Everyone Wants A Light Skinned Baby

Yes, I know. Backward thinking. Colonized corroded mentality. Mental slavery at it’s best. Pathetic Self-hating mindset.

Who would say such a thing?

‘Everyone wants a light skinned baby’. Well, that is what one slave, a self-hating Zimbabwean man said on my Facebook page in response to my article on my beautiful new baby Charo.

I am one of those people who does not let certain things slide, especially when it comes to my children and the things I believe in and am passionate about. I grew up fighting my own battles emotionally, and that is something I never wish for my own children. I see myself as a mother hen, if anyone dares attack my chicks, I do come out in full force and I do not hold back.

Sadly among Zimbabweans, lighter skin on women is literally worshiped at the expense of darker skinned women. They call them “yellow bones”. Most Zimbabweans pride themselves that they are not as dark as West Africans. They see it as some sort of privilege not to be dark skinned. Lord have mercy.

The self-hating black slave went on to write that, “People just prefer yellow bones (lighter skin). Black bones are not loathed but society prefers yellow bones. That is just the way it is.” At least he was honest enough to speak for his country and to represent the society he was raised in. The “yellow bone” obsession in Zimbabwe is a disturbing epidemic.

Ronald Mutero’s disgraceful Facebook comments on my article


I find it utterly disgusting that a grown man who hates himself to that extent would try to pass his slave mentality on my page attacking an innocent beautiful baby, my baby. I find it repulsive that dark skinned women are ridiculed and abused not by any other race but by self -hating black men. In Zimbabwe, lighter skinned women are put on a pedestal whilst the majority of women who are actually darker in complexion are looked down upon.

What I have learned over the years is that the majority of black people are in a state of mental insanity when it comes to their skin. They are so blinded by their own evil hearts that they call good evil and can not even see their own goodness. And yet they are the first to call white people on racism. The irony of it all.

The most beautiful attribute of us black people is our skin. We are black because we have skin pigment. Our melanin is our beauty. The darker the skin is, the more rich and beautiful it is. I find darker people to be more beautiful because they have that extra melanin which makes them stand out. The world has twisted the mind of black people that they do not even see what makes them beautiful. Black women are resorting to skin bleaching because of this self-hatred that comes from black men.

I grew up in a society in Zimbabwe where I saw lighter skinned girls getting privileges even in schools, and very dark girls were subjected to cruel jibes and taunting. Even though I was not very dark skinned myself, and was often classed with the “yellow bones”, I never understood why darker people were laughed at and hated by their fellow black people. As a child, I asked my mother once that what was wrong with being dark, and she said to me that because men preferred women who are light, dark women were simply not pretty. “Lighter skin is beautiful”, she told me. My spirit was deeply troubled by her answer because it was a true reflection of the society I was living in.

Deep inside, despite what the Zimbabwean society taught me, I looked at dark skin and saw nothing but striking beauty that could never even be compared to lighter skin (the yellow bones). The outstanding beauty of darker skin made me understand why black people had been enslaved and brainwashed to hate their own dark skin and prefer to have no skin pigment. I realized that melanin-rich skin was way more stunning and original, so the black man had to be taught to hate himself so that pale skin would be seen in society as more beautiful than melanin rich skin.

Sadly in Zimbabwe, most men are still very much in this mental slavery. This is why God had to give me a dangerously handsome Ghanaian husband whose skin oozes melanin power. He has been badly abused by some self-loathing Zimabweans who feel intimidated by his melanin power. I find people with dark skin incredibly attractive and tend to have beautiful hearts too. It’s very disturbing that Zimbabweans pride themselves that they are not as dark as West Africans, and tend to be very aggressive and abusive on the subject.

DSC_0907 (2)
My handsome melanin rich Boaz was subjected to abuse by some self-hating Zimbabweans over his melanin power


Earlier on this year, I had my melanin rich Ghanaian sister also abused badly on Mike Tashaya’s Facebook wall, a Zimbabwean Facebook personality. Mike Tashaya and his followers cheered on as the Ghanaian sister was shredded to pieces for being dark skinned.

Screen shot of a comment on Mike Tashaya’s wall where a dark skinned Ghanaian woman was called satan


So in some way, I do not blame the Zimbabwean self-hating brother who felt he had to come on my Facebook page and attack my beautiful melanin goddess, Princess Charo. He was being real to the society he lives in and was raised. He was just speaking for many. When I responded to him he said I was jealous of lighter skinned women. I know right. I laughed at the irony. Why should I be jealous that someone has less skin pigment?

Maybe the brother needs a little education to snap him out of his self-hatred.  The jealous should actually be for the melanin rich goddesses. They ooze black power. They have rich healthy skin that doesn’t quickly age. Yes, melanin does cause the skin to look younger, that’s why it is even used in beauty products such as anti-wrinkle creams. Melanin protects against skin cancers. I could go on and on about the health and beauty benefits of having darker skin, so why on earth should I be jealous of the lack of it?  And just to add, I do not mean this in a bad way, but the very few “yellow bones” I have known in my personal life have been the most evil hearted wicked women, almost like witches. No offense to those “yellow bones”, they know themselves.

So please my Zimbabwean slave brother, do not ever bring your slave mentality near me, especially when it comes to my beautiful baby. Just because you are a slave, and live in a deep sunken place of despair, it doesn’t mean we all have subscribe to such colonialism.

You said, “Everyone wants a light skinned baby”. Well, count me out of that everyone. I don’t. I consider myself to be extremely blessed with healthy children who also have the gift of beauty.

Some of us know the truth, and we do not only know the truth but we see it too. We know who we are and have been set free by the truth. Anyone who looks at a beautiful melanin rich baby and doesn’t see the beauty and purity is beyond vile and evil. I pray that one day Zimbabwe and other African countries as such will get out of that deep sunken place of self-hatred and embrace their rich skin in all its wonder, beauty and glory.

My three girls are blessed with captivating enchanting beauty and no black slave will ever tell me otherwise. They are my melanin goddesses. And they pop that melanin like champagne.

On that note I end with wishing mothers of melanin-rich goddesses a Happy Mothers Day. Those mothers who were made to feel that their babies were not pretty enough because they have beautiful rich melanin skin. I dedicate this article to you.

My Melanin Poppin’ Princesses


Ever so beautiful, bold and confident…


7 thoughts on “Everyone Wants A Light Skinned Baby

  1. I like the way yu use the pen jean.
    I just enjoy the way yu describe lol
    Blackness is beautifull it’s unfortunate a percentage of black don’t embrace their blackness.
    It is colonial mentamentality.
    The lighter yu are is the closeness yu are to the white
    And white have been considered a better pigment since the colonial error
    Emancipation from mental slavery is wat is required.
    On a lighter note
    I’m surprised how fast princess Charo is growing
    Aaakutokwikwidza sokuseka lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Its not a colonial mentality or whatever you want to call it but its just natural.Look, we have the day we have the night, what’s more appealing to you between those two. Have you ever watched bees during the blooming season, which kind of flowers do they usually associate with, is it the dull colored or the brighter ones. I can give you a lot of natural examples but just know its natural what’s dull isn’t that attractive and appealing and what’s bright on the other side is naturally appealing and attractive. Please don’t feel offended by this that’s how it is. People usually say looks don’t really matter but only what’s inside a person’s heart but if you check closely,what people say usually doesn’t correspond or match their actions. Above all, we are humans whether black or white it doesn’t matter. Remember to you,what you think about yourself is more important than what others think about you. If you think you are inferior because you’re black, I can’t take away that from you my sister, you’re are INFERIOR.


  3. Those are some vile very stupid comments from those myopic individuals. I wouldn’t want them anywhere near my children or anyone’s children for that matter.
    They all should go and seek counseling…
    Your girls are just as gorgeous as you Jean. Especially the middle one, she is like sunrise. Please keep her Afro, I use Beautiful beggining detangler so the combing doesn’t hurt.
    Works for both my boys and girls!


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