How Edomite Foster Carer Ine Deprez and Katie Grammer Racially Abused My Daughter Charo

On 29 November 2021, my 7 children were legally stolen from me by British Authorities because I grieved my father using my spirituality and my gift as an artist. Among my 7 children who were stolen was my sweet little Charo, the Princess of North. She was stolen by Durham County Council when she was only 4 years old, today she’s 6 years old.

This is the reason on paper Charo was kidnapped from her home, during a time her mother was grieving her father. Charo was kidnapped because her mother made her paint, because of paint on walls, paint everywhere, condition of house, religious symbols on face and walls.
Charo was kidnapped from me during this moment of grieving my father, yet I never neglected her, or abused her or harmed her, even in deep grief, I was still a MOTHER

My sweet little Charo has been in captivity for almost 17 months. In those 17 months, my fragile Charo has cried tears that could fill a river. Oh she was my most fragile child, she’s so much like me, very delicate and emotional.

Charo has always been a delicate little angel
From the moment she was born my Charo was always close to me

Ever since she was little, Charo was always obsessed with stories about Princesses being stuck in a tower in a castle. Each time she saw an old building, even a church building, she would ask me if there was a Princess stuck inside on the top of the Church, crying. I would tell my husband, laughing.

Today each time I pass through an old tall building, especially churches, I literally hear my Princess Charo wailing, because the story she always imagined has become her reality. Durham County Council has passed a decree that Charo is to be separated from her siblings for life, never to see any of them again. They have passed a decree that Charo is to be placed in long term Foster care on her own, until she turns 18. Today Charo has been banned from ever seeing me or her father. Today Charo is completely on her own in this world.

Today my little Charo is completely on her own

Well, she is not exactly on her own, she lives with an Edomite/White woman called Ine Deprez in Bishop Auckland. This woman absolutely hates my black baby girl. How she is allowed to be a Foster Carer by Durham County Council is something that I can never understand.

Ine Deprez is a Foster Carer for Durham County Council

Ine thrives on emotionally torturing my baby. For over a year, I have requested over and over to have my baby removed from her care, but I was told accusing a Foster Carer of racism is the very reason my daughter will stay in Foster Care for life. Durham County Council denied that there is even such a thing called racism within their system.

My little girl Charo was brought up in the Northern Kingdom, where our slogan is “In the North we pray until something happens.” Charo loved and thrived on prayer, every Sabbath I had a bath with her, where we would burn incense and pray in the bath. Charo could never go to bed without praying. I would read her a bible story and pray with her. She would get so excited about the prayer, she would start shaking her body. She would literally vibrate when praying.

I remember one night, just a few weeks before she was legally abducted, I was feeling very tired and sent the girls to bed, and I purposefully chose not to pray with the girls, because I couldn’t be bothered on this night. I just tucked the girls in bed, and told them to sleep. As I was leaving their bedroom, my little Charo was like, “Mummy, you forgot to pray with us.”

Her big sister Fadzai knew that this night Mummy wasn’t in the mood, so she then said to her little sister, “Oh Charo, you just love to pray, we don’t have to pray all the time.”

Fadzai told her little sister we don’t have to pray all the time

I turned, and went over to the bed, “Of course I will pray with you Charo, I’m sorry, Mummy was just tired tonight. But we should definitely pray every single night before bed. It’s important.” Charo smiled so wide, the prayer meant everything to her. I turned to her sister Fadzai and said, “And Fadzi, don’t be saying that to Charo. there is absolutely nothing wrong with praying all the time, its actually a good thing to pray all the time, you can never pray too much.”

So I began to pray with my girls…”Repeat after me..” I said.

“Oh mighty YAHOWA, The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob.” I said it the way Charo liked her prayers, loudly, aggressively and shaking my body. Charo and her sister repeated after me. Charo was giggling as she shook her body at every word of the prayer. As I kissed her goodnight, I couldn’t wait to go and tell my Lord Husband who was putting my little ones Chaniya and Chaka to bed. Our routine was that I would put the girls to bed, and my husband would put the little ones to bed.

I waited for my husband to come in the living room, as I was enjoying my Hagendaz vanilla ice-cream and catching up on my favourite soap at that time, Coronation Street.

“Oh baby, you won’t believe Charo, she so loves to pray it’s hilarious. It’s the way she prays as well, her whole body will be shaking on the bed.” My husband and I laughed so hard, Charo always made us laugh with her Charoisms. We cuddled up on the sofa, feeling so blessed as our 4 youngest children soundly slept in their bedrooms.

None of us knew, that in a matter of weeks, or rather days, our four babies would be split up living with strangers, terrified, not knowing what was happening, or why they were no longer allowed to live home with their parents.

Charo never knew that within a moment, her life would change forever, and she would be separated from her siblings and parents.

Charo found herself, in the twinkling of an eye, living with an Edomite woman who is an ashiest. This woman hates anything to do with God and has admitted to worshipping Satan. She started telling Charo that there is no God. Charo was made to sleep on her own, without any comfort. Ever since Charo was born she had always shared a bed with her sister.

Charo always shared a bed with her big sister, even when she cried her sister was always there to comfort her

Ine would refuse Charo the comfort of her big sister Fadzai. She refused to pray with Charo, citing she doesnt believe in God. I bought a children’s bible for Charo, and Ine refused to read it because they were “killings” in it. She said children should not be read a bible about an evil God who kills people. Charo would cry herself to sleep, in desperate need of her faith which always kept her going. Charo would wake up at night crying that she wanted her mother. The more she showed distress because she missed me, the more Ine would tell Charo that her mother was a liar, and was not allowed to have children because she was dangerous. She would tell Charo that she was never going back to her Mummy, so the sooner she accepted that the better.

Charo was told by Ine Deprez that her Mummy was a liar and she was not fit to ever have children

As if that was not enough abuse to a little girl, Ine would racially abuse my baby. She would tell her she’s too fat and needs to lose weight.

Charo was told she was too fat and started getting starved.

Charo was put on a strict diet where all she ate was vegetables. She developed a fear of eating. She was terrified of Ine. Her big sister Nakai tried to confront Ine about this and was blocked on WhatsApp. I tried to complain to the Team Manager and was completely ignored.

Before she was legally kidnapped Charo had just started her lock journey, Ine neglected Charo’s locks, she had so much build-up and would take her to a locktician who didn’t know what she was doing. Charo had always had her hair done by her father or her big sister Nakai or by me.

Charo always wanted her Daddy to do her hair

Ine would refuse to lotion Charo’s skin. Charo developed very dry itchy skin because of neglect by Ine.

Before my girls were legally kidnapped by Durham County Council, Charo and her sister were being home-schooled. Durham County Council then applied in court for my girls to be sent to school. My husband and I explained why we home-schooled the girls. Charo is very dark skinned and at high risk of suffering racism in mainstream British schools. Fadzai had been racially abused in nursery and school. My older children have suffered so much racism in school, I wanted to protect my little girls from racism, especially Charo.

Because of her melanin rich skin she got from her father, Charo has always been at risk of racism in the UK mainstream schools

After Judge Loveridge passed a decree that Charo should be sent to school against her parents wishes, Charo was bullied and racially abused at Aycliffe Village Primary School because of the colour of her skin. She was called “poo” by a white boy child. The other girls did not want to play with her because they said she’s way too dark. She went to the Foster Carer Ine and told her what was happening in school, and Ine said to her, “Charo, you are a liar, if school is so bad, why are you not crying?”

Ine accused Charo of lying about her racial experiences at school

Charo then turned to her older brother Shingi, and told him that no one wanted to play with her in school and that she was called “poo”, her brother was so concerned and went to Katie Grammer the Social Worker and told her that Charo was being racially abused in school, to which Katie Grammer replied that Charo is a liar, she told Shingi that she’s been to the school and no such things was happening.

Social Worker Katie Grammer, (left) accused Charo of lying about her racial abuse experiences at school.

Both Ine Deprez and Social Worker Katie Grammer ganged up on little Charo and called her a liar even though after we contacted the school the Headteacher confirmed several racial assaults on Charo.

Ine and Katie Grammer hated Charo so much, because of her love for me, that no matter how much they bad mouthed her to me, Charo would still say she loved her mother and wanted to come back home to me. Charo would continue to defend the Northern Kingdom even when they were telling her that her parents were mad and there was no such as the Northern Kingdom.

One year later after she was stolen from me, my Charo still cries herself to sleep, but YAHOWA has been good to her.

One contact session, a few weeks before her 6th birthday, her Daddy asked her, “Charo have you had a dream? What do you dream about?”

Charo has always been a Daddy’s girl.

My little girl answered to her Daddy, “I had a dream not long ago, I was lost and alone crying. I started walking then I found myself in a big Castle, and it had a big hall at the top, and all my family was there, and we were having a party.”

Her 6th birthday was only weeks away, so the God of Israel YAHOWA put it upon my heart to make the Princess’s dream come true. Durham County Council had admitted their fault that Katie Grammer was incompetent, and had replaced her with an Independent Social Worker Leslie Ann Gibson who is from South Africa and was married to a Zimbabwean man. They claimed that even though Leslie Gibson was white, she understood black African culture. Leslie Gibson told my husband and I to trust her, and said Durham County Council had made a big mistake, and should have never taken the children. She said she was hired to write the final report for the final court hearing in May to bring the children back home.

Leslie was being so nice to us, and started facilitating community contact for us, we progressed from seeing the children just one hour a week to 2 hours a week. I asked her to make it possible for me to organise Charo’s birthday party at Blackwell Grange Hotel. I did everything in my spiritual power to make it happen for Charo. Leslie had to fight with the Team Manager Lynne Weatherspoon, who was so against Charo’s dream party. However the God of Israel prevailed, and Charo had her royal banquet, just the way she had dreamt it, rather even better. My Lord husband did spend over £3k for his Princess.

The King of the North made sure his Princess had the birthday party she dreamt of
Charo attended her royal banquet with painful cold sores all over her mouth due to trauma and stress, but still she smiled throughout the pain and carried herself like a true Princess

Because the royal banquet for Charo was such a success, and the Princess was so happy, and she never ever wanted to go back to captivity and be locked in a tower called Ine’s house, she cried that she wanted to stay at the hotel forever. Her little brother Chaka and baby sister Chaniya wept as they were taken back to captivity, because they remembered the life they used to have with their family.

Charo and her brothers and sisters never wanted to go back to captivity
Chaka wept, as he was forced to leave his family to go back to captivity
Baby Chaniya wept, leaving her family going back to captivity

So Lynne Weatherspoon became very angry, and told us that we have our priorities all wrong, spending money on lavish parties. Social Services told us that we shouldn’t be sleeping in hotels and buying Charo so many gifts.

Social Services said Charo’s many gifts were “concerning”
We were told we had spent way too many gifts on Charo

I wanted to top up the Princess’s birthday by buying her a pony, and I had found one. A Princess can not be a Princess without a pony. Charo has always loved horses, so after all the trauma and pain she has been through in the hands of Ine the Foster Carer, I wanted my baby girl to have a healing pony, as animals are very important to the Northern Kingdom. All my children have been banned from seeing North, their family dog. Charo especially was very close to North.

Animals are very important to the Northern Kingdom, Charo was very close to North
Charo is an animal lover at heart.
Charo has been banned from having any contact with all her animals
Charo has always loved horses, so I wanted to buy her a pony.

We were told not to buy the pony, we were told Charo would never be allowed to see it or visit it.

I was then told I had emotionally abused Charo and the rest of the children by making them cry after the royal banquet. Contact with the children was then stopped. Leslie Gibson was then fired by Durham County Council for being “unprofessional” and we were told that the children are never going to come home, and we will never see them again. We were told that Chaka was now going for adoption, her sister Fadzai was going to the man who raped me, and Charo was going to be put in long term Foster care.

Leslie Gibson was fired by Durham County Council

Ine then told Charo that next Christmas she will be in another Foster Home, and that because of the party, she is never coming back home. Katie Grammer was put back on the case, to tell the court how Charo lied that she was racially abused, and why she needs a stricter Foster Carer who will be able to deal with her challenging behaviour of telling lies against people in authority.

Charo was told that because of the party, she will now stay in Foster care alone without her siblings for life

That is the story of the Princess of the North, Charo Destiny Offeh, she remains locked in a Tower somewhere in Bishop Auckland living with an evil witch called Ine Deprez. Ine continues to racially abuse the Princess, starving her so much Charo is now a shadow of her former self. She cries herself to sleep and the world watches, and no one bats an eyelid…

I am Mai Charo…I have faith that YAHOWA the God of Princess Charo will not leave her in the cruel world alone forever…I have faith that Charo’s dream will come true, and this time she will come to the Castle and have a party with her family, and she will stay there forever, and no one will ever make her afraid, or refuse to play with her because shes too dark, or call her a liar, or call her “poo”…

I have faith that Charo will come into my arms again, and this time no one will take her away from me

I am Mai Charo, and I know one day the Princess of North will be free forever…

The Genesis of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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