CHARO: Our New-Born Baby Is Here!

Nino and I welcomed our little Princess Charo on the 5th of February 2017. She is truly adorable and a picture of completion.

Her name means ‘a crown of roses’. The rose is the expression of romantic love, promise, hope and new beginnings. That is exactly what Charo means to me and Nino. The journey of her coming has been very long. Her pregnancy was the hardest I have ever had, and seemed to be the longest too. A crown of roses will also have thorns. Thorns represent pain and defence. Destiny is often birthed in pain, yet so beautiful and precious.


When I was carrying Charo, I was extremely passionate about my dream. It was not easy expressing myself and writing about the things I’m passionate about, but she made me just go for it. She made me write with so much passion and she made me reach heights I had never dreamt of reaching. Charo brought out the writer in me. When I was carrying her, I knew I was not just carrying a baby, but Destiny. She taught me how to be a fearless go-getter. And now that she is here, I won’t stop.

Go Get it Mum! 

Roses are the greatest symbol of balance. With two big sisters and two big brothers who adore her and a father who could not be more proud, she has come to bind us all together and to complete us. She is the beginning of the end..

Charo brought out the writer in me

Nino and I have become proud parents of our destiny child ‘Charo’

5 thoughts on “CHARO: Our New-Born Baby Is Here!

    1. Oh Faith! Thank you dear. For a moment you took me back to High School especially when we planned that trip home….hehehe. How far God has taken us…


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