Sorry Black People, But Meghan Did NOT Honour Doria By Naming ‘Her’ Daughter Lili

I haven’t written about these two psychopaths for a while, but today I just couldn’t help it. Since I lost my dear Papa, I never thought I could ever write about Meghan and Harry again because in the grand scale of things they were so not worth my breath let alone my pen.

But since last week Tuesday, when I thought life and grief couldn’t get any worse, my most amazing husband knew something that would help me heal, and feel better. A little black bird I named Tilly who has a nest full of sweet babies in my back yard has been my medicine. Birds are very spiritual to me, they talk to me, and send me messages from beyond. Well in all honesty, I talk to them more, but still I see them as messengers from above and beyond. My pen and birds go hand and hand. So Tilly has been so healing to me, I’ve just felt so much better having her around me. If it wasn’t for Tilly I wouldn’t be writing this essay today, I would be still overtaken by grief and despair. I feel like Tilly is telling me that my Papa is okay.

Because of Tilly’s healing effect on me, I’ve found myself listening to music and dancing in my backyard. One of my lovely Twitter followers sent me a song called Blackbird by the Beatles and it’s been on repeat since yesterday.

So today I’m doing what I enjoy and love, I’m trying to get back to normal, and one of my normal is being a royal commentator. How could I not say something on today’s royal news which seems more like a sick twisted joke.

Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.

I had to scratch my head when I heard this on the radio yesterday.

I was like, okay Harry, you fled the country because of the “evil” firm which is headed by your grandmother, the Queen. You have been on a ranting spree of literally telling the world that your own father (if we should even call him that) and your own older brother are trapped by this “evil” establishment called the British Royal Family. You made it clear that your “father” was a bad parent because of how he was raised by the Queen. I remember you saying it was a generational curse or something to that effect I don’t remember the fine details as I was grieving my father but I heard you said that you wanted to break the curse for your children’s sake, yet today your girl child is named after your grandmother. It’s crazy there is not a single journalist out there with balls to ask you face to face to explain how on earth this makes any sense to normal people.

Your wife told the world that she was suicidal whilst pregnant, after her passport and driving license was confiscated from her by the firm and she was locked in a tower. Not to mention the accusations of racism directed at the royal family at a critical time when the Queen’s husband was just about to die. And after all this the baby is named after the Queen????

Ok let’s forget Harry, he’s a lost soul. I find his lack of manhood and balls such a disturbing trait, so let’s focus on his wife who obviously wears the pants in their union. Okay even though Harry had nothing to do with the strange naming, but let’s say even if it was Harry’s idea to name his daughter after his late mother and his grandmother he spits on daily, where is Doria in all this?

Honestly, Harry’s wife’s surrogate gives birth and she decides, (yes I don’t think Harry has any say in this), she decides to name her adopted girl child after a woman she accuses of running a wicked racist establishment that almost KILLED her through SUICIDE. How sick and twisted is that?

To make this even more pathetic than it already is, you have Black people celebrating the birth of this girl child because it has black blood apparently, but God knows who the child’s biological mother actually is , knowing Meghan’s obsession with being white, her surrogate was obviously WHITE. I really can’t see that baby having any trace of black in her.

And yet these black people, embarrassingly in their large numbers as well, so desperate to claim Meghan Markle and her “black side” are now claiming that apparently Doria’s favourite flowers are Lilies so the name Lilibet is a tribute to Doria as well. They just had to slot poor BLACK Doria in there who has been dramatically ghosted by Meghan in this weird naming ritual.

It’s times like this I am so ashamed to be black, the desperation makes me cringe. Black people can’t accept the fact that Meghan their so called “Black Queen” has chosen to name her adopted girl child after a WHITE woman they hate, who heads an establishment that almost drove their Queen to “suicide”. Black people can’t stomach the fact that their idol Meghan would rather have her adopted child named after “the racist Queen” as black people call her, than her own BLACK mother Doria. That’s how much Meghan spits at and makes a joke of black people. And they live in such a sunken place they can’t even see that they are simply her PUPPETS.

You would think the baby’s only blood relations are Princess Diana and the Queen. And now desperate black people have to scramble over the crumbs of Doria’s so called tribute being her love for Lilies.

How embarrassing. Pray tell me, what under the sun is so special about a person loving lilies. Don’t we all love lilies. My favourite flowers are lilies and all, I think they are almost everyone favourite flowers. So many people have told me that their favourite flowers are lilies. It’s hardly unique. Lilies are spiritual flowers, we are all drawn to them one way or another. King Solomon compared his hundreds of wives to lilies. Christ compared Solomon’s glory and splendour to that of lilies. Lilies are widely used in symbolism and mysticism.

Like I said I love lilies and all but no way in a million years would I think if my daughter decided to call her daughter Lily it’s some sort of tribute to me. A tribute to me would be my daughter naming her daughter “Mary-Tamar” or Mary or Tamar. Like what Meghan did explicitly with Diana and the Queen.

Talking about my name Mary-Tamar, when I discovered how I was conceived, and how my mother, (whom I believe used a surrogate to have me, as I do not believe she’s my birth mother) named me Jean, I renamed myself Mary-Tamar to take some ownership of my soul and destiny.

Growing up I hated the name Jean, because I felt like a Genie in a bottle, I really was Jinnie for my mother Miriam. I felt so powerless and at her cruel mercy. I wished I had been called by my middle name, Fadzai, which means to bring joy. My Papa named me Fadzai so the name has always been very special to me. In fact when I used to work as a mental health nurse before I became a full time mother, I was known at work as Fadzi.

I loved the name Fadzi so much, when I had my fourth baby, as a single mother, I called her Fadzai because I wanted her to bring me joy. Ironically, that was the time I was closest to my Daddy. I spoke to him daily as I carried my Fadzi. I was going through a very traumatic divorce, but my Daddy was there on the phone cheering me up. So naming my baby Fadzi after my middle name was also to honour my Father. When I went into labour I was chatting with my Papa and as soon as the baby was born, the only family member I told I had given birth was Daddy and he was the only one who celebrated with me.

I named my daughter Fadzi in honour of my father.

My Papa loved Fadzi so much, and he would put her on his profile picture and claimed she was my favourite child. He knew she was very special because she was a tribute to him.

Now dear Meghan, that is what a tribute to a grandparent or to a great grandparent actually looks like. The person you name your child after must be very dear to you. You can not name your child after a “grandparent” you claim almost directly or indirectly drove you to suicide.

It’s like me, with everything I’ve said about my mother, “unlike Meghan’s false accusations” my accusations are actually true, then I come out and name my child after my mother Miriam. What kind of oxymoron is that? Doesn’t it sound like some sort of satanic ritual?

Yet Black people can’t even see how sick in the head this woman is. How contrary she is. Snubbing her own black mother as well, like Doria doesn’t even exist, yet Black people get excited by the fact that Doria loves Lilies so the baby is called Lili.

Sorry Black People, But Meghan Did NOT Honour Doria By Naming ‘Her’ Daughter Lili

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this…

Today this morning Speaking on Good Morning Britain, black journalist and presenter Afua Adom said the name was a nod of affection to Her Majesty, but also said it was “not just about being named after the Queen”. She claimed that Doria is called flower or something so Lili also means Doria, I mean you couldn’t make it up. Even Susanna Reid was like “That’s a bit of the stretch”. The desperation in black people though.

Desperate; Afua Adom claimed the name Lili is actually a nod to Doria .
I have to say though, I love how the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge did not address Harry and Meghan by any titles, so subtle yet epic.

What I know is Meghan is a very sick woman and to choose a pet name that the Queen’s husband used to call her is not even funny at all, it’s rather cruel. Whichever way you look at her adopted daughter’s name, negatively or even positively it’s all very twisted, like she’s possessed by an evil spirit…

May the Lord God bring this woman of perdition to shame, and in the fullness of time may He expose the real mother of this poor soul caught up in the arms of such a narcissist wicked mother and a very weak father…

But in the meantime, I’m sorry to be the one to break this to you Black people, but Meghan Markle DID NOT pay any tribute to her BLACK mother Doria, sorry but it didn’t happen. The only “tribute” paid was to the Queen and the late Princess Diana. Black Doria is not anywhere in the picture on this one…sorry…

The Genesis of the Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

Ps: I’ve been using my phone lately to write, I haven’t got my laptop with me so the format is a little funny and I can’t seem to be able to remove the title from all over the article, I will edit it when I finally get my laptop but for now enjoy the imperfect set up. It’s the message which matters…

Sorry Black People, But Meghan Did NOT Honour Doria By Naming ‘Her’ Daughter Lili

Sorry Black People, But Meghan Did NOT Honour Doria By Naming ‘Her’ Daughter Lili

15 thoughts on “Sorry Black People, But Meghan Did NOT Honour Doria By Naming ‘Her’ Daughter Lili

  1. It really comes off as the one who’s sick is you.
    How can you hate so much someone that you don’t personally know?
    How can you wish her to “fall”? how can you take delight in wishing so much harm to someone?
    The things you write about her are what’s ‘sickening’.
    You have a beautiful family, jean. Sorry, Mary-tamar. And you’re very pretty yourself, I don’t understand why your envy her so much.

    And Everytime you post something about her, you dress up like her and put your picture next to her, imitating her attire and posture. Isn’t that weird?
    It looks like you’re trying to compare yourself to her all the time.
    All the time, you compare her life experiences to yours and most often it just falls flat.
    Because your experiences Are not even relevant to hers. And to say her daughter is adopted is just mean.
    How can you sleep at night with so much hate in your heart? And why do you loathe mixed/ biracial people so much?
    You’re not even that dark yourself….as you claim.
    This is so bizarre the whole thing. So negative. How bitter you are!
    I’m shocked.


    1. @Eva
      I think you ought to stop commenting until that chip on your shoulder has diminished in size and weight.


  2. Bonjour Jean, je suis entièrement d’accord avec vous
    Meg a effacé son côté Africain qu’elle déteste depuis son adolescence. Elle n’a jamais été proche de sa mère, elle se sert d’elle pour attirer la sympathie des Afro-Americans célèbres pour avoir des contacts. Elle a toujours épousé des hommes blancs ses amies proches sont blanches même ses amants sont blancs. Elle est HYPOCRITE ! Elle est RACISTE comme harry qui déteste les arabes, les musulmans. C’est un duo de RACISTES. Elle ne veut pas être assimiler avec des Afro-Americans et des Africains. Elle aurait pu rendre hommage à son côté Africain en prenomment sa fille imaginaire ROSA comme la célèbre et magnifique ROSA PARKS militante pour les droits des Afro-Americans.
    Meg déteste sa mère, son côté Africain, les Afro-Americans, elle est la plus grande raciste et fourbe. Elle est veinale. Elle n’a jamais défendu la cause des Afro-Americans avec son cœur et son âme. Elle a fait une apparition pour le mouvement BLACK LIVES MATTER. Elle n’a jamais manifeste dans la rue aux côtés des Afro-Americans ! Elle ne me fera jamais croire qu’elle est fière d’être une Afro-Americaine.
    Elle aurait dû appeler sa fille imaginaire
    MEGHAN tous les Africains, les musulmans et les arabes vous ignorent vous les ignorez


  3. Jean, can you please stop saying that all black people worship or agree with Megan. You and I are black and many others don’t agree with her. Her Controlling, manipulative and lies etc. Address it in a way that shows that not every black person is blind to her ways. Thanks for the posts.


  4. It’s funny how when a Black child is born in the Royal or Celebrity world, that baby is so important, more important than the atrocities of Meghan and Harry.

    Every. Single. Baby. Is. Important.

    No matter who gives birth to it. Start caring about ALL Black babies and children. The ones who have to live in your gang infested neighborhoods, the ones that are taken by abortion, and of course, the ones taken by the evil in the world.

    Oh and Mary-Tamar, with all do respect, I think Meghan was pretty pregnant, she did not have a surrogate. Otherwise I agree with a large part of what you said.


  5. I am taking great delight in quoting this blog post whenever sugars tell me that the name honours Doria. So tired of being told I am racist if I dare criticise H&M because I happen to be white. What has my colour got to do with my opinion? Thank you, Mary-Tamar for speaking for ALL of us who see the truth regardless of where we come from. You are a breath of fresh air. And your boy Fadzi is such a handsome little boy. Such a lovely smile. He will break many hearts!


    1. Fadzi is actually a girl. Sometimes I want to agree with some of the things Mary Tamar says, but I get turned off when she says things like Meghan had a sarrogate when it is obviously not true. I get the feeling she says this just to be mean and so I take everything else she says about Meghan in the same light. She ends up coming off as envious. I do agree that the name Lili has nothing to do with Doria and that black people should stop “trying to claim Meghan” as if she validates us in the eyes of white people. Its sad and desperate.


  6. First-time reader of your post. Came here after your conversation with PDINA on YouTube.
    As a Black-Brit-Jamaican woman it is refreshing to read your thoughts on this fake/passing white woman and her impact on SOME members of the black community.
    I do not feel positive vibes from her either as a black woman or a woman in general.
    Overall I cannot see what the end goal is for this “brave” woman. It’s obvious that she wants a place at the very high table and to be adored, but for what?
    Apart from marrying that idiot man-child, what does she bring to the high table?
    What benefits does the black community get from her status?
    Has she advocated for black on black violence to stop?
    She mentioned George Floyd and Breonna Taylor in a newspaper article last year (NewYork Times?), but has she reached out to their families or the black community as a whole since then?
    She’s preoccupied with personal attacks on the Royal Family, because she didn’t get the title of “Princess”, and lining her pockets with big deals. One such deal is with a company the makes/promotes skin whitening creams.
    Is the new tagline “To be a success like Meghan the Duchess, whiten away your Blackness?”
    Is this how the black community is to progress?
    Is Meghan is new “ideal” black woman?
    Apologies for lengthy rant .


    1. @Jan Johnson, Fadzi is a girl. Sometimes I want to agree with some of the things Mary Tamar says, but I get turned off when she says things like Meghan had a sarrogate when it is obviously not true. I get the feeling she says this just to be mean and so I take everything else she says about Meghan in the same light. She ends up coming off as envious. I do agree that the name Lili has nothing to do with Doria and that black people should stop “trying to claim Meghan” as if she validates us in the eyes of white people. Its sad and desperate.


  7. Lovely to listen to you on PDina YouTube today. I believe Doria was only 3/4 black which would make Archie 3/8ths black, 5/8ths white for anyone whose interested. However, I cant understand why, in support of BLM, Meghan and Harry didnt include just one name from her Black ancestory. It does seem to me that her plan is to merch off the Queens pet name because she took ‘Sussex Royal’ off them. But it was never personal, it was the Queen’s duty to separate their private monetary interests from the Monarchy. The situation that Harry and Meghan have engendered is very painful to watch for those of us who appreciate what superb hard working, diplomatic ambassadors the Monarchy are for the United Kingdom. Hosting heads of state from all countries and working in conjunction with parliament. Trooping of the colour, jubilee celebrations, royal weddings and funerals, put the tiny island that we are, on centre stage economically. They have played a major roll in making the UK what it is today. In short what would we have on a world stage without them. We are no longer EU members and Scotland keep pushing for independence. In reality the cost of the monarchy perhead is very little, but the benefits are huge. I shall be interested to see the footage of Mr and Mrs Bidens reaction to being hosted by the Queen! Some people were a little bit to fast to swallow the claims of racism.


  8. I just found your site yesterday after stumbling on a screenshot to one of your articles on Instagram. I saved to my favorites and I am truest enjoying reading your articles on this vile, sick, sociopathic, demented, delusional, pathological lying, psychotic, gold-digging whore. Gonna go read more of your other articles now but just wanted to let you know! -New fan in St. Louis, MO USA


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