarks in the past and dressed as a Nazi. Maybe they actually believe that Meghan never googled her future hubby who is a Prince so never knew of Harry’s past lol.

    They make excuses for Harry saying he was younger and didn’t know better and after marrying Meghan his eyes have been opened. If that’s the case, we can make excuses for the slave trade too by saying it was a different era and people did not know better. We can also say if Prince Philip made any racist remarks, he did not know any better but enlightened Harry has now shown him the way lol.

    Their beloved Meghan who does not use Google and is highly uneducated had no clue about the “colonial racist institution” she was marrying into. I’m sure she was shocked when she saw Buckingham Palace too. They indeed dragged her kicking and screaming to marry into such a family and then when she got there they took away her phones, put her in a dungeon so she wouldn’t leave lol.


  22. What a lovely picture of your boys and so pleased you are bringing them up to work hard and respect others. What a lovely example to all British people. Prince Philip would be proud. So glad to read the comments of someone who is truly inclusive and without bias. I hope your writings make more people realise that it’s not the colour of the skin but the person within. What community spirit your boys have. You must be so proud.

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  23. I am in full agreement with you my sister and pray the Lord grant you power from strength to strength to boldly speak truth to this moment. Peace be with you.


  24. The delusion and brainwashing here is unfortunately irreversible. She is in the black hole. No hope for this lady. The reason you can sit and pen your blogs from the UK is because the monarchy looted and plundered our resources and killed millions of people. How many people have shed blood allover Africa for independence from the UK… millions upon millions yet we have this minion licking the monarchy. Get yourself some therapy otherwise you will be raising boys that think they are white. Out here in these streets black is black. Systemic racism reigns.. As one DMX said “The game is a lot bigger than you think you know and if you think you know Then, I don’t think you know “


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