The 7 Deadly LIES Of Meghan Markle

So this afternoon something really strange happened, I had just read that it has been confirmed that Meghan lied that she got married secretly to Harry 3 days before her grand royal “circus” wedding as she put it. So I sat down, my hands itching to write something about it, and as I was reaching out for my laptop on the sofa, a title came up in my head, The 7 Deadly LIES of Meghan Markle. As I started typing, my 6 year old daughter was watching a You Tube video, Game Theory I think it’s called, about scientific Facts and stuff, and lo and behold, the guy in the cartoon said, “It’s a scientific proven fact that humans in general are very bad at detecting LIES. Apparently according to research a very few people in this world are able to detect lies. Wizards of deception detection are Rare Individuals, who are naturally born lie detectors”. I couldn’t believe that as I was sitting there about to write the 7 Lies of Meghan, on my TV screen, there was a program about rare people who can detect lies, and it went on to say that these rare individuals are able to evaluate if strangers are lying using facial expressions, because a lot of their abilities comes with recognising micro level changes to vocal and physical hues, that the better grasps they have on a person’s speech patterns the better they can detect the lies. So as I listened to the “Voice of God” on my TV, yes God speaks in many ways, I knew there was no better confirmation that I had to pen this blog!

Now I remember the night the Oprah bombshell interview was playing on TV, I kept telling my husband that she’s lying, because her facial expressions alone where just not normal for a person sharing an ordeal, half the time she had a smirk on her face.

And Harry looked so uncomfortable, like he knew that she was lying, and had to play along. The sad thing is most people, especially black people watched the interview “crying” on behalf of her because apparently it was “the saddest thing they had ever seen and heard.”

Anyway, as for me, after my confirmation this afternoon, I believe I am doing the Lord’s work with my Meghan Markle collection series, so these are the 7 lies of Meghan I have detected in her journey to brand herself as the ultimate victim of racial injustice in this world.

  • Deadly Lie Number One

BBC Interview, “I didn’t know about Harry before I met him.”

She had a blog before she met Harry, where she wrote about Kate’s royal wedding….she travelled to the UK with a friend at 15 as a tourist to see Buckingham Palace. I won’t say any more.

  • Deadly Lie Number Two

“I don’t read any tabloids about me, positive or negative. I don’t watch anything at all about me.”

Umm, okay, but she filed a complaint to ITV to get Piers Morgan fired after she had watched him talk about her….

  • Deadly Lie Number Three

Oprah Interview “I do not know who Samantha Markle is.”

Umm, yes you do she is your half-sister, you grew up with her remember, you saw her often in your father’s house where you spent half of your childhood, you even have pictures of you together when you were both children and adults, so how do you NOT KNOW her? It’s better to refuse to talk about her, and not say anything at all, than tell a very obvious lie that you do not know a person you grew up seeing and living with.

  • Deadly Lie Number Four

Oprah Interview “We had our private marriage three days before, then had the circus royal wedding for the peasants, which they paid for by the way, to make them happy because they are so obsessed with me because I am so important and the peasants are not.”

Lol, I don’t think she phrased the deadly lie like that but that’s exactly how it sounded in my ears…and well well well…look what’s emerged…I’m trying to find a logical explanation for this deadly embarrassing lie, did she mistake a rehearsal for a wedding? Oh well…

  • Deadly Lie Number Five

Oprah Interview, “Archie was not given a title because of the shade of his skin.”

Umm, Archie is a white boy, his Daddy is white, His Mama is 80% white, so how is Archie black? As for the title, she knew very well that he wasn’t given a title because of royal protocol, and he was going to get the title anyway when Charles, or William took the throne. Anyway, for a couple that is desperate to leave the evil royal family and live a private life and raise Archie as a normal child, why fight and cry over the title?

  • Deadly Lie Number Six

Oprah Interview, “There were concerns about Archie’s skin tone.”

I am appalled by racism in all its forms as I’ve been a victim of it from black people, my daughters have also suffered abnormal racism from black people including family members, my husband who is very dark skinned has been ridiculed, mocked and even called an “animal” by Zimbabweans for having dark skin, but Meghan being mixed race and having black relatives from her mother’s side knows very well that people get “concerned” about baby’s skin tone, especially Indians, Asians and Black people. This is actually the NORM among people of colour, so why she was up there acting like an abomination was committed is beyond me. And Oprah pretending to be shocked saying “WHAT!” She knows more than anyone that black people are always “concerned” about a baby’s skin tone, especially before they are born. Black people pray for lighter babies, even Oprah will know that.

  • Deadly Lie Number Seven

Oprah Interview, “I was denied help when I was pregnant and suicidal.”

Even I, a black woman with no privileges, has had the best antenatal care the world can ever offer in the United Kingdom, where I had carers, midwives, and consultants at my disposal, only a phone call away, 24/7 throughout my 7 pregnancies. Before covid, I had midwives come into my house, I had regular appointments with allocated consultants who do not only check on your baby’s welfare, but yours too especially. In the UK, a pregnant woman is told that if she feels anything at all, low or sad or is worried about anything, all she has to do is call her midwife or the antenatal team. This care is available to all women on British soil. In fact if you miss an appointment they actually hunt you down because they get concerned. It boggles the mind really, that a privileged royal pregnant woman in the UK had no access to this basic primary care, where all she had to do was just to pick up a phone and call her midwife and tell her she was thinking of killing herself. Argghh, I just don’t know, maybe she didn’t even have a midwife because the EVIL firm locked her in a TOWER.

And that sums up the top lies of Meghan I detected, there are a lot more lies she’s told, but for now these 7 are enough to get the picture.

I will leave you dear readers, with 7 wise quotations from King Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, which testifies against Meghan’s 7 deadly lies…

Proverbs 6, For there are six things the Lord hates—no, seven: haughtiness, lying, murdering, plotting evil, eagerness to do wrong, a false witness, sowing discord among brothers.

 Proverbs 6, Let me describe for you a worthless and a wicked man; first, he is a constant liar; he signals his true intentions to his friends with eyes and feet and fingers.

Even wise King Solomon described the body language of a LIAR.

Proverbs 10, Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but he who makes his ways crooked will be found out.

Proverbs 12, The LORD detests lying lips, but he delights in people who are trustworthy.

Proverbs 13, The righteous hate what is false, but the wicked make themselves a stench and bring shame on themselves.

Proverbs 14, An honest witness does not deceive, but a false witness pours out lies.

Proverbs 17, Eloquent lips are unsuited to a godless fool— how much worse lying lips to a ruler!

Is this what you want black people? Is this your Queen? A Ruler who lies about everything, even things they don’t need to lie about…

I will leave it here…

The Genesis of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

9 thoughts on “The 7 Deadly LIES Of Meghan Markle

  1. You’re allowed to form your own opinion on MM and the Oprah interview. I also did not believe her, but the comment about IQ and Black people gave me the side. What were you insinuating here? That black people have low IQ or they’re not so smart? Where did you first hear that stereotype?


    1. People that say black people have lesser IQ are silly. I have never heard that and if someone said that to me then I would think they are the stupid one. Not everyone has high IQ but that does not mean that they are not better at something else. We can’t all be the same and why would we want to be. We all have to remember we all came into this world the same, we all leave this world the same and we all bleed red.

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      1. I agree with you 210% for every single point you have put down. She is a liar, manipulator and a very good actress. How can she say that they were rascist? Its Prince Charles who walked her down the Aisle. Left out all the family members. Friends of the A listers only. She didnt know Prince Harry and his family and you believe that, Really!!!!!!. Coulour of the skin, thats a question that is being asked in most of the families. Even if you are both black, how will the baby look like, those are the normal questions to ask. Running away from tabloids, when they continue to invite them themselves. Yes, what I can agree with, is that she might have found it difficult to settle in. Of course, whatever family you marry in it has to take time, but especially the family she married in. Even if you start school, university or new job it takes time to adjust. It is something you have to work on. I am also with Piers Morgan. Although sometimes I dont agree with him but he speaks out his mind not like most of us. Thank you Piers and Mary- Tamar.
        She knows how to play people- Using the race card.
        By the way I am black and I dont agree with anybody because of their colour but because of the facts

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  2. Excellent article, thank you. Even within the Oprah article, there was one contradiction after another. Such as Meghan was lonely, she was not lonely, no one told her anything, Harry told her everything she need to know. Staggering hypocrisy, complaining that Charles of all people should have known – no Harry, of all people should have known – why didn’t he help her and tell her? Whingeing about the way Harry’s family treated her but what about the way she treated her family? Sadly Meghan is all about Meghan, and the truth is she is bitter and vengeful because she couldn’t bear to play second fiddle to the Queen or to Kate.


  3. The Behavior Panel channel on YouTube (4 experts in body language/behavior) all said she was showing many signs of deception, as was Harry. That’s good enough for me. Well, to be honest, I needed no convincing but for others who are unsure and want an unbiased opinion by specialists in the field, check out their channel. They have lots of good stuff there on many famous liars, but Meghan & Harry have gotten over a million views so people are curious about them for sure.

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  4. Every walking talking human being is racist in some way or perception. Just as we are incapable of the perfection of Christ….we are incapable of not feeling racial specialness. It does not make us a bad person….just shows our humanness.


  5. Before Harry had ‘stepped down’ he and his brother William and wife Kate had shared responsibility in the mental heath foundation called Heads Together.

    Markle had access to mental health and was never denied help. In 1992 Queen Elizabeth had sought out psychological help to deal with many issues that plagued her that year. Others within the family have also sought out psychotherapy. Why wouldn’t Harry who was one of the foundation heads of a mental heath organization (Heads Together) not seek out help or allow her to seek out help for suicidal tendencies? Just doesn’t add up.

    In the very beginning I thought their engagement was suspicious. I truly thought she was pregnant and was using the race card as leverage against the royal family.

    I’m not sure if the Markle camp is aware that she can’t file for divorce in the state of California due to him being able to claim diplomatic immunity. In the state of California USA, most divorces end up 50-50 assets split. If a divorce is forth coming, Markle would have to file for divorce in UK.

    Why anyone in this day and age would want to be a royal of any sort. The understanding and expectation of privilege given to particular people just because they are born is absurd. We are all born the same.. naked and without sin or stuff. The larger problem is that there are still people who actually believe in caste system and status quo.

    What makes one person better or more important than another – for where or whom their were born to?

    Why any American let alone person of color would marry into any monarchy is just stupid or a simple gold digger.

    I have no respect for the British royal family. Most Brits don’t care for the royal family either; unless the royal family is being put down or insulted by a foreigner.

    Taxes are outrageous in UK. Poor people pay 20% and everyone else pays 40-45%. That’s why you’ll see many Brits move to US to save on taxes. I’m guess the move to Malibu was the main reason moving to US and not because of racism and mental heath. Anyone with a bullshit radar can tell that both were lying many times about different topics.

    I bet Harry had a grand time trying to explain himself when he went ‘home’ for his granddads funeral. By the way, his granddad was on his death bead and his grandmother was preparing to be a widow when that Oprah interview was taken.

    I have friends who think Markle and Harry are victims. I say that they are opportunists.

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  6. Wake up Harry! How you can tell who really loves you is The person will alway look out for your back and protect you; Definitely Not someone in what you have. Listen to your Grandpa’s Words, Wisdom of Truth.


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