How URINE Saved My Lord Husband From VAMPIRES/ALIENS Sucking His MELANIN

We are not alone in this world, most people we see walking today, as if they are normal human beings, especially in the WESTERN WORLD, mainly Europe and USA are not 100% human, but are beings that shape shift into humans from other spiritual realms.

Before Covid 19, we lived in a different dispensation. We have transitioned into a New World, a new dimension, and it’s very obvious even to the most unspiritual people and atheists. When one is chosen and has a mission on this earth, they will encounter the spiritual. Ever since I was a child, growing up in Zimbabwe, a very spiritual country, I always felt it in me that the world was not black and white. I always knew deep inside me that there is something else going on in this world apart from us, the so called human beings. In 2005, in the United Kingdom in my house, I had an encounter with a spirit being, which I fought back, and from that time my gut instinct was confirmed to me. Vampires exist. Aliens exist. Witches exist.

My talented eldest son Prince Shingai-Dave’s depiction of a fallen being/vampire

Everything they tell us in what they call “Movies and Entertaiment” is actually the truth. The truth is always hidden in plain sight. One will be a fool not to believe in the spiritual realm, when everything, and I mean everything we watch on Television is SPIRITUAL. Every script that is written by the powers that be, from Marvel to Disney to Netflix is nothing but spiritual.

In December 2021, my Lord Husband King Atehene of the Northern Kingdom was abducted by vampires and fallen beings in United Kingdom in one of the most traumatic and terrifying encounter of his life. Because he is the King of the North, the chosen one for the rebirth of Jacob/Israel, vampires wanted his melanin and blood to stop the biblical prophecy from coming to pass, as the Devil knows that his time is now very short. The vampires bit him and tried to suck his blood and melanin, then the voice of YAHOWA, the God of Israel told him to use urine to defend and save himself. So my Lord Husband then smeared himself in Urine and somehow that is what saved him as the vampires and aliens could not touch him. Somehow the Urine terrified them and scared them. My Lord husband used urine to save himself from vampires and fallen beings.

King Atehene was told by the God of Israel to protect himself from Aliens and Vampires using his urine.
King Atehene of the Northern Kingdom.
King Atehene of the Northern Kingdom
King Atehene

How Urine Protects Against Extra Terrestrial Beings And Vampires

In many Chinese literature and films, urine is depicted as a deterrent against ghosts, vampires and aliens. One Chinese film Blue Jean Monster directed by Kai Ming Lai depicts a baby peeing on a vampire and the vampire calms down and loses his power.

Chinese Film Blue Jean Monster depicts Vampire losing his power when urinated on
There is a common belief in spirituality that urine does scare vampires away.

When South African Prophet and Healer Credo Mutwa was abducted by aliens in Zimbabwe, at one point he started urinating out of fear as he lay on a table were the fallen beings were torturing him and extracting his melanin, semen and blood. As he started urinating on the extra-terrestrial beings they became tormented and backed off as if he had shot them. It is common knowledge that urinating on a vampire, ghost or alien will definitely stop them from achieving their missions.

Credo Mutwa a Zulu prophet details his horrific encounter of alien abduction in Zimbabwe where he used urine to fight back the fallen beings from extracting his blood and melanin.
Credo Mutwa describes how a fallen being reacted after he accidentally urinated on it.

In the animal Kingdom, urine is used a mark of territorial power. Many animals urinate at strategic locations to communicate their social status and ownership. It has been suggested that the urine markings not only serve to attract females, but to warn off competitors. It is very interesting that God created animals to be very sensitive to the scent of urine, that is the component they are most sensitive to, it has been proven scientifically. It is NATURE. If you have a dog, you don’t even need science to tell you this. When we take our dog North for a walk, he will stop and sniff at every spot another dog peed on and he loves to mark his territory with his urine especially in the front of our garden.

My dog North always marks his territory using urine.

So if animals are naturally very aware and sensitive to the scent of urine, how much more vampires and fallen beings, who are not 100% human, but are hybrids of both humans and animals. It does make sense, that these spiritual part-animals and part-human beings are very sensitive to human urine. One writer wrote that whilst watching a survivor show, on how to protect oneself from animal attack, the host of the show said that human males, key words “Human Males” produces a type of chemical in the urine that animals such as wolves can acknowledge as a territorial marker. The host also said that women do not produce it, so they cannot mark their territory the same way men can.

In 2015 when I was in Scotland going through a highly publicized trial where I was testifying against Sex Pervert Walter Masocha, as I was outside court, my little boy suddenly had an urgent need to pee, he started peeing against the wall of the Courts, and as I tried to stop him, my friend said to me, “No let him pee there, he is following his instinct and marking his territory. Lions mark their territory with their urine. Your son is telling you that you will win this case.” And truly, the jury did find Walter Masocha guilty.

So when YAHOWA, the God of Israel told my Lord Husband to use his urine to mark his territory against vampires and fallen beings/aliens, my husband heeded the voice of God, and he was saved from the vampires from extracting his blood and melanin.

My Lord husband Atehene used his urine to fight off Vampires and Aliens.

We are now entering into a time on earth were alien and vampire abductions are going to increase, as Satan is preparing his army in the form of robots and zombies (Elon Musk) has already achieved this. The Zombie Apocalypse is coming. As I said at the beginning of my article, Covid 19 ushered us into a new dispensation, so if you are 100% human, as in you never took the jab, you will be able to defend yourself agasint a Zombie/Vampire, Robot/Alien Abduction using your urine especially if you are a MALE…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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