Mary-Tamar, What Is The Secret Of Your Waistline?

I get asked this question a lot each time I post pictures which show my waistline and tummy. Recently one of my Instagram followers sent me this exact question…

Hey I have always wanted to ask you, what is the secret to your waistline, how do you maintain it?



I found this question really interesting at the time. I had just walked into the house from the gym, something powerful had happened in the gym. I had just sat down to contemplate it all, and behold this lovely Ugandan lady sends me a message about the secrets of my waistline. It was just the confirmation I needed. I was not able to reply her  at that time, and because its a question I get asked a lot on social media, I thought it was worth a blog post.

So What is the secret to my waistline?


Well as a mother of 6, who has had my tummy stretched and pulled out 6 times through 6 pregnancies, I am always flattered by this question. So many times I have seen that people like to credit physical fitness to “I am just lucky to have this body, I don’t even need to exercise”. For some strange reason, at times people like to create an illusion that beautiful bodies just happen out of the blue. Those who are into charismatic Christianity will even have their “prophets” tell them that God will miraculously shed their excess body weight.

Speaking for myself, I do not have a mysterious secret to my waistline. I do not take any secret portions. My waistline is a result of Vision, Time, Dedication, Motivation and Hard Work.




I had a vision that I wanted a flat tummy and a tonned waistline, especially after 6 children. My children always complement me on what a fit mum I am, and how I dont look like the other “mums”, so in a way, they keep me motivated to be that ‘fit mum’ they are proud of. I had to create time and dedicate myself to fulfill my vision of a body that makes me feel good.

I also want to look beautiful for my Boaz, yes he loves me no matter what size and shape I am, but I want to look my best for him. Sometimes married women feel like once they have a husband in the house, they dont need to make an effort on their physical appearance. I choose to make an effort.

How do I maintain my waistline?



I do workout everyday except for the Sabbath, which I choose to keep holy.  I do 100 sit ups and 30 mins on the treadmill daily,  which is enough to keep my body tonned, especially the waistline. I also drink 2 litters of water everyday, which helps speed metabolism and flushes away toxins, making me look and feel good.

DSC_0820 (2)

So yeah, its not really a secret, but working out is the secret to my waistline. I do not want to look like a mother of 6 children.

PS: I love food, so very much, and I don’t plan of ever starving myself to look good. My husband takes me out every Friday for a good old pub meal, I spend all week looking forward to that. I watched Beyonce’s Homecoming on Netflix and sadly she has to starve herself to look that good. What’s the point of having all that money if you can never enjoy the good food that life has to offer. I would rather eat and burn it all in the gym…


3 thoughts on “Mary-Tamar, What Is The Secret Of Your Waistline?

  1. Jean, I am Ken Mufuka, writer and public intellectual best known for my Letter from America in Nehanda nd Fingaz and Sunday Mail. I have been looking for your email for some time. I think you are a very good writer. I am making a collection of African stories. I think your stories are powerful. Peace Mukoma Ken check



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