Why I Believe The Earth Is Not A Globe, But A Flat Disc

Okay, so I have been very busy lately helping my darling King redecorate our properties, as the Serviced Apartment Season has started booming again, so I haven’t had much time to write.

And also since my handmaiden is out of the country, I have been also busy with chores which I have to say I really enjoy, it’s beautiful being a mother of seven.

I have also been enjoying just some peace and quiet time in the midst of all the busyness…

But I have to say my hands have been itching to pen this essay since yesterday. Something extraordinary happened to me over the past week. At the beginning of the week, I was seeking the face of the Most High, I went before the Lord, imagining His Throne, and behold he gave me Isaiah 66, the whole chapter. I began to meditate on the chapter, it was like a revelation.

“Heaven is my throne, and earth is my footstool…”

The whole chapter then went on to describe the rebirth of Israel, which I believe is currently happening physically. I then had a dream, where I was being told that behold, God is revealing Himself to me, in all His Glory. Then my 16 year old daughter confirming it all came to me with a Tik Tok video showing me how the Milky Way galaxy is so big, how we as humans are so small compared to the size of the solar system, and how there is a possibility of other galaxies that we know not of. I then said to my daughter, “You shouldn’t believe this picture of the Universe they give you, there are no other galaxies, no life elsewhere. We are just here on earth, and that is it, that’s how God created the Universe.”

Then a few days after I said this to my daughter, the most amazing thing happened as the week went on, just like that I found myself presented before me with a flat earth scenario. I have always ignored the flat earth debate, I felt like it wasn’t that important really if the earth was a globe or it was flat, I felt like what was important was that it was created by God. I had always had my questions with a globe earth, it didn’t really make sense to me, but I always put it aside as a “by the way” kinda argument, I had no time for it. But the Most High, after my dream then showed me why it was important to actually know what the earth is like, and why the powers that be have lied to humanity about it.

It then made so much sense to me, like I have been waiting for this revelation all my life, because the whole theory of the Solar system made me have so many questions about creation to be honest, growing up. The theory somehow used to force me to question God, that maybe there are so many other Gods out there, and this God of this Galaxy is just one of many. I believe that that is why the Solar system lie or should I say delusion is presented to us as the truth from childhood, and if you dare question the “atheist scientists” you are the deluded one.

The Lie.
The Atheist Lie.

But I have come to that place where I know the truth about this, and this truth has so set me free. I know without a shadow of doubt that the earth is not a globe, no one has ever proved it to be a globe. No one has ever gone over the whole globe, I mean just 200 Years ago the world didn’t even know that there was another “continent” on this earth called Antarctica. This uninhabited so called continent of ice has literally just been discovered…

So how can one put their faith on a people living on this earth who don’t even know that there is somewhere on this earth where humans can not live? As if thats not enough, the theory of planets from a scientific persperctive keeps on changing. Quite recently, in 1930, after discovery of so called Pluto planet, the planets became 9. In ancient times, there were only 5 planets. Now they have dropped from 9 to 8 planets. Other theories say they are over 15 planets. What is more bizarre about these so called planets is how they came to be in the first place. According to atheist scientists, the planets formed from dust grains which spilt from the sun when the Sun was creating itself from a big explosion of gas from nowhere. Then somehow, from nowhere these dusts gathered together and formed these supposedly huge planets billions of years ago. Surely you have to be some sort of idiot to believe this, which is taught as a fact. And these are the geniuses who teaches us that the earth is a globe.

If you want to know what the Universe looks like, all you have to do is go to the word, everything is in there.

The bible makes it clear that the earth is standing on a foundation. A globe has no foundation. The bible makes it clear that the earth is established firmly, it can not spin or move. What moves is the sun, which is so small compared to the earth. The Sun is not bigger than the Earth, that is a lie from the pits of hell, which causes people to actually worship the Sun, and even have a day dedicated to worshipping false Sun gods calling it Sunday, which Babylonian religion calls it the Lord’s day. The Sun and the Moon and the stars serves the Earth, not the other way round.

The Sun is not the beginning of everything, in fact the Sun worship dates back to Babylon, where the Sun was magnified as bigger than the Earth, as the source of life which holds the Universe together. The so called planets as we know them today were actually Ancient Greek Gods, dating back to the Babylonian Empire, and yet today we are told as fact that these Greek Gods called Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mercury and Mars are actually part of the Universe, some supposedly bigger than the earth.

It is also very important to know that the FLAT EARTH theory is the common theory of how ancient people used to believe the earth was. The earth has always been thought to be a disk by religious ancient people. The theory of a globe earth is actually very recent.

But today, despite al the lies, the truth is still there. Thus says the Lord of Hosts, “Heaven is my Throne, and Earth is my footstool, Isaiah 66” That sums up the Universe. A footstool is not a globe or a ball, a footstool is flat. Heaven is literally right on top of this footstool we call earth. There is a glass ceiling, (firmament) that covers the earth, where no spaceship can ever penetrate. They even know it, hence the saying they came up with, the glass ceiling metaphor. But the glass ceiling is more than a success metaphor, it is actually the greatest realities hidden to mankind.

The glass ceiling metaphor.

That glass ceiling is called a firmament in the book of Genesis, and is the first clue which tells us that the earth is indeed a flat disc, covered by a class curtain spread out, and on top of that curtain is the geographical location of Heaven, which is basically a Throne Room. The glass ceiling is even described for what it is in the book of job. Heaven is not some mysterious space out there in space somewhere far far far away in the galaxy, heaven is just directly on top of this disc. The Most High is very much nearer to us.

The Solar System Theory is a lie from the pits of Hell, orchestrated by the powers that be, who worship Satan to rob the Most High Yah of His glory due to Him. The globe earth theory is a mockery of the Most High. The reason why He is even called the Most High is because He is sitting on his Throne above the Earth. And the so called Antarctica, which was only discovered 200 years ago, is the great ice wall at the end of the earth disc, that’s why no aeroplane can ever fly over the Antarctica. The earth being a flat disc makes so much logical sense, I would be a fool not to believe and see such plain naked truth, its not exactly rocket science, literally.

This is very important, because if you can never know where you are geographically, or where you came from, or where you are going, you can never see Most High in all His Glory. The only reason why God created this disk called the earth was so that he can put people and nature on it for his glory, to worship him. As the Maker decided to build himself a THRONE, a historical event where time began, which is recorded in Genesis chapter one, because He is the King of Kings, He then decided to make a footstool where people dwell, to worship him and be part of the Throne of glory, but only at His feet.

And the Most High Yah has so very blessed me with a husband, my very own Boaz who understands and believes what the Lord reveals to me. So yes, I did speak to my Lord Husband about this Revelation, the King of the North, who is also building his glorious Throne Room in His Kingdom and he said to me, “My Prophetess, the King of Kings really does reveal Himself to you, I have never believed that the earth spins around the Sun, it sounds quite stupid, it doesn’t make sense at all, and everything you have said makes logical sense.”

And there is a reason why this revelation of a flat disk earth is now unveiled for such a time as this, because of the season the world is about to enter…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

5 thoughts on “Why I Believe The Earth Is Not A Globe, But A Flat Disc

  1. Earth is observably a globe shape. I would love to discuss how how I know this and how you can know this as well. All of our observable reality shows us that the earth is a globe.


  2. You reject the scientifically verifiable fact of the globe Earth because of your religious belief. The world will never make sense to you because of your religious perspective. It’s your choice, and you can live like that all your life without a negative effect, unless for some reason reality comes crashing down on you.
    As for myself, I care if what I believe is true or not. I cannot knowingly live a lie just for the sake of obedience. Surrounding yourself with opulence does not validate your belief.


  3. I used to believe that the earth is a globe. It was brainwashed into my head from the moment I stepped into the education system as a toddler. I understood the whole concept of the globe, the sun, planets and stars. I understood the speeds they go around the sun and towards other galaxies.
    I then found out about the flat earth and I wasn’t convinced despite arguments like the curviture, the firmament, moon landing and many more facts.
    I then looked into the bible and realised that the globe theory is the greatest deception of all time seeking to discredit and belittle the King of Glory.
    Jean I promise you that your article will be removed by Google. They are pulling down everything about flat earth on the net including YouTube. Why? Because they dont want us to know that there is one God and He is the Highest.
    I agree with you sis. The bible says people perish because of lack of knowledge.


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