Charo My Melanin Goddess

I have never understood the obsession with light skin among black people. All my girls are blessed with melanin-rich skin, and they are beyond beautiful, inside and out. They ooze black beauty, especially our latest addition to the family, Charo. She is dark and beautiful. I could not help but share these gorgeous pictures of her African beauty. She is my melanin goddess, bursting with black beauty.

I wasn’t gonna do another photo shoot of her until she was 3 months, but it was her grandmother birthday yesterday and I decided to do this photo shoot in her honour. Her daddy Nino was ever so proud when he saw these photos. He said to me “Thank you for having her. She looks very Ghanaian. A real African princess”. Isn’t she just. Definitely poppin that melanin!

Instagram: charogoddess

Blowing bubbles
Bold and Confident

11 thoughts on “Charo My Melanin Goddess

  1. Wow she is too gorgeous!! Little Ghanaian princess, I’m Ghanaian and so grateful for the love your showing us. Her melanin is definitely popping 😍😍

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  2. Those are some vile very stupid comments from those myopic individuals. I wouldn’t want them anywhere near my children or anyone’s children for that matter.
    They all should go and seek counseling…
    Your girls are just as gorgeous as you Jean. Especially the middle one, she is like sunrise. Please keep her Afro, I use Beautiful beggining detangler so the combing doesn’t hurt.
    Works for both my boys and girls!

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    1. Thank you Khanyi for your comment. Yes her affro is absolutely gorgeous but she hates a comb near it, which I don’t blame her lol. I will buy the beautiful beginnings detangler and try that on her hair xxx


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