My Melanin Gift

I will never get tired of talking about my Boaz, especially his super perfect dark skin.
Even when he’s in the kitchen, the melanin just oozes.
Yesterday he was in the kitchen cooking sadza, a Zimbabwean traditional dish he has learnt to cook better than any Zimbabwean man or woman I know. I was excited about the sadza, he does have a way with it, again it must be the melanin.  So I started taking pictures of him. I just couldn’t help it.
Now tell me that I’m not blessed. Take a look at these pictures of my king, and tell me that ‘melanin has no power’.
Melanin runs through his veins 
Melanin runs deeper than the skin. It’s in the blood, in the veins and in the heart. Melanin manifests itself through perfect beauty. That’s why hatred is not able to comprehend it. Ugliness can’t stand it.
Only the pure in heart sees the perfect beauty of melanin
Perfect sadza cooked by Boaz
When he first expressed his interest in me, he caught my attention because he had two things that made me want to jump around like a little girl. An angelic voice and very dark skin.
Today I’m so blessed to have this man as my husband. I really think the melanin has made him extra special, his heart is soaked in it.
This is the skin that I’m blessed with, fine like wine, rich as gold. And boy, the melanin runs deep in his veins. He is simply my melanin gift.

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