King Of The North: Deliver Me From Family Witchcraft And Spells

The King has received a lot of emails lately from people who wants deliverance from forces of witchcraft. A lot of people in Africa are sadly living in the bondage of witchcraft, where relatives have cast spells on them. Unfortunately, black people, especially Africans, love voodoo, juju, witchcraft and all sorts of mischief in the dark world. Black people also suffer from extreme jealousy of each other, its a pandemic, so when they see you prosper, they can’t help but try to bewitch you, especially relatives. If you are not careful, their witchcraft will work on you, actually.

The King, coming from Ghana, had a lot of encounters with witches as a child, because of his spiritual gifts. So he taught me a lot about the spirit world and how to deal with witches and curses. Since I met my Boaz, I no loner live in fear of witches.

So last night as he was going through many emails of people who are wrestling with family witchcraft, he was telling me that these people are perishing because of lack of knowledge. The King said no one can pray for anyone when it comes to dealing with witchcraft, if a pastor or a Papa tells you that he has prayed for you so that witches do not attack you anymore, they are lying, end of. The spirit world does not work like that.

You can not stop a witch from being a witch, witches will always be there. The king says in fact, witches are generational, they always pass on the mantel to either their children or grandchild, when a witch dies, a chosen one in their family continues after them. So if you are their target they will always come after you, even if the one you know dies. You, are the one who is supposed to fight them back, the whole system that is fighting you, but you need the knowledge of how to defend yourself from witches and their spells. That’s the only remedy, no one else can do this for you, not a Pastor, not a Papa, not your Mama, not your Daddy, you fight back your own witches who attack you in your realm.

So as the Prophetess of the King, I thought I would do a little essay giving you wisdom on how to fight back witches which I have learnt from the King. I am going to give you 3 of the King’s wisest pearls of wisdom in fighting witches.

  1. Witches Are The Most Stupid And Weakest Entities Of The Dark Spiritual World.

Contray to popular African beliefs about witches, they are not actually as powerful as people make them out to be. The King says they are the most foolish, and stupid people of the dark world. The spirit world has a hierarchy, and witches are actually at the very bottom. They are like the children and babies of Satanism. They are there to tease and torment you spiritually, and can only have power over you if you give them the power. The King says not believing in their power weakens them. In a way the King is so right, because when I look at my life as a child, I was surrounded by witches, but I never quite believed in them, so they never affected me.

The King says fighting witches is a physical thing more than spiritual, it starts in your mind. Never believe they are powerful, because they are not. The King says sadly Africans have been lied to and over sensentionlized about witchcraft, in a nutshell, witches are overrated by black people in the spiritual world. The King says they are real grandmasters in the dark spiritual world, and witches are the peasants of that world, people shouldn’t fear them.

Fighting witches starts with reprogramming your mind about them.

2. Witches Have Mastered The Art Of Travelling In The Spirit

The only source of power witches actually have is the art of leaving their bodies at night, then travel in the spirit realm to go about doing their work. The King says when a witch leaves her home at night, she doesn’t leave physically, she leaves spiritually. This is a skill, you do not even need to be a witch to master this art. People are just walking around refusing to believe in the spiritual world, so when a witch manages to come into your territory at night, she will have complete dominion over you because you are ignorant of the spiritual realm.

As a child in Ghana, the King learnt to fight back witches this way, when they knew of his gift, and used to come for him, he learnt how to also fight them back head on. I do laugh a lot when he tells me about how he fought some of the witches.

Something like this happens to most of us a lot, sometimes we call it sleep paralysis, but this is literally your body leaving your spirit without being aware of it, due to some demonic activates around you when you sleep, because when you sleep, unknowingly you enter the spiritual realm, so when a demon or a witch comes to you in the spirit world, you are aware of it, but powerless to do anything. When this happens to you, you are supposed to “wake up” spiritually, and bring it on, and fight back whatever it is that is fighting you in the spirt, you fight it back spiritually as well. You fight fire with fire! Some of these things don’t even need prayer, they just need action.

Open your own spiritual eyes and see beyond the physical, especially when you sleep.

3: Witches Hate The Word And The Truth, So Fight Them Back With Both.

Witches’ most powerful weapon against you is the lies they tell you. They simply tell you things which are not true. So this is where the word and meditation comes in. You should also know who you truly are, so that a witch doesn’t lie to you about your own identity, and cast a spell of confusion over you.

My “mother” always used to tell me that I am cursed, and have spirits of family curses “munyama yema dzinza” so I used to believe it. But when she came to the UK, as I was going through a divorce and custody battle, I was learning to be strong and finding myself, and somehow all the pain I was going through made me fight her back. The first thing she said to me when she landed in the UK was “You have munyama (bad luck spirits)” . And I shut her right there and told her in her face that, “Stop lying, I don’t have any munyama.” And the look on her face was that of defeat.

Know who you are.

I started to see my life actually change, I was constantly meditating and speaking the word back at her, and each time she cursed me, I spoke back.

The King also confirmed this by teaching me more about using this tool of the word and self affirmation to fight witches. The King told me that the more you spoke back to your mother, that is actually what weakened her the most.

In my past marriage, I was also able to fight a witch back, physically as well. In my own way, I learnt to fight witches back and survive…

So in conclusion, as people are writing to the King for prayers to stop witches and family curses from following them, the King told me that black people are really perishing for lack of knowledge. They are being held by such things as “witchcraft” at a time when change is knocking at their door. The King does not have the power to stop witches from bewitching you. He can’t magically pray them away. A witch is simply like a thief who breaks into your house, you can’t ask someone else to help you with that, no one has the power to stop people from being burglars, your house can’t be magically immune to thieves. It is you who has to lock the doors, or install a security system, or get a gun or whatever so you physically fight a burglar when they manage to break into your house. If not, even though burglars are mostly stupid, if they prevail over you, they will kill you.

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

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