SHOCKING: UK Children’s Social Worker Katie Grammer Drunken Pictures: Employed By Durham Council

Social Work is a profession that is supposed to be deeply respected by the community. My 18 year old daughter Nakai recently said to me, “Mum, do you know that Social Workers are actually supposed to help families and protect children. Their job originally is not to destroy families.” Yet recently Social Workers in the UK have been known to be anything but promoters of Family Life.

In recent years, the profession of Social Work in the United Kingdom has come under a lot of disrepute. There is a massive shortage of Social Workers in the UK because it is no longer a desirable profession, people in general do not want to associate with the profession because of the corruption happening in the system. The media is always covering stories of the failings of UK Social Services. Recently there was a story that gripped United Kingdom where a new-born baby was taken from her birth mother and given to foster carer who then abused and murdered the baby. Social Services did not do adequate backgroud checks on the Foster Carer, they just gave a newborn baby to her, a baby that was loved and adored by it’s own mother. Yet a Social Worker was responsible to make this decision. A Social Worker decided a mother was not worthy of her own baby, and decided to give that baby to a monster.

This profession of Social Work allows individuals in this profession to decide who can be a parent or who can not. This profession allows them to judge parents even on what they post on their Social Media, even historically.

In the United Kingdom, teaching is a profession that is highly respected in the community, because the trust and respect that goes into this profession gives parents and guardians the confidence to entrust their children to educational facilities, yet Social Work is regarded in a much higher esteem than teaching, because unlike teachers, Social Workers legally actually usurp higher authority over parents, and have the power to decide who is a good parent and who is not.

Yet there is so much hypocrisy within this profession, where the Social Workers who judges other parents and decides the fates of their children behave in ways that are worse off than the parents they judge.

Behold here are pictures of a UK Social Worker Katie Grammer, employed by Durhan Council absolutely intoxicated on social media and promoting alcohol abuse.

In my understanding if teachers, who hold lesser responsibility than social workers, can be laid off work for promoting alcohol, how much more a Social Worker who has such an intimate relationship with the bottle that she actually kisses it.

It’s one thing to be a drunkard, but to have a photo of yourself on Social Media kissing a bottle of alcohol passionately is beyond shocking.

Social Worker Katie Grammer passionately kissing alcohol
UK Social Worker Katie Grammer intoxicated and promoting alcohol abuse
UK Social Worker Katie Grammer looking visibly intoxicated.
UK Social Worker Katie Grammer Sleeping

This is the Children’s Social Worker who judges in the UK who should be a parent and who should not, when a simple background check on Social Media about who she is a picture of not only an alcoholic, but a promoter of alcohol abuse.

Alcohol played a big part in the death of an innocent baby, who was murdered by an abusive Foster Carer Laura Castle.

An inquest found that the Foster Carer Laura Castle was actually an alcoholic and had serious anger issues. An inquest found out that Social Services failed to do basic background checks on the Foster Carer, the basic background checks was that she was indeed an alcoholic who drank up to 6 bottles of wine a week.

Yet a Social Worker, who is responsible for the wellbeing and care of children in the UK is on Social Media promoting alcohol? Isn’t this background and history of a social worker crucial, considering what happened in the death of poor baby Leiland-James Corkill? If anything the death of baby James is a crucial lesson that Social Workers and Foster Carers should have extensive background checks especially on alcohol abuse.

Alcohol does destroy lives. Alcohol alters minds and reality. Social Workers should not be drunkards. Social Workers should not have a history of alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse is a habit that doesn’t go away easily, hence a history of it is crucial to determine the capacity of one to become a children social worker.

As a mother I despise alcohol so much I would never allow a person be it friend or relative who is an alcoholic to mind my children. Alcohol abuse is for people with no life or purpose. No Social Worker should be an alcoholic.

As a deeply religious mother, I find it totally unacceptable to have an alcoholic person even if they are a friend or relative, have anything to do with my children

My dear 2 million readers of my Blog, let the public be the judge if this behaviour of a children social worker Katie Grammer is acceptable? Should such a person keep their job as a children’s social worker?

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