Mary-Tamar, As Queen, Can I Be Your Servant?

I’ve been receiving a lot of emails and messages on Facebook and Instagram lately, a lot of them are from people enquiring about the King’s realm and seeking spiritual guidance, but I have also had a few messages which have stood out for me, and they are from women seeking to be my handmaiden/maidservant.

Some are writing to my husband to be his concubines, but that’s another blog on its own.

A few weeks ago the King told me that the world is going back to innocence, and I didn’t quite understand what he meant, but now I am starting to understand.

When you are a Queen and chosen, your subjects will wants to serve you, they will consider it their highest calling, to stand in your presence daily, and minister to you, because of your energy and aura. I have never once gone out there looking for maidservants, but they come to me and naturally serve me, and they do it wholeheartedly, my life has always been like that. That is the anointing of a Queen.

As the King taught me recently, yes, I am forever learning at his feet, he taught me that things are starting to go back to innocence, and the world will start doing things they thought were done away with.

I am forever learning at the King’s feet, so I always anoint his feet with oil.

If you look around, especially in the black community, polygamy is on the rise. There is an awakening about it. People of the soil, especially Egyptians and Israelites are going back to innocence, to how their forefathers used to live. Nature is commanding it, because we are entering into a new era.

For me, it’s strange that I am now suddenly getting messages from women wanting to be my handmaidens, it coincides with events which has been happening in the Northern Palace. I am in need of a handmaiden. Shulamite has recently gone back to Ghana for a season. Though she is missed dearly, we are not feeling much of her absence when it comes to housework, because my three older children are absolutely fantastic, they are hardworking in the home and do most of the chores between them. My 16 year old daughter has been loving cooking so much everyday she cooks delicious meals for us. I can’t believe how God has made everything beautiful in its time for me. I am surrounded with such perfection in imperfection.

Last weekend was truly amazing, the King took me and the children to one of his properties to redecorate. And all the children, even little Chaka wanted to help and work. Even though there is a need for handmaidens in my life, I am surrounded by children who are blessed with obedience and work together as a team, making my life a lot easier.

The children loved every moment of doing up the kitchen, especially the fireplace.

As for me, as we redecorated our holiday home, I was just walking around and giving orders as the King teased me, calling me a “Boss Lady director”. But I was born like this, I was born to be the Lady of the House.

Well, I did paint with the King, sort of.

I direct and give orders, but blessed are those who surround me, I receive so much love and adoration from my children and King, and any handmaiden of mine will be blessed beyond measure, serving me is the BLESSING.

As Lady of the House, I give orders…
I also direct even the dancing…
I direct the photography as well.
But the hardest job is directing these little ones, especially “Chaka”.

Anyway, back to me having a servant, most people in this world are born to serve, so better it is to serve in the House of blessing. And some of my readers are beginning to understand this revelation. Here in United Kingdom, the servants of the British monarchy consider themselves to be highly favoured and blessed, just to be able to serve the royals their dinner, to them it’s favour. They do not care that they are being paid peanuts, all they care about is that they are serving their Queen.

Servants fall in love with their Queen, and serve her wholeheartedly.

What did the Queen of Sheba say to King Solomon? When the Queen of the South went to see King Solomon, she said to him, “Your wisdom and prosperity exceed the fame of which I heard.  Happy are your men and happy are these your servants, who stand continually before you and hear your wisdom! “

Even the Queen of Southern Africa, who had more than 7 realms in her Kingdom envied the SERVANTS of King Solomon who stood before him daily…and this was a woman of High Intelligence and SACRED wisdom. When she came to see Solomon, the only people she envied the most was his servants, because they were the ones who enjoyed his anointing “blessing” the most, the anointing which was not reported to the world.

When people come to the King of the North, and get to know him personally, they continually marvel at his wisdom and intelligence, in-fact the King advises a number of High Profile Public figures who come to him constantly for advice on how to run their offices.

That is the reward which comes with serving an anointed person. If you serve the right people at the right time in the right place, that serving will be your salvation. The beauty of serving is that we all serve each other one way or another, I serve the King, he serves me too with his undying love and devotion to me.

The King and I serve each other.

So I am not surprised that black African women want to serve me, I am their Queen after all. I am also not surprised that some women would rather be my husband’s concubines, he is after all the King of the North, concubines were designed to be the delights of Kings…

The world is going back to innocence…says the King, and I see the king’s words being fulfilled in my own life…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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