Dear Katie Grammer, I want To Be Controlled By My Polygamous Husband

So Durham County Council Social Worker Katie Grammer wrote in her report that it is wrong for me to call my husband Lord. She said I allow a man to control me and have dominion over me…so for that reason, I can’t be allowed to be a mother to my children, because I’m defying societal norms in United Kingdom. 

But in United Kingdom today, its all about promoting people who defy societal norms. Witches, travellers and Satanists are allowed to freely practise their beliefs and still raise their children. People who tattoo themselves and do extreme body modifications and change their whole human form to look like reptilians are still allowed to raise children.

The UK media celebrates a white mother who is a witch, whilst UK Social Services says our Hebrew Spirituality is harmful to our children and takes them away.
Durham County Council took our children not only because of our polygamous lifestyle, but they call our religion and culture mental illness and say our children are not safe around us.

In the United Kingdom today, we have social services telling us a black family that because of our culture and religious beliefs, we cant raise children in the UK. I have a social worker writing reports for Court that because I call my husband Lord. and I am submissive and obedient to him, both of us should not be allowed to raise children in the UK.

Well, according to our religion, and our culture in the Northern Kingdom, a husband MUST have total control and dominion over his wife according to Genesis 3:16 “Your desire will be for your husband, and he will RULE over you”. A wife is not equal to her husband. A wife can not question her husband or tell her husband what to do. It is an abomination for a wife to be rebellious to her husband in the Northern Kingdom. The King ATEHENE does whatever he wishes, he is the master of the wives. If he wants another wife, a woman has no right to question him, rather she must strive everyday to please the King and pray everyday that she finds favour in his eyes…if not he has other wives to please him. 

In our religion, my Lord Husband is the Messiah. 

I am my Lord Husband’s maidservant, born to Chief Never Gasho so that I would be the servant of Atehene today. All wives of Israelite Kings were first and foremost (Maidservants) to their Lord Husbands before they were wives. They were required by royal protocol to bow everyday before the King and pray for him. They had to pray that they are worthy to even bow before the King. Everyday I bow before Atehene and pray to YAHOWA that may Atehene control me and reign over me as the King of the North. 

It’s not only White Edomites who have the right to sing “Long may King Charles reign over

us. As a black woman who knows my history and spirituality, I do not want King Charles to reign over me, I want my own King husband the Messiah to reign over me.

In the name of Atehene, Charles will never reign over me.
I want to be controlled by my own husband, not by Charles.
Every morning I bow and pray before the King.

In the Northern Kingdom everyone, especially the wives pray every morning before the King to long reign over us, his Wives and Concubines. I Jean Gasho was Mary Tamar was born to serve him, he is the King, he does whatever he pleases with me. I was created for him not the other way round.

This is a basic human and religious right which I am currently being denied in the UK. I want a husband who controls me and reigns over me, is that too much to ask?

What does the bible say about my Lord Husband…

“Where the word of a King is, there is power: and who may say unto him, What doest thou? Be not hasty to go out of the King’s sight: stand not in an evil thing; for the King doeth whatsoever pleaseth him.” Ecclesiastes 8. 

Yes according to our religion, according to King Solomon, the King does whatever pleases him, and no one can question him, especially his wives. 

As a polygamist, King Atehene is not breaking any laws in the United Kingdom. There is no law against Polygamy. There is however a law against legally marrying multiple partners at the same time (Bigamy). The King of the North is not legally married to any woman in this country, so it’s impossible for him to be guilty of bigamy. 

The British Social Services will not take away the birth right of the King of the North, which is his wives and Concubines. Many women are forced to leave their husbands by the Local Authorities, yet still they never get their children back. Dear Women, never leave your husband for British Social Services, they thrive on not only breaking families, but they love to break relationships/Marriages. It is never worth it, leaving your husband will still not bring any child back from their claws. 

I am loyal to my Lord Husband, I will serve him till I die. I am not being abused, I am not being held against my will by my Lord Husband. None of his wives are being abused, none of his wives or Concubines are held against their will. 

If a wife or a Concubine of the King of the North disobeys the King, they are disciplined according to the pleasure of the King, and that is not limited to “spanking the bum” in the bedchamber during intimacy with the King which every wife or concubine considers an honour. 

In Morden Britain they appropriate this culture and call it “bondage” they have a whole industry of selling sex toys based on Muslim and Hebrew culture of spanking a rebellious wife on the marriage bed. I’m sure even Katie Grammer loves kurohwa magaro kana achikwirwa, I’m sure she has a whole kit of chains and whips. The book 50 shades of Grey was based on this appropriation of Black Hebrew Culture. 

I’m sure Katie Grammer loves kurohwa magaro achirarwa, yet she wants my son to be put up for adoption because I love being submissive to my Lord Husband

Given a choice, every wife and concubine of Atehene would rather be a slave in the Northern Kingdom, being whipped on the bum by the King for his pleasure, as this is all our greatest pleasure, than to be FREE in Modern Britain…

Our religion will be legally registered in the United Kingdom, and there is nothing any Social Services can do to stop my Lord Husband being the Master, Lord and Head of all his wives, starting with me his Queen…Long Live Atehene, may he forever reign over his wives and concubines…

As the Queen of my Lord Husband, it is my human right to want to be controlled and dominated by my master. All Hebrew Kings did dominate their wives…

And no one can put up my son CHAKA for adoption because of our religion…

The Genesis of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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